Monday, October 16, 2006

Piniella to the Cubs; Is A-Rod Next?

Respected Yankee Alumni Lou Piniella has signed a 3 year deal to manage the Chicago Cubs.

Piniella, a winner both as a player and a manager, hopes to mold the sorry Cubs into a respectful contender and finally get that team to a World Series appearance. It is about time the Cubs management takes winning seriously, and this is the first step in that direction.

What's the next most logical step? - A-Rod. Trusted sources have informed Pinstripes that they are actively putting together a multi player package to propose to the Yankees as a sweet heart deal for Piniella.

A-Rod and Lee as book ends on the corners of the infield for the Cubs would be a powerful combination. If the Yanks do make a deal there is not doubt people in NY will be up in arms and in the streets - the only question is, will it be in protest or a parade?


The Scooter said...

Actually, I can see this happening. Cashman needs to understand however that he is dealing from a position of strength. His asset (A-Rod) is one of the best players in baseball who will one day be chasing the all time Home Run record.

He is owed $16 mil a year by the Yanks for four years, which is a reasonable contract for a top five player, and while it is true that EVERY team can't afford him, the Yankees will have no shortage of potential trading partners.

The Angels (Ervin Santana, Chone Figgins and Francisco Rodriguez sounds about right);

The Dodgers (Wilson Betimet, Olmedo Saenz and Jonathon Broxton);

The White Sox (Freddy Garcia, Joe Crede and a top level prospect);

And if the Yankees are willing to pick up some of the contract, it opens it up to:

The Twins (Justin Morneau and Matt Garza);

And the maybe the most interesting possibility...The Florida Marlins (Straight up for Dontrelle Willis).

But...back to Pinella and the Cubbies. The deal would obviously have to start with Aramis Ramirez, but the Yanks certainly need to get some young pitching back in the deal too. I don't know what Chicago has "on the farm" but what do you think about expanding the deal to look like this?

A-Rod, Scott Proctor and Melky Cabrera for Aramis Ramirez and Carlos Zambrano. If the Cubs think that they will get Prior back healthy, I think they make this move. Proctor can close for them or be put in the starting rotationand Melky allows them to trade Jacque Jones, who Pinella is going to hate.

Anyway...that's my story and i'm sticking to it....and BACK OFF THE CAPTAIN!

Middle Relief said...

Back off the Captain? We haven't even started with him yet - he needs to be held accountable for his conduct.

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