Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Lucky 7

Yanks continued their winning ways extending the win streak to 7, and have won 10 of 12. Back at .500! ... (it just doesn't feel right to be celebrating that fact so late in the season)

Although his season started poorly, and his numbers looked terrible at the end of May, when this season concludes, Mariano Rivera's stats will look like a typical Mo level season. In his last 10 games he has picked up 5 saves, a win, and has lowered his ERA by about 3 runs. He's back, and will likely finish with 30 plus saves, and ERA under 2... again.

How good is Wang? The man is an inning eater and quality start machine.

The Bombers are very close to putting this thing together. The hitters are hitting, quality defense (Jeter made a great, rally killing catch last night) has emerged, starters are pitching, and Mo is back to being the "Hammer of God" again - The only missing piece is the middle relief formula. Right now, there is not a solid bridge to shorten the game and get it into the hands of our closer on a consistent basis. We have potential to have that bridge, and sometimes it shows: last night Farnsworth looked good being able to get his slider over for strikes increasing his fast ball effectiveness. If he could only learn to do that consistently, we'd be somewhere. Right now I'm more inclined to lean on Bruney or Meyers - I don't fully trust Farnsworth, Henn, or Proctor at this point. That's the only weak link in my view. It'll take another couple of weeks of solid outings before I'm confident in the relief portion of the game. If we can get that, then I'd say we have a total team on our hands and one that can make the run we're all hoping for.

Other News: The other NY team is dropping. The Mets are 2-8 in their last 10. Losing ways seemed to have started right around when "The Dugout" shut its doors... coincidence?? The Spurs and Tim Duncan are on their way to winning tittle number 4. Tim Duncan, 2-time league MVP, and soon to be 4-time champion - one of the best all time players that people rarely seem to care about. Verlander throws a no-no in Detroit, probably won't be his last. Andrea Mitchell, and the rest of NBC News (with the exception of Tim Russert) is so clearly in the tank it is pathetic. This former credible news agency is on the take by the George Soros and Media Matters money machine. Whoopi Goldberg to replace Rosie on the View? Paris Hilton on the tough life of prison: my skin is dry, they don't have moisturizing cream here.


The Scooter said...

The bats didn't do much after the first inning, but I'm not going to quibble. They put another in the "W" column and thats all that counts.

What's an even more interesting coincidence is that the Yankee run started right about the time "The Dugout" was falling off the face of the earth. I wonder what would happen if you banned him from posting here, Mid. The Yanks would probably be in first place by the All Star Game.

Mo looked unhittable. Farnsworth had his best fastball of the year (punctuated by as Mid pointed out, a nasty slider). Abreu crushed and I mean crushed that ball in the first inning. And Wang is an ace.

Other news: Mets suck. Verlander..yea he's pretty good. NBA Finals...who cares. I only watch FOX NEWS.

And you would be well served to back off of Paris.

No rainouts and 57 and I get to see Clemens shut out the Mets on Friday night.

Anonymous said...

Could be Glavine V. Clemens on Friday. - That might be a record in total # of wins for pitching match ups.

old professor said...

You forget to mention Abreu's big bat was the margin of victory. His hitting has come around and he is now a very sound #3 in the order. As for the pen, Farnsworth put himself in a whole and was able to work out of the inning without any damage. That said, he is not reliable as the 8th inning bridge. Joe seems to have lost some faith in Bruney because of the walks he has been issuing.

Henn will be the long man out of the pen. Vallone seems to be the forgotten person in the pen. I don't expect him to be with the team much longer.

57 said...

As far as the Mets' losing streak, have you ever heard of the phrase..'Rope-a-dope'? Friday night at around 9:30PM, you'll hear me screaming that from the Bronx.

I've never seen Yankee fans celebrate mediocrity as much as they are doing this year. OH well, I guess whatever makes you sleep at night.

Congrats to David Wright on reaching a milestone last night. 500 hits ALREADY in his young career. Start polishing his HOF plaque.

Other news: Rosie is garbage... FOX News is a joke: Sean Hannity??? PLEASE.... CNN! The cream rises to top.

Scooter, if you mean give up 7 runs in 3 innings when you say "shut out", then yes I would agree with you.

Anonymous said...

Not to jinx the streak, but if you look at how the Mets are playing, then look who their next opponents are (Rockies and Giants), we could, be in for a pretty good June.

old professor said...

Interesting item came up during last nights game. There has been a lot of scrutiny over Roger Clemens' contract that allows him to not travel with the team. However, it was pointed out Randy Johnson was not with the Diamondbacks in New York because he would not be pitching in NY. He remained back in Arizona and would fly to meet the team in Baltimore because he would be pitching in that series.

Apparently, Johnson has not been traveling with the team when he is not scheduled to pitch. The team felt the additional flights might create back problems for Randy.

Anonymous said...

OK - and the price of tea in China again is??


Anyway, Yanks clearly on their way to 9 in a row, they had starting pitcher at 60 plus pitches prior to third inning. Classic winning formula by the bombers, work the pitcher into oblivian, then feast on bull pen.

The Scooter said...

Pettitte with a masterful performance...everything's clicking now.

If they sweep the Mets this weekend, both teams will have the same record.

Mid Relief said...

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