Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Prediction Time

So there is only 3 days until baseball really starts. I don't care if there is still snow in my front yard, it's spring and time for some baseball. So here are my predictions...some bold some not so much:

AL East: Yankees, Tampa, Boston, Toronto, Baltimore

That's right, I went there. I don't care about the injuries. The rotation will carry this team until the offense gets back. The Yankees will not let Mo miss the playoffs in his last year. Tampa doesn't have offense but there pitching is sick with young guys. Red Sox are going to over achieve, they won't get to where their fans think they should be, but it will be in the right direction. Toronto despite all the moves won't click on field. Baltimore was lucky last season and will come back down. There is no way they can win that many 1 run and extra inning games. They over a .700 win pct in those games alone. You put them at just above league average and they miss the playoffs last year.

AL Central: Detroit, KC, Chicago, Cleveland, Minn
Detroit is so good. KC young talent and now solid mix of veteran pitching will do wonders for them.

AL West: LA, Oakland, Seattle, Texas, Houston

LA seems like a no brainer with that offense. Oakland will prove they are real and maybe the best young pitching in the game. Seattle takes a big step forward and Texas window is shut. Houston welcome to the AL where you may set a single season record for losses.

Playoffs: Yankees, Detroit, LA, Tampa, KC

NL East: Nats, Braves, Phils, Mets, Miami
Nats just have too much talent both pitching and offense. Braves will make a run. Phils are too old.

NL Central: Cincinnati, St Louis, Brewers, Pittsburgh, Chicago
The Reds should have been in the World Series last year and much of that team is returning. St Louise is the discussion. Brewers are closing in, Pitt takes a step back, they will not see .500 this year.

Too much talent in LA. SF pitching gets them to the playoffs maybe.Colorado may surprise people with a late season run but will miss the playoffs.

Playoffs: Nats, Cinc, LA, STL, and ATL

AL MVP: Cano In a walk year playing for the big contracts. Cano needs to show he is a $200MM type player. Ellsbury will also have a huge year.

AL Cy Young: Mo. Call it a parting gift, but if he has 40 saves and a typical Mo like ERA and Whip AND the Yankees make the playoffs, it's a slam dunk. He may even get MVP votes.

AL Manager of the Year: Girardi. Finally getting the respect he deserves...if the Yankees make the playoffs

NL MVP: Matt Kemp. Might be the best pure player right now.
NL Cy Young:Strausburg
NL Manager: Mattingly

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