Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A couple of thoughts . . .

I'm wondering if Brian Cashman is any good. He's busy trying to re-write his legacy heading into his contract year (loading the system with arms) but he is responsible for 3 of the 4 worst contracts in modern history (Giambi, Pavano, and Johnson) plus a handful of notable failing to retain situations. In case you're wondering what the worst modern contract was it was the Orioles signing of Albert Bell in my opinion.

I'm wondering about the pitching possibilities for 2008. I'm not endorsing anyone, I'm simply looking at the possibilities. Its possible, we could have a solid pitching staff. We've seen glimpses from Chamberlain, Kennedy, and Hughes. We know what to expect from Wang, Mussina, and Pettitte (if he plays). In addition to those six starters there is a guy named Steven White who is ready to go and make a push for the bigs. The bullpen has many names: Ramirez, Ohlendorf, Britton, Bruney, Henn, Sanchez, Farnsworth, and Mo (if he re-signs).

Then there's top draft pick Brackman, and starters that got some looks that didn't pan out in '07: Igawa, Karstens, Rassner, DeSalvo, Clippard, and Wright. Maybe one of those guys can be a Mendoza type.

Is it a case of quantity or quality?

I'm wondering if Old Prof will resist the temptation to mention the fictional J. Brent Cox in his comments anytime pitching is the topic.

Mike Cameron getting busted for roids makes me wonder how many more will get caught, and how many more will get implicated (Mitchell report).


Anonymous said...

Popular Blog Back to Stay

Associated Press --'The Dugout' will make its triumphant return to cyber space on 1/1/2008.

57 said...

Report is out that Omar Minaya is meeting with David Wright today regarding their interest in A-Rod.. WOW, this rumor is getting closer to the truth. If David gives the green light for second base, A-Rod will be in a Mets uni next year. Good for Omar for meeting with Wright about this. Shows respect to your stars and your team.

Mid said...

I'm not sure why you keep fantasizing about this. A-ROD TO THE METS IS NOT HAPPENEING, NOR ARE THEY IN THE RUNNING.

The Cubs, managed by his favorite sweet Lou, is offering an ownership stake in the club. (that would be a more than interesting legal thing as A-Rod would then be both a union member and an owner)

old professor said...

57, the next thing you will be posting will be Minaya meeting with the Commissioner hoping the Mets can be the experimental NL Team to use a DH next season. The entire Mets team collapsed at the end and A-Rod won't be the cure. While Minaya met with Wright, you have to wonder whether he met with Randolph. Don't discount Boras trying to use the Mets as leverage for the Yankees to cough up big bucks from George. (Regardless of what Hank Steinbrenner says, the Yankees are still George's team).

Mid, to correct an misconception you have. Cox is not a fictional pitcher. If you know how to do research, follow the bouncing ball from the University of Texas: Houston Street was the closer for Texas, he was drafted by Oakland. Cox assumed the closers role at Texas and did fairly well. Drafted by the Yankees, they hoped he could do the same for them that Houston Street did for Oakland. Yankees were in no hurry to rush him. Cox has spent at least two years in their minor league system. The broken wrist and then surgery kept him out the entire 2007 Season. By the way Mid, he was the number 2 pick in the 2005 draft. (And in case you don't understand initials, J.Brett Cox is the same as James B. Cox).

And if you are counting on Brackman, don't. Tommy John surgery will keep him on the self for most of this season. Yankees knew he was headed for surgery when they signed him. The earliest you will see him in NY is 2009.

Mid said...

Just to give you an example of how big, I mean big, Exxon Mob. is - for the quarter. 3 Months, 90 days, however you want to slice it, a very short period of time - They paid over $20 billion in taxes. That is more than Google GROSSED for an entire year... chump change.

Mid said...

Not too many times I will catch myself saying this - but my dad, Old Prof, is actually right on something that has to do with the Yankees.

I sent a note to Peter Abraham - and he confirmed that this guy (Cox) did exist, he is supposed to be good, and that no one knows he exists, and won't until '09.

Crash said...

I personally hope A-Rod does go to the Mets, because that will guaran-damn-tee the Mets don't even sniff the World Series for the length of his contract.

