Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Is There A Lefty In The House?

Mike Mussina, Chien-Ming Wang, Jeff Karstens, Darrell Rasner, Carl Pavano, Philip Hughes, Scott Proctor, Mariano Rivera, and Kyle Farnsworth. All pitchers, and if healthy, can produce. All are right handers.

Maybe its me, but we need some leftys, and we need them now. It would be nice to have at least one or two leftys not aged by 43 years named Randy Johnson.

We paid $25 million for the rights to deal for a 27 year old lefty named Kei Igawa which is a start I guess. I'd like to hear about some other irons in the fire though. Looks like Jason Schmidt will be a Cub. Barry Zito is a Met. And Andy Pettite is still trying to find the nuts to say whether or not he's in or out.

Just what is going on here?

I like some of the moves we've made so far, and like our odds (which I do every year) in 2007, this is the one spot that truly makes me nervous. I'd like to see one more starter, and possibly two bull penners that throw Left. If we can sew this up, then I think we have a real shot at sewing it all up.

Misc. Notes - Toronto is looking like they mean business with the signing of the Big Hurt. They have two studs in the starting ro, an above average closer, and some monsters in the offensive lineup. They have their sights set on something better than 2nd in the East. Which is good - I'm tired of hearing about the Sox (both Red and White for that matter). How about number 92 Michael Strahan finally calling out Burress. Maybe now Burress will stop running 8 yards on his 10 yard and out patterns. Prediction for this week's Regional Final for D3 football: SJFC 27 Rowen 10.


old professor said...

The Yankees seem to have a fascination with pitchers from Japan. If they sign Igawa, hopefully we will work out better than the last two. Irabu was a brief flash for a few games, the other one was nicknamed Kats and while he signed for over $1 million, never got beyond AAA and is somewhere back in Japan.

Don't give up on Johnson yet. He delivered 17 wins with a bad back. The surgery may have aleviated some of that. If so, he can be productive.

Toronto is serious, they fininshed second last year and they hope to finish higher this year. Thomas won't be the difference. Their rotation has to remain healthy. They were competitive last year until two starters went on the DL. If healthy (a big if) Halladay could have a monster season.

As for Strahan, listen to the ESPN interview from the locker room. He tried to back away from saying he called out a teammate and chose instead to verbally attack a female reporter.

The Giants ship is sinking and with all of the locker room backstabbing it will be difficult to get continuity on the field.

The Scooter said...

I think the OLD prof is on the money with The Big Unit. I know this might just be wishful thinking, but I'm feeling that a big year is coming for Randy.

Don't know much about Igawa other than David Wright hit one to North Korea off of him in that MLB/Japanese All Star tournament thing. By most accounts he should be a soild #3 or #4 starter. Hopefully he'll give them some more innings than they got from that spot last year.

Andy Pettit sure learned how to negotiate pretty well from his buddy Roger, didn't he? Both of those guys are starting to piss me off.

So, in the "you heard it from me first about a month ago" category, Yesterday's NY Post reportded that the Yankees might try to build a deal around Melky Cabrera and Humberto (Dirty) Sanchez for none other than Dontrelle Willis. I say..whatever it takes..Cashman needs to get this done.

Strahan is a bully and a thug. He was 100% right about Plax and he should have held his ground instead of trying to intimidate a female reporter. I'm sick of both him and Tiki. Any way Tiki can take Strahan into retirement with him. The team didn't win with those two as the core....they need to move on. Coughlin can go too. There's a guy down the Jersey Turnpike who would be perfect for the job and he's coaching the Scarlet Knights to a BCS game this year.

Anonymous said...

I like the idea of the Rutgers Coach!

Crash said...

I wouldn't mind Willis but he's another righty. And that means you now have about 8 arms for the rotation (9 if you want to count on Pavano...I'm not). I think you need at least 2 lefty starters. Maybe this Japanese guy can fill a #5 spot. I guess everyone else goes to the bullpen or back to AAA.

I like RJ to have another decent year. Only in NY is 17 wins not good enough. Wang had 19 and people were saying Cy Young. Yet Johnson is disappointing...give me a break.

Things should heat up next next with the Winter Meetings starting soon.

old professor said...

Willis is left handed and he bats left handed.

Getting Willis would definately add a good young arm to the rotation and it opens up another possibility as well - Willis was used as a pitch-hitter several times during this past season and did fairly well. If he shows he can consistently make contact, he would be available on his off-days to ph, which would open a spot for another position player or additional arm.

I can't see the Marlins making a trade for Cabrera and Sanchez. Cabrera did a great job for the Yankees this year and has been tabbed as the #4, Sanchez is a great looking prospect, but at this point that is exactly what he is - a prospect. But hey, if the Marlins want the trade, make it.

Crash said...

OOPS! Even the best of us can make a mistake.

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