Friday, April 06, 2007

Yanks Fall To D-Rays In Game 2

Yes it was not optimal conditions for a baseball game last night - but it was cold and winter-like for both teams. Despite having several opportunities to win the game - Yanks fall to 1-1 and lose 7 to 6.

Low Light Points:

First - Pettitte, and with the exception of Farnsworth, all Yankee pitchers, had no control of their pitches last night. All pitchers seemed to consistently miss their targets and there were at least 4 wild pitches and passed balls last night - and a whole host more that could of been passed balls had Jorgey not been on his game.

Second - Defense - 3 more errors, two by Jeter.

Three - Giambi looked like he was trying to hit a home run with every swing resulting in high fly ball practice for the outfielders.

Four - Lack of clutch hitting. I know that 6 runs may suggest otherwise, but both Abreu and A-Rod were up in the 8th inning with the bases loaded and neither moved a runner over home plate for the tie.

High Light Points:

Robinson Cano - appears to be picking up right were he left off in terms of offensive production (batting avg. is .444).

Posada and Mientkiewicz are contributing quite nicely for the tail end of the offensive lineup.

Tonight: Let's see if Moose can be the first starter to make it through 5 innings of work.

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