Saturday, April 07, 2007

A-Rod & Giambi Power Yanks To 2nd Win

Bottom line: Yanks win - 2nd of the season

The Good: The big guns stepped it up. Giambi and A-Rod combined went 4 for 7 with 9 RBIs. Bull Pen put in a rock solid 4 innings of work, no earned runs.

The Bad: Kei Igawa's debut was the 4th Yankee start in a row that was largely unimpressive. Even though he has been the only one to get through 5 innings, he still gave up 7 runs, 8 hits, and 3 BBs - not good.

What's on Deck: I've been pumping up this guy all off season, let's see if he can produce. Darrell Rasner gets the start to finish the 1st week of the season. Please, just give us 6 innings of work and less than 4 runs and it'll be a step in the right direction for this rotation. Igawa gets one more chance before getting replaced for the year by Hughes (who won his '07 debut in Scranton), Karstens, or Rasner - right now, I'm thinking the sooner these guys can get a look the better.

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The Fanatic said...

Igawa was garbage yesterday. I wasn't to thrilled with this signing to begin with and yesterday showed me why.

He has some good starts in the spring but he's going to be facing tough lineups in the AL everytime out.

Not impressed with any of the starting pitching at all so far.

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