I think it is incredibly symbolic that Joe Girardi has selected to wear uniform #27. The Yankees have 26 World Championships, he wants to bring #27 to the Bronx, he wants all the pressure with #27 on his back, etc. Joe G. is no joke...AL Manager of the Year in 2008.

The Scooter said...

I'm no Cashman shill...his tenure has certainly been a mixed bag...but you can't blame him for Giambi (That was George's signing) or Randy Johnson (everyone thought that was a good move at the time). The Pavano signing was a train wreck as was the Kevin Brown fiasco. The Farnsworth signing is a big negative on his ledger too.

My big problem with Cash is the the things he didn't do....the biggest being that he didn't give the '07 Yankees a fighting chance with the pitching staff that he saddled Torre with. He has however, seemingly drafted and traded for some high quality young arms and we should really start to see the fruits of that in '08. Some will be Yankees, some will be used as trade bait.

This is obviously the biggest off season for the Yankees that I can remember.

On to other things:

I think it was reported that Cameron failed the "stimulant" test and it had nothing to do with roids.

This just in....Minaya has just met with God and has convinced him to let Roberto Clemente come down to play right field for the Amazins in '08. The man has already locked up Executive of the Year.

The Scooter said...

PS...Andy Pettitte is my favorite Yankee (or former Yankee).

“The New York Yankees committed an awful lot of money to me and put it in my hands, gave me a player option and trusted me with that option," Pettitte said. “It probably wouldn't be real honorable for me not to do anything other than shut it down or go back and play for the New York Yankees."

Mid said...

I'm mad, because I am realizing I failed to set a recording time to catch the Girardi interview at 1pm today.

I forgot about the Kevin Brown deal. Bad Cashman "non" deals: failing to re-sign Pettitte in '03. Letting Tino go after the '01 Series.

old professor said...

I am stunned - Mid actually admitted I was right. Regarding Exxon-Mobil, why do you think I bought the stock (against your advise I might add).

The Randy Johnson trade was another of George's ideas. Cashman was not necessarily for it. The decision to trade for him was an attempt to make-up for not getting him when he was a free agent. Same with Brown. Yankees wanted him couldn't sign him and they traded for him after he was damaged goods.

While I am not a Cashman fan, you have to agree some of the best things he did was not to trade the arms people were looking for. Imagine the state of the Yankees for 2008 if Cashman had traded Hughes, Kennedy and Chamberlain to bring in a old rent veteran.

Crash said...

If you're talking about moves Cashman didn't make how about not signing David Ortiz, and not signing Manny. Both of those guys were guys George wanted badly. Cashman and the "baseball" guys said no. Think about how those 2 guys have changed the landscape of baseball over recent years. Don't care what people say about Manny, he's the best right-handed hitter post-WWII era and gets it done in the post-season. Didn't he just pass Bernie Williams for most post-season HRs?

Pavano and Brown were high risk deals and should not have been done under any circumstances.

old professor said...

Regarding Ortiz, you are right. The Yankees had the opportunity to sign him and decided on Giambi. Big mistake. Regarding Manny, the last things the Yankees need in their clubhouse is a clown. He may be in your estimation the best righthanded hitter since WWII. (I disagree with your assessment considering you were born 30 years after the war came to an end). DiMaggio was probably better. And before you try to say he wasn't post-wwII, he played for five years after the war ended. Also, imagine how good Manny would or could be if he stopped the Manny being Manny act and gave 100% all the time. There is a reason Cleveland let him go and there is a greater reason why Boston put him on waivers last year. And don't be surprised if they do it again during the off-season.

Interesting comment by Cashman at the end of the Girardi interview - stated the GM meetings are next week and he will be going down with the intent to see what is available at third base.

If Cashman unloads Karstens, Rasner and Bruney, I can see mid becoming a Mets Fan.

Anonymous said...

Omar did speak with David Wright today and here are David's comments:

"Right after the season, Omar told me 'You're our third baseman in 2008,'" Wright said by phone Wednesday night. "So that's how I'm approaching it, that I'm the New York Mets third baseman in 2008. But I would like to sit down with Omar and Jeff [Wilpon] and find out what we're doing. And if it meant improving our team, I'd be open to change."

now THAT is a leader.

