Friday, May 17, 2013

Baby Bombers Era Begins - Record: 25-16 1st in AL East

Who are these guys? Forget about the NY Media Guide or Yearbook to find out who these guys are you need a recent printing from Scranton to find half of these guys. Due to injuries the following have been called up at one point or another:

Preston Claiborne
Vidal Nuno
Austin Romine
Alberto Gonzalez (even though he was traded for initially)
Dellin Betances
David Adams
Corbin Joseph
Brett Marshall

Adam Warren has been real good so far too. Given all the rosters move of people coming onto and off of the 40 man I am shocked that Ben Francisco and Melky Mesa are still on the roster. I wouldn't be surprised at all to see Eduardo Nunez gone as soon as he's back, and Joba may have finally made himself unwelcomed too.

Then Pettitte gets tight on the mound last night. Not all that concerning but this is what he missed a start for recently and it's still a problem...I know Mid would like to see Wang, but the reports I'm getting is his velo and movement do not translate right now to the big league level. I haven't heard anything recent on Nova, so I'm not sure how far away he initial impression is Pineda may be closer to Nova only because I've heard progress reports on Pineda and they are great. He's actually schedule to throw today and is already hitting 95. Which means that should continue to increase as he continues to build strength and loosens the shoulder up.

I think it will be interesting to see how Girardi will handle the roster once the regulars start to come back. I can't see how you release or trade Overbay. I would rather see Hafner released or traded. He's shown he can hit, but is already suffering from the shoulder injury again, and that's in a part-time role. I can't see Wells being released or traded either. Ichiro is in a terrible slump right now so at least that helps with that decision.

All this being said the Yankees managed to get sole possession of first place and despite losing 2 of 3 to Seattle at home still hold a 1 game lead. The Blue Jays come to the Bronx tonight and the offense may come alive as Mark Buerhle is on the mound.

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