Thursday, March 01, 2007

Spring Opener Review

The Yanks took to Legends Field today - Pre-Season Game 1 Observations

Pitching - Wang did what we have come to expect Wang to do best. A handful of pitches, three straight ground ball outs in inning 1 to Jeter, A-Rod, then Cano. He's the Ace. Phil Hughes came on for a whopping 33 pitches. He did not have command of the plate - but was good all things considered. T.J. Beam - could develop into the middle reliever they need to help Proctor and Farnsworth.

Hitting - When looking at the batting order (Damon, Jeter, Giambi, A-Rod, Matsui, Posada, Cano, Cabrera, and Mientkiewicz) I just couldn't help but think, man this is a solid offensive lineup - and it didn't even have Abreu! Damon leads off with HR. Giambi does what he does - got on base every at bat with a homer and 2 walks. Matsui hit the ball well.

Prospects - The Bombers gave some time to an 18 year who batted .298 in A-ball last year named Jose Tabata - This kid looked like the real deal.

The season is off to a promising start.


Crash said...

Tabata is the real deal.He's only 19 so don't expect to see him anytime soon. Don't be surprised if he's the everyday rightfielder by 2009 or 2010. He will hit for avg but probably not power. He has a great arm and has plus speed. The knock on Tabata is that he doesn't always give the effort. He turns the talent on and off. Getting him in spring training with the always professional work ethic of Jeter, Pettite and Cano should help bring him along in that area.

Middle Relief said...

You forgot to mention A-Rod in your work ethic endorsement.

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