Thursday, September 27, 2007

Yanks Clinch

Against early odds and many naysayers, the Yankees have earned their 47th post season bid with their clinching of the Wild Card last night.


57 said...

Well, I guess congratulations. I am still reeling from the Mets game that was a 5-0 lead in the 4th only to see them lose 9-6. I can't beleive what I am seeing. Since the Mets swept the Braves a few weeks back, they are 4-9 and have given up 80 runs in 10 games. I am sorry, but they do not deserve the NL East, nor do they deserve to be in the playoffs. The playoffs are a reward for resiliency, dedication and determination none of which the Mets are displaying when it counts the most. As much as I love my Mets, I am also a realist. I don't think you just turn on a playoff switch, and if there is that proverbial switch, why have they not turned it on this week... they are 0-6 against one of the worst teams in the majors this month. That's right, 0-6.

Ironcially, the 2006 World Champion Cardinals entire Shea tonight. Last year, in the same strech before their last 4 games of the year, they were also 4-9. That leaves a LITTLE to be desired, but I don't think there is a player out there that the Mets will play against who wont swing with the bases loaded and 2 strikes in the NLCS.


I am dissapointed in this blog for only representing the Yankees playoff clincher with one sentence.

old professor said...

Mid, you seem very reticent to celebrate the Yankees clinching. Yes, I was one of the naysayers through a good portion of the season. But if memory serves me right you were also on that particular bandwagon (as was Peter Gammons from ESPN).

On the positive side of the Yankees making the post-season, it now appears they will be playing the Indians, while the Red Sox will get the Angels. Strange, the Indians have been hot and the Angels have been playing poorly.

I would think, the Yankees should have the edge in the Indians series.

While many of us were on Cashman through the majority of the season (most likely up until three weeks ago), he made the minor deals he needed to and didn't give up the good arms the Yankees will build around.

An interesting question was asked by Michael Kay to Al Leiter in the booth last night. It centered around the Twins shopping Santana during the off-season. Kay asked if the Twins offered Santana for Chamberlain even up should the Yankees take the trade. Leiter basically said there should be no question - Yes make the trade. Rationale; Santana is a proven Cy Young winner who is in the prime of his career (though his last few outtings he has been less than impressive) while Chamberlain has been limited in what he has been able to show and if he does go into the rotation can he hold up over a year - a question that cannot be answered until he goes through it. Micahel Kay disagreed. Okay readers of this blog - if you were in Cashman's position would you make that trade?

57, I might have been wrong - the Mets may not make the postseason after all.

He brought in a decent backup infielder, and a solid defensive backup catcher. Both of him will be with the team next year so those are two holes the team won't have to worry about filling during the off-season.

(P.S. I would not make the trade for Santana)!!

old professor said...

Sorry about what appears to be a misplaced paragraph in my first writing. Apparently the paragraph on the infielder and backup catcher was cut and pasted because of my oversized fingers on a small keyboard.

Anonymous said...

Mientkiwicz - became my favorite player after his postgame interview.

And for the record, I never, ever, ever said or typed on this blog or in conversation that the Yanks would not make the playoffs.

Jim Roame, the ESPN Crew, Old Prof as recently as August, - may have been off the bandwagon, I stayed put.


Anonymous said...

57 -
The brief post this a.m. had more to do with time restrictions this a.m. - had a 7:30 -

Yanks4Life23519 said...

wooo GO YANKEES!!!!

57 said...

The Mets are down 3-0 after 3!!!!! I am sick. SICK!!

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