Saturday, March 24, 2007

Saturday Quick Hits

Mike Mussina - goes 6 innings, lets up 4 runs and 7 hits against the Jays today. Interesting that he was the one challenging Pavano and griping to the media about others having something to prove - yet he has been the least productive of all pitchers vying for the starting rotation this Spring.

Wang - On the DL until April. What a let down, was very interested in seeing how he was going to adapt to the pressures of an opening day and number 1 starter. Perhaps this could open the door for a spot start by Karstens.

Abreu - Looks pretty good so far in his limited Spring action. Heading into his first full season in the Bronx, I think there is a lot of upside with him.

Josh Phelps - He was given an opportunity this Spring and he took full advantage of it. He has done more than enough to earn the start at 1B.

One more week to the real deal gets underway!


The Scooter said...

Mussina - Why don't you wait until the regular season starts before you start killing a guy who has won 239 games in his career.

Wang - All this means is that he will be fresher in October. You get your wish, Karstens will start the year in the rotation....he's earned lets see what he does with the opportunity.

Abreu - .300 20hr 95 rbi and 30 stolen bases. Will play a decent right field. Nothing spectaucalr, but he fits in well in the lineup. He's keeping the postition warm for Ichiro.

Phelps - I couldn't agree with you more. Much higher upside than Andy Phillips. Will be the regular 1st baseman by May 1st

Crash said...

Why am I reading that Pavano is the opening day starter? Why start opening day that way. The guy is going to be booed mercilessly. Not the way to set the tone for the season.

Anonymous said...

If that does happen, I think that will be a very hostile environment.

Just imagine for a second, how loud it will be, if the first pitch of the game is a ball.

The Scooter said...

Seems like Pavano is the only true option for Torre.

Andy's balky back is going to put him "off schedule" for the opener

Moose's throwing schedule would need to be completely altered to have him available for opening day (and to be fair, we all know Mussina doesn't react well to schedule changes)

That leaves Pavano, Igawa or Karstens.....Easy decision!

How about this scenario, the Yankee fans...the TRUE Yankee fans like me (Not like Mid) get behind Pavano and cheer his return as the prodigal son. He rides the waves of emotion to 7 shutout innings on his way to a stellar year of 18-5? it ant gonna happen...we can fantasize

Mid Relief said...

Scooter - you're funny - I've been the lone voice of support for Pavano..(and Karstens before it was vogue I'd like to point out).

Anyway, looks like the pressure started to get to Karstens today, ugly, ugly, ugly outing against the Tigers and has with his last two outings made Torre's decision almost a given now.

It's Pavano.

Crash said...

Any chance Clemens will sign and be able to make it by opening day???

Crash said...

Word on the street is Karstens left with a stiff elbow. A soft hammy from Wang, sore back for Andy, and stiff elbow for Karstens. All that is missing from that rotation is Pavano's bruised ass. Give it some time I'm sure something will come up.

The Scooter said...

The Yanks are privately concerned that Karstens' elbow is serious. Looks like it Rasner (jeesh) and Matt Desalvo who will fill out the rotation.

old professor said...

Well here we are one week before the opening of the season and Wang is on the shelf, Pettitte is having back problems and Karstens got lit up by Detroit and now may have a sore elbow. Pavano will be the opening day starter. Suddenly the depth in pitching that appeared to be a positive now seems to be a little bit shakey.

My Mid-relief will get his wish and Hughes may be up before the end of Spring training.

MR said...

I would love it if Torre shocked MLB by saying they're bringing the kid up from the farm to start on opening day.

Mid Relief said...

Buster Olney reporting that Rassner is in.

old professor said...

Mid-relief, Don't get too excited over spring numbers. Phelps had a good spring (how many of the hits came against minor league pitchers?), but at best he is an average first baseman defensively. Phillips can play second and third as well as first. Phillips also has a small history with Joe Torre. Don't be surprised if Phillips makes the team as a back-up to the defensive specialist they signed as a free agent ( and who happens to be a friend of A-Rod's).

The injury to Karstens doesn't appear to be serious though he may still start the year on the 15 day DL. Cashman has already indicated the team will not look at going outside the organization if they need to make changes in the rotation. They were very impressed with Olendorpf and feel we will be with the club in the very near future. Rasner will be the first choice. What putting Wang and Karstens on the DL does do, is it causes the team to re-think who will be in the bullpen. Where Bruney and Britton may have been slated to go to AAA, one or both may now make the squad.

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