Thursday, August 30, 2007


October in August. The atmosphere at the stadium these last two games had playoffs written all over it. Two quality games in a row, two wins and tied for the Wild Card (again).

Exhibit A as to why the Yanks re-signed Pettitte should be game 1 of this series. Pettitte raises his game for the occasion time and time again, and Tuesday night was no different. 8-1 in his last 10 starts.

Unreachable Number? If a record has been set post WWII, I normally do not view it as an unattainable record. But, when the YES Network flashed a stat, I realized, what I saw was just that. Roger Clemens and Randy Johnson two of the generations most dominant pitchers with 12 CYs between them are 2nd and 3rd all-time in strike outs. And even with them pitching well into their 40s, they remain more than 1,000 Ks behind the all-time leader of Nolan Ryan. That to me, for whatever reason, just blew me away - 5,714 strike outs - no one is passing that.

1B Formula - I've been harping since the start of the season for a full time first baseman. I changed my mind. If it means having Damon, Matsui, and Cabrera in the everyday lineup than I am OK with Giambi being the 1 through 6 guy, with Phillips closing the game out 7 through 9.

Farnsworth - Yes he gave up a two run homer to Youkillis ending his 7 inning scoreless stretch and forcing Torre to bring in Rivera sooner than he liked, all that considered, I thought he pitched pretty well. The homer was not a bad pitch, it was a good hit by Youks. Farnsworth was aggressive, and I liked what I saw. The one thing he needs to improve on, or the final piece of the improvements is the ability to throw strikes and get ahead of the batters. It always seems he's behind 2-0 in the count. He fixes that, and we're good to go.

NL Leadership Change - D-Backs have lost control of the West. Brewers have fallen to .500 and out of first, and the Mets lead is now down to 3 games. No lead is safe when you enter the final month of the season.

Will the brooms be out today?


old professor said...

Mid, you finally have written something that makes sense. Nolan Ryan's strikeout record will not be broken. In addition with Tom Glavine reaching 300 wins, he may be the last to reach that milestone.

Giambi will give you the offense on occassion, but still may be a defensive liability (has any one chanllenged him to throw the ball to third or home?).

Giambi's return is cutting into Phillips and Duncan's playing time, which may make them less affective offensively.

I will also agree on your assessment on Farnsworth. He has pitched well in his previous seven outtings. And sometimes a good hitter looking for a pitch in a certain zone can hit it a long way and that happened last night in the eighth.

Anonymous said...

Robby Cano getting it done!

The Scooter said...

How about that starting pitching?

The Scooter said...

Not like 57 will show his face here for the next few days....but as the Bombers were taking three from the Red Sox, The Mets were busy getting schooled by the Phillies down there in the Triple A league....Maybe he will drop all of that "real Sandman" talk now. I wouldn't trade for Wagner right now if the deal was Farnsworth..straight up.

Anonymous said...

What was up with Jaba?? Anyone think it was on purpose?

The Scooter said...

Nice job by Kennedy. His location and poise were "as advertised". He DID look like a young Mussina. He has certainly earned himself another start. I wonder if the Yankees ran Moose through waivers?

Great managing by Torre to get rid of that cheating Japanese guy's bat.

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