Thursday, April 19, 2007

Yanks Complete Sweep Of Tribe

How is it possible to be this excited about a team in the month of April??

A-Rod is getting all of the attention right now as he should, mashing his way through the first month with a slugging % of .981. Let me repeat: -- a slugging % of .981. It is worth noting however, that his surrounding cast is putting him in position for these moments. Abreu went 4 for 5 today (batting .345 for the season - very quietly) Damon was on base three times today and is batting .300, not to mention Jeter who is batting .323 on the season thus far as well. When the table is set that often, between A-Rod, Giambi, and Cano - some runs are going to be coming home, and right now, it is A-Rod who's getting it done.

As it relates to hot starts, and what A-Rod's numbers may be projecting at it, I ask that you forget the HR record. When you have the likes of the three that are ahead of A-Rod in the batting order, one of the most untouchable records may ultimately prove to be within reach: the 77 year old, single season record for RBIs - 191 by Hack Wilson in 1930. Gehrig came close once, and that's about it. I think as the season goes on, that will get more attention by the "experts" more so than his growing HR total.

Final Grade For Series: A, as in A-Rod of course. (what's not to like? They swept the series, bull pen held up, starters did respectable, and, I'm still feeling the afterglow of today's dramatic win - so no wrongs to report and that the Mets still suck.)

On Deck: The dastardly Boston Red Sox. Pettitte and Schilling is the marquis match up, however I am eager to see how the young guns hold up in the pressure cooking, hitter's paradise of Fenway. As much as I love good quality games, I hope the Yankee offense stays hot and dusts up Dice-K for 10 earned. My prediction - Yanks take 2 of 3.


The Scooter said...

If you dust off one of my comments from a couple of weeks ago, you will see that I predicted a MONSTER offensive year for A-Rod. OK, so it's not exactly going out on a limb considering his career numbers, but tell me that none of you had any doubts.

Good work Mid, pointing out some of the other guys whose fast starts are somewhat overshadowed by Alex's hot start. Abreu is a professional hitter, Giambino is just CRUSHING the ball, and Jeter is doing exactly what he has done since the beginning of his career. Good to see Melky have a few hits today too....and Congrtats to Phelps for hitting his first HR since 2005.

Good job by Rasner today...Mid, I'm starting to come around on him...and I'll give you props for being one of the first ones to sing his lets see what your other boy (Karstens) can do over the weekend.

57 said...

Um.. let me check.. wait a minute... I don't think... YEP..IT'S APRIL!

Anonymous said...

You're just mad because, yet again, the Mets are the 3rd or 4th sports story in NY..(Yanks, Rangers, Synchronized Swimming)

old professor said...

The only correct statement in the statement from the Met's fan is and I quote "I don't think.." Yes it is only April, but it was only a few days ago you were touting the Mets wonderful start and the run to October.

Scooter, you and Mid-relief may be right about Rasner, but I am not sold on him. Once the rest of the rotation gets healthy (okay so Pavano is a crap shoot using the word healthy), Rasner could find himself in Scranton. He has proven to be a valuable commodity for this team at this point in time. Torre may be higher on Wright than he is on Rasner. It may come down between Rasner and Igwa.

A-Rod's performance has been something never seen before in recent baseball history. He seems to be having fun again and has relaxed. Fans may finally be turning around on him.

The Scooter said...

"Heinz 57", listen Ketchup about some consistency...Prof is forget it's April when the Mets are beating up on the likes of the Nationals, the Marlins and the dysfunctional Phillies....face it, A-Rod is putting on a show...David Wright can in 100 straight games for all I care, but if he doesn't start becoming a run producer, it's all window dressing.

Prof, don't get me wrong...I'm not making Rasner out to be any Grand Savior....I do however think it's worth noting that he has stepped it up and delivered some quality innings at a time where we had no idea what to really expect. He has kept them in the game a couple of times now, and we know that with that line-up, keeping crooked numbers off the board is a recipe for success.

I know Giambi was on deck and he's seeing the ball better lately...but How in the Hell does Eric Wedge pitch to the hottest hitter in the world with a base open? This dude is obviously in over his head.

Anonymous said...

from a pitching stand point, when you have two on - its a matter of picking your poison - A-Rod, Giambi, Cano - Posada???

The Scooter said...

It has been reported that Humberto Sanchez underwent Tommy John surgery and will be out for approximately 12 months.

ShagNasty said...

Ok, A-Rod is now the man...Yesterday is the first day the I finally welcomed him as a Yankee...Johnny Damon has a long way to go, he needs to be a Sox killler for me to think he is nothing but a gun for hire.

Pitching? What are we going to do? Pavano, we need to trade him for a first baseman who can actually hit his weight! I think we should even think about moving Giambi? Possibly, just look into it.

Also...we need to let the new young arms start leading the way, they can't do any worse than the starter.

I will be comenting all year!!!!

Anonymous said...

If by all year you mean once every 15 games then I would agree with you.

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