Saturday, July 21, 2007

Take Two They're Small

Yanks bounce back from losses and sweep Saturday's doubleheader versus the Rays.

Vizcaino gets both wins today - how often do you see a pitcher pick up multiple wins in one day?

Igawa's outings would be so much better if he could just cut down on the walks. I did not get a chance to see DeSalvo's performance, only a chance to hear a few innings on the radio - any comments on him?

Welcome to the bigs Shelley Duncan. Loved the violence. If he stays and produces at DH, it raises the bigger issue with what to do with Damon? Is he the guy that subs in now when Abreu, Matsui, and Cabrera need a break? Will he stand for being a part-time player? Perhaps he can be packaged up for a solid reliever.

Sad to see Will Nieves go. As everyone of us has pointed out several times, he wasn't cutting it. However, is it me, or did he put together some offensive production his last few outings? Molina not a huge upgrade offensively - apparently he can throw runners out more often than not though and that's why they got him.

Doubleheaders can truly eat a pitching staff alive - if there were ever a need for a quality start to give some guys a breather, than this next start by Pettitte would be the one.

Outside of Pinstripes: Jeff Weaver on the rise again? When he started against the Yanks back in May his ERA was 15 plus - he's lowered it to 6 now after tossing a complete game with 1 earned.

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old professor said...

With the addition of Molina, the Yankees get a tired veteran who cannot run. He is not timed in the forty yard dash with a stopwatch but a calendar. This move smells of the Yankees preparing for life after Posada if he signs with someone else.

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