Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The Future At First Base?

Yanks signed a 4 Year MLB contract with Cuban First Baseman Jaun Miranda this past week. Even though he'll be starting in Single-A, because it is a MLB contract he'll have to be on the 40 man roster and with the squad when Spring Training starts. The club has expectations that he'll work his way up the farm system quickly.

This signing would suggest that they are willing to see what Andy Phillips and Josh Phelps can do this season versus signing, ultimately over paying, for an available veteran in the field.

One welcome site this off season has been the Yanks willingness to stock up the farm system.


z said...

thank god. i'd love for the focus to be on the farm system this year.. i'd love to have had melky starting in right instead of abreu, and to see hughs in the starting rotation. the yankees are a lot more lovable when they're YOUR yankees, and not off-the-shelf talent on loan from somewhere else.

Middle Relief said...

ESPN is reporting on more trade rumors of RJ going back home to the D-Backs.

old professor said...

It looks like the Yankees may have to go with Phelps and Philips at first. They were having some discussions with Hillebrand, but he signed with someone else.

I find it hard to believe the Yankees would consider trading Johnson. He has won 34 games over the last two years and still can't get the respect he deserves.

The rumors state that by trading Johnson would allow the yanks to pursue Clemens and/or Zito. Zito is not necessarily an upgrade over Johnson and Clemens is older and at some point he will physically break down.

MR said...

Boo hoo over Johnson, he's a clubhouse downer - doesn't get along with Jorge, and is open about that, it is a requirement to get along with the guys with the ring - so its out the door. If they don't get Zito, at least that'll open the door for Karstens and/or Rassner.

Crash said...

The Yanks should trade Johnson only if they can get Conor Jackson from AZ. This kid is young, hits from the right side and plays 1B. This kid is going to be a stud in the majors for long time. If AZ would make that trade and take on all of RJ's $16M I would pull the trigger in a heart beat.

I hope they do not go after Zito...complete flop in NY and has proven year after year he cannot get it done in October.

The Scooter said...

Zito...7 years...$126 Million to the Giants.

Jesus talk about overpaying. That's incredible.

Anonymous said...

What a chump staying on the West Coast - $126mm - Scott B. is the man.

Crash said...

Here's something I totally forgot about. Brosius and O'Neil are eligible for the HOF this year. Neither will come close to getting, but it certainly doesn't seem like 5 years ago already. Here is the best O'Neil stat I found,in 1987 the Reds must have been getting blown out:

2IP, 2H, 3ER, 1HR, 4BB, 2Ks ERA13.50

old professor said...


Arizona has made it clear that Connor Jackson will not be part of the trade for Randy Johnson. They are willing to part with pitching prospects, but not Connor Jackson.

With O'Neil's pitching line, he may be able to make a comeback and fit into the rotation (may not be any worse than having Pavano there- numbers might be the same).

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