Friday, September 07, 2007

Yanks Off To KC

Nothing earth shattering this week.

Kennedy gets his 2nd start.

A-Rod probably a lock for MVP. Wang contending for CY.

Yanks 3 games up in the Wild Card standings with 21 games to go.


old professor said...

The Yankees have the opportunity to put some space between themselves and the rest of the wildcard contenders. Detroit and Seattle play each other - If the Yankees take care of business, they can be at least 4 to 5 up on one of these two teams by the time the weekend is over.

While I agree A-Rod should be a lock for MVP, Wang's ERA is too high for him to be a serious contender for the Cy Young. That being said, if he wins 20 and no other pitcher wins as many, he could sneak the award.

Sporting News is starting to a rumor mill that Chamberlain will be the replacement next year for Mo. The view is if the Red Sox can say Papelbon was going to be a starter and then return to closing, the Yankees can follow the same path with Chamberlain. The only hole in that argument is I don't see the Yankees letting Mo, walk into free agency at the end of the year.

Allegedly the future closer is still considered to be JB Cox their high draft pick from three years ago. He broke his hand in January and ended his season in March with Tommy John surgery. He is expected to be back to full strength in two years. (Just the number of years Rivera is looking for in a new contract).

Anonymous said...

I watched some of the Colts game.

I think Peyton Manning when its all said and done could be the greatest QB of all-time.

If Eli could just be 50% of Peyton, then I think the Giants would have a shot at the SB...but, he's not.


The Scooter said...

Joba......Unscored upon

This is starting to feel like one of those "special" years, isn't it?

Mid said...

I agree..

Would have liked to see Kennedy stay in long enough for the win but understand why they pulled him.

Another quality outing by Kyle Farnsworth as well. I think the bull pen is solidified.

CrashDavis said...

Only 19 games left...and the games that scare me are the 2 series left with Baltimore. Baltimore and Tampa have a chance to play spoiler this year...especially for the Yanks.

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