Monday, April 23, 2007

Philip Hughes To Make MLB Debut

Sources reporting that the prized Phil Hughes will get his first shot at the show, on Thursday versus the Blue Jays at the Stadium.

Detailed Report To Follow.


old professor said...

According to the report from the broadcast booth, Hughes will be the starting pitcher on Thursday versus the Blue Jays. His normal start day was to be today (Tuesday), but the decision was to hold him out until Thursday (the team wanted Wang tonight and did not want to change Pettitte's routine).

Hughes will be on a pitch count - the belief being he threw 89 and 83 pitches in his last two outtings, so they will limit him to 90 pitches. Hopefully 90 pitches will get him to the sixth or seventh inning.

As a side note, please tell me the Jays are not going with Roy Holiday on Thursday.

The setting of the rotation would have Karstens, Wang and Pettitte going against the Red Sox at the stadium.

Hopefully, Wang and Pettitte can give the team quality innings over the next two days and allow the bullpen some down time.

The Scooter said...

The most hyped New York starter since the Mets Generation K......I don't think it's hyperbole to say that if Hughes is the real deal the future of the Yankkes is bright...Converesly if he turns out to be a bust, it may take years for the organization to rebound.

Just keep him out of Brian Taylor's neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

Another Torre gem last night with the bases loaded and one out Opts to pinch hit for Phelps who had a double and a bases loaded walk already on top of batting 300, and instead let the sub .200 Melkey bat who prompty flied out to third - pathetic!!! Torre has to go

- can't wait to see Hughes, how he does will determine the future of 3 different players.


old professor said...

I would invite people to listen very closely to the commentary in the booth from Flash and Joe Girardi. Both retired catchers and both have some strong commentary about the state of Yankee pitching and how the bullpen is being used.

Neither believe there is evidence of the pitchers (specifically Igwa) learning from their mistakes. They are concerned about concentration on the team - this became very evident when Rocco Baldelli stole second base while Vizciano was still in the stretch. No one yelled to Vizciano to step off and no one was able to cover the bag to take the throw.

There have been a number of these mental lapses through the course of the first month of the season and there really doesn't seem to be a lot of intensity from the players. Girardi tried to pass it off on the pitchers - "when a pitcher throws a lot of balls out of the strike zone, fielders tend to lose concentration". When your arm is about to fall off from overuse, it may be difficult to throw strikes. Proctor has been in 9 of the Yankees last 11 games and 11 of the first 15. Vizciano as of last night pitched in 4 of the last 5. Meanwhile Farnsworth is in the pen practicing his grip and laughing.

Maybe it is time to make a change on the bench. Torre seems to lack intensity and is too laid back. The style may have worked for the last several years, it isn't working now.

The Scooter said...

Prof, how about we give the Manager who has brought us 4 World Championships a fair shake and at least allow him to field a major league pitching staff before you throw him out the door?

If Wang, Mussina and Pavano (even at .500 winning percentage) had been in the rotation the entire year, I highly doubt that the Yankees would be in the position they are in today; both record wise AND bullpen wise.

Why hasn't Cashman taken even the smallest of hits for not getting proven major leauge starters who are not injury risks on this roster? And for signing off on the failed experiment of a new conditioning program?

The only criticism (Mid's rants notwithstanding) of Torre that is fair to make is that he can't actually get on the mound and throw strikes.

Miller Huggins coudn't manage this team to success if he had to throw out the likes of Rassner, Karstens, Chase Wright, Igawa on a regular basis.

Anonymous said...

Does the 4 championships to close the 90s provide a job for life???

On the pitching - yes, clearly there is no replacing the dependability of Wang and Mussina. And obviously, after being able to see them get a couple of chances, Igawa, Karstens, and Rassner were or are not ready yet.

Its frustrating to see so many runs being produced and yet so few wins. - I feel like we've become the Texas Rangers..... no wonder A-Rod is doing so well.


The Scooter said...

Mid, you nailed it. The run production should be enough to win....the defense while certainly not stellar, is doing enough to's the pitching that's been the downfall....and my point is that Torre can't be blamed for the pitching.

And doesn't guarantee him a job for life, but it should buy him some protection from the backbiters in a situation such as this.

57 said...

why do you have to throw Marv Albert into your assessment?

The Scooter said...

I didn't say "Crossdressing Backbiters"

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