Question. If Omar did not speak with Bor-ass hole yet, why would there be a reason to talk with Wright?


WOW...The Queens Quartet

old professor said...

DEA carried out a national raid on several locations and confiscated over one million doses of steroids. In addition, they now have the names of approximately 30,000 individuals who have been customers of the labs. The Feds would not release the names of any of the customers, but indicated the customers ranged from professional athletes to high school students. MLB, NFL and NHL have asked the DEA for the names of any professional athletes associated with their leagues. Feds have refused because it is an ongoing investigation.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out with the professional leagues and how many players will be suspended as a result of the bust.

Crash said...

Just because I wasn't there to witness the players in the WWII era doesn't mean I don't know about them.It's all part of a former HISTORY teacher I would think you have heard of these things called books, where people can read about prior events and people. DiMaggio was probably the best right-hander hitter of all time, but I think he was past his prime and a different hitter post war. His pre-war #'s .339 avg, 219 HRs, post-WWII .304 avg, 142 HRs...and he played 6 years after the war.

Just to appease the Old Porf. Manny is the best right hand hitter in my lifetime.

Now on to more important topics...did anyone hear Michael Kay rip Joe Torre for not sticking up for his coaches, and only looking out for himself. I like it. Everyone has this opinion about Torre and how great he is, and he is, and will continue to be, exposed for the fraud he is.

Crash said...

Side note...looks like the coaching staff is set for Girardi. Pena stays on, bench coach is Rob Thomson, hitting coach Kevin Long, pitching coach is going to be Rich Harkley from Chicago (friend of Girardi), and the 3B coach should be a familiar name...Bobby Meacham. The once hot SS prospect of the Yankees. Meacham has been a coach at San Diego the last couple of years.

The Scooter said...

Crash, has the coaching staff been officially announced? I was under the impression that Harkey was to be Bullpen Coach, with Eiland being the pitching coach.

Crash said...

To my knowledge the only thing official is Tony Pena, Kevin Long, and Rob Thomson are on the staff. Pena and Long will remain in their current capacity as 1B and hitting coach, it is being mentioned that Thomson will be the bench.

Harkley's name continued to come up as someone Girardi wanted to bring in. He's currently the AAA pitching coach for the Cubs. I too remember Eiland's name being mentioned as pitching coach because of the connection to Hughes, Kennedy, and Chamberlain.

If I see something I'll post it here.

Girardi gave a pretty good interview on Michael Kay's radio show a couple days ago. You can listen to it as a podcast.

old professor said...

The Yankees have received permission to speak to Harkey. If they can work out a contract, he will be the bullpen coach. Eiland will be the pitching coach. Harkey is still under contract. Meachem's contract has expired.

Cashman is not starting to back away from Chamberlain in the starting rotation. He has indicated that if he cannot sign Mariano, then Chamberlain could be the option as the closer.

I would think they really need to sign Mo. They have to find a third baseman, a first baseman (unless they care counting on Phillips assuming fulltime duties there), a starting catcher and a backup. Today is also the day the Yankees have to decide about Abreu's option.

Crash said...

They have exercised the option and Abreu will make $16M next year.

Crash said...

According to ESPN's Jason Stark...Rivera should sign with the Yankees "any day"

57 said...

I cannot wait for the day when A-Rod and Santana become Mets. I'll be all over this page saying I told ya so.

Crash said...

Crede for Damon is a decent deal if Crede's back is fine. I would rather give up Damon, than Hughes or Kennedy for Miguel Cabrera or Garret Atkins. With Chicago we wouldn't have to eat any (or very little) of Damon's contract.

That being said I would trade Kennedy in a package for Santana...but Melky was always mentioned in the deal. Without Damon your OF just got a little shallow. They won't sign Hunter, everything is pointing to Texas...there was something not to long ago about Aaron Rowand...

old professor said...

Where are you hearing that the Yankees are going to sign Rivera any day now. While both he and Posada have indicated they want to remain Yankees, both have indicated they want the process to play out which means they will entertain offers after Nove 12th from any team.

One more twist in the A-Rod situation, the Yankees can offer him arbitration which would guarantee the Yankees receive compensation from whoever signs him.

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