Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Bernie Williams Makes It Official

Bernie Williams formally declined NY's Minor League offer to camp today.

According to Williams' agent, Scott Boras, Bernie is working out and would come back if a different invitation were made to him in the future.

Boras would not comment on the rumors the Mets are making a seriouss offer for the 4 time world champ.


Omar said...

I don't want Bernie. I have the new Bernie Williams in Endy Chavez, and I don't need another geriatric outfielder along side Alou.

old professor said...

Bernie had a long career with the Yankees. There comes a time when a ballplayer has to realize it is time to retire gracefully. It is Bernie's time to retire. Unfortunately, the business climate has not allowed for the graceful exit. Should he go to the Mets so be it. He will be a fourth outfielder at best or an occassional pitch hitter.

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