Thursday, September 13, 2007

Yanks Continue To Roll

Yanks are set for their second straight series sweep.

Mussina had a pretty good outing. Joba's scoreless streak may be over, but his ERA is still zero. His pitch count was up, him and Jorge are trying to get too creative it seems in an attempt to strike everyone out - can't do that.

Despite winning 7 straight, they haven't gained that much ground in the division standings, still 5 back of the Sox. If the Bombers can't take the division title, then from here on out I will be rooting for Cleveland to win out the rest of the season. I'd rather they face the Tribe than the Angels in round 1 come October.

Wang and Beckett are set to face each other on 9/15. I wonder if the match up will live up to the hype? I'm reminded of when it was Clemens vs. Martinez in an expected pitcher's duel and neither of them making it out of the 4th. I think it is fair to say that the winner of the game gets crowned the '07 Cy Young.

In NFL News: Sources have the Giants in deep discussions with the Bucs to acquire Chris Simms. I would love to see that deal get done.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

One Word: Sucks?

old professor said...

It amazes me that our Muts fan can actually count as high as two. (However, he must have gone to Portland State [yes, I know better], because he used a fragmented sentence to get his point across - whatever the point was).

Mid, Mussina's outting was not just good, it was excellent. No earned runs, three hits. Regarding Joba, has anyone noticed that when he shakes Posada off, he wants to throw the slider. The Yankees have been saying he is going into the rotation next year because he has four quality pitches. He needs to throw one of the other two that he has not been using just to get people off of the other two pitches. His pitch count was very high for one and two-thirds innings.

If Tampa had a bullpen, the Yankees would be three back in the race. Two games in a row they gave up the lead. When are teams in the AL going to realize they should not pitch to Ortiz in the ninth with the game on the line?

Regarding Simms - damaged goods. Speen injuries are not a good thing to recover from.

Peter N said...

Hey MR...I like your blog, I read it almost daily! And wow, is your team hot!

And Old Professor, both of our teams get to play the Rays the same 19 games per year. No whining (wah wah wah) is necessary.

The Scooter said...

Mid, how about a little more love for Moose?

I can't believe we are, for all intents and purposes, talking about "What's Wrong With Jaba?" Please, is the guy allowed to be human for just ONE night?

Wang, while deserving, won't win the Cy Young. Not flashy enough. It will probably go to Beckett or Sabathia.

Rumblings up here in Red Sox Nation is that they are seriously concerned that Matsuzaka may have hit the wall. He's 14-12 overall with a 4 and a half ERA. He's 1-4 with a ND in his last six starts.

Now Cashman gets a lot of grief for signing (and paying the posting fee for) Igawa, but you think Theo had a .500 pitcher who you really can't trust in the post season in mind when he plunked down $56 Mil of John Henry's money just to talk to DiceK?

I hate David Ortiz.

I'd take a flyer on Chris Simms. He's better than J-Load.

Why are we still talking about Billy Wagner? I don't know who chokes more in big games, him or Trevor Hoffman.

LMAO @ the new guy calling out Old Prof.

57 said...

The division will be all but wrapped up in a nice little bow come this Sunday. It has been a long, long season, but who would have thought that John Maine and Oliver Perez would be 15+ game winners... not me. The only concern is will they hold up PS play after the grueling season they endured.

The REAL sandman is just fine.

Why is everyone getting excited about Mussina having one good start...and its September? Wow.. reaching....

Pedro is going to be our biggest savior as we head into the PS.

old professor said...

Great start by Ian Kennedy wasted. The kid pitches 7 1/3 innings of one hit ball and the team loses. Farnsworth doesn't pitch for several games and in a game where he can be used he has a stiff neck - Great. Yanks had to turn to Britton who gives up two hits and the game is over.

Also wonder if Torre is really going with a six man rotation for the rest of the year or is just trying to align the staff for playoffs if they get there.

And Mid before you jump all over the phrase "if they get there", take a quick look at how many hits the Yankees have had the last two games. Good pitching continues to shut their offense down. The three games in Boston will give a good idea of how far this team will go in the post-season. They will face three very good arms in Boston.

The Scooter said...

Old Prof, come down off the ledge pal. They can't win EVERY game. They hit the ball hard last night, just got robbed by some nice defensive plays. I remember Damon getting robbed with runners in scoring position and the same with Melky in the ninth.

The great think is that it looks like Kennedy is the real deal. His upside is probably "good #2" or "very good #3" starter. Along with Hughes and Jaba and Wang, the future looks stunningly bright.

57, you mean you guys haven't actually clinched Triple A east yet? What the Hell is taking you so long?

Anonymous said...

I have a feeling that Clemens condition is worse than he is letting on. I love that he wants to play, but if he's not healthy, then I'd rather they sit him and use a lesser pitcher but at 100% health. So, lets see what happens.

Kennedy is the man, and he's a number 1 or 2. Yankee mgmt has said all along that they believe he is the best of their young arms.


CrashDavis said...

Could the winner of Wang vs Beckett determine the CY Young? Possibly. It's very apparent that the Yankees will only get as far as their young pitching will carry them. I would like to see the training wheels come off Joba for this Boston series, but I don't expect them to do it. It was a terrible move by Torre to pitch him 2 innings that middle Toronto game. That means Joba can only pitch in 1 of the Boston games when their bullpen is little short right now. Farnsworth is out with a stiff neck, Vizcaino is out with a stuff shoulder. Who the hell is left...Karstens?

Stupid moves like that is why Torre should be fired. Even though the Yanks have played well enough to probably save his job, we'll still entertain the idea of a Torre countdown...48 days until he's gone.

Crash said...

What a game last night. If the Yanks can pull out a victory from that ugly mess, consider it a sign from above. They played like garbage for the first 7 innings. And it was the MVP who came up big to put them ahead.

Crash said...

stat on Joba I saw today...when he gave up the unearned run against Toronto it was the 2nd longest scoreless streak for a Yankee pitcher to start his career. The record is 18 scoreless innings.

Crash said...

Most of the Yankees hit Beckett pretty well. Cano, Giambi, and A-Rod have all taken him deep. Abreu may get a rest today as he is only batting .170 vs Beckett (and he has the most exposure since playing in the NL East.

If Wang can avoid David Ortiz today he should be pretty good. He's 3-1 with an ERA of 3.24 this year vs Boston.

Did anyone see a Mets score last night? 57, what happen? So sad.

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