Monday, October 29, 2007

A-Rod Opts Out

Scott Boras confirmed to the AP last night that Alex Rodriguez is opting out of his contract. He said he notified Brian Cashman with a text message during Game 4 of A-Rod's intentions.

The Angels, Dodgers, and Cubs are likely to be the only franchises that are going to be in the mix for his new deal.

Anybody have the phone number for Aaron Boone's agent?


57 said...

A-Rod has NO respect for the game of baseball... Peter Gammons trashed him on ESPN this morning and rightfully so. 'GET LOST'

Mid said...

If he does a press conference, he'll say its because of the lack of manager, no answers on catchers, closers, etc. and say what he is doing is best for his family and his desire to play for a championship.

It wasn't enough to make the $25 million with a $30mm extension..what the freak.

We got to the series with Boone and Broscious, no reason why we can't go there again with a lesser name.

The Scooter said...

Listen, as per his contract, the guy had the right to do just what he did...opt out. I don't like it, but it is what it is...and I'm certainly not surprised by it. He would have gotten mucho dinero from the Yankees so I guess he decided that he would like to live and play in another part of the country.

The Yankees can't replace his numbers, but I have a feeling that they will still be able to field a competitive team.

A-Rod, we hardly knew ye.

Congratulations to The Boston Red Sox. Two in four years...sounds like a dynasty in the making.

old professor said...

Fact - no matter where A-Rod has gone (Seattle, Texas or NY) the prediction has been he would lead the team to the promised land. Never happened and never will. It will be hard to replace 54 homeruns and 154 RBIs, but it still didn't give the Yankees the Division or get them out of the first round.

Wherever he goes, he will be a focal point of distraction. The next person that needs to go is Giambi.

Don't be surprised to hear Girardi being named as the manager today or tomorrow. Look for the Yankees to go after Mike Lowell. Series MVP and a quiet leader with the Red Sox. Problem being he will be looking for a minimum of five years.

57 said...

prof.. you make a good point... all of his numbers did NOTHING to help the Yankees win the division this year or get them even CLOSE to getting out of the first round.

Lowell is going to want five years, and at his age the Sox will not give him that type of committment. I do see Epstein paying the money for an A-Rod, and I hope that really does not happen.

The Colorado Rockies are an example that MLB needs to go back to the old formula of two divisions in each leauge and the winners of each division play in the LCS. Being 'hot' during the stretch should not be a rite to get into the playoffs... being consistent should be.

Francona, the first manager in MLB history to win his first 8 WS games. Underrated manager.

The Super Bowl outside of the US? Someone give Goodell a sharp slap across the face and shake him violently until he wakes up.

57 said...

Do the Yankees go after Schilling?

Peter N said...

MR, it's Peter, a very very happy guy this Monday morning. Thank you for your great season-long comments. Peter

The Scooter said...

57, I wouldn't give Lowell five years if my life depended on it.

I would be surprised if A-Rod went to the Sox....I'm thinking LA, Anaheim or SF. But Damn, he could hit 80 homers over the green monster.

A big NO on Schilling. What part of "youth in the pitching staff" do you not understand?

A-rod leaving ices it....Santana will be a Yankee.

I'm a little taken aback by the reports that they are about to name Girardi the manager. I like it, don't get me wrong....but I'm surprised just the same.

For better or for worse, it looks like Hank the Skank and Randy Letrine are taking this franchise in a new direction...think about it if Girardi is in fact the choice then in a few short weeks, the Yankees have lost (or have shown the door) a number of staples, be they recent or historical:


Who knows what will happen with Mo and Posada now? I was unaware that Posada and Girardi apparently had a falling out in '05 when Joe was Torre's bench coach.

I guess we just have to let the chips fall where they may.

One final thing on A-Rod...if in fact a major reason for him opting out was his concern about the direction of the Yankees, then we can thank Hank once again for his big friggin mouth. He found it so important to tweak Torre and state that the new Yankee manager would have the benefit of "patience" from the ownership group....What does that mean? They are not expected to compete for a title next year?
Frankly, I don't blame A-Rod for opting out.

I hope they sell the team. Maybe Mark Cuban can be convinced to set up shop in New York.

Crash said...

A-Rod opting out is not a surprise. I didn't like the way Boras explained the reason. He was unceratin about his catcher, his closer...etc. Last I checked this wasn't A-Rod's team.

My concern is who do the Yankees have to play third. Not sure if they have prospects to fill in...I hope they don't go after Lowell. Lowell's swing is perfect for Fenway, he would be a complete bust in NY. Trade possibilities, Joe Creede or Kevin Kouzmanoff. Also moving Cano to 3B is a possibility.

If the Yankees really wanted to spend $30M a year they should spend it on pitching. Make a trade for Santana and sign him long term.

57 said...

Last night's announcement by A-Rod is the closest he'll ever get to doing something in a World Series.

Mid said...

As far as replacements - didn't Andy Phillips play 3rd in SWB while Duncan played first?

Like I said earlier, if we can get to the dance with Boone and Brocsious - I'm sure we can find a way to get there without A-Rod.

The Scooter said...

I tend to agree, Mid. I think they're going to spend the money on high end pitching and fill in at third with a "Crede-like" player. Beltre might be an option.

Mid said...

Buster O. showing a little NY emotion in his ESPN coverage of the situation - cutting up A-Rod.

Crash said...

ESPN Radio reporting that Girardi's agent is confirming Joe Girardi has been offered the position.

Don Mattingly has been told he will not be offered the job and has stated he will not accpet any other position. Meaning he is no longer the bench coach.

Anonymous said...

Something is brewing regarding A-Rod and NY... and I don't mean the Yankees.

Crash said...

Everyone is saying Torre to the Dodgers...and now it looks like Mattingly is considering going with him?!?!?!!

I don't really care if Mattingly doesn't want to be with the Yanks right now, but don't go to another team. Say it ain't so!

old professor said...

It is official, Girardi has been given a three-year six million dollar contract. Pena may be the only hold over from this year's coaching staff. Maybe Bernie Williams comes back as a coach.

Mid., yes Phillips began his career as a third baseman. There were concerns about accurate throws from third to first. Team may have to issue insurance policies to those in the first couple of rows. Beltre is not an answer. Couldn't do the job in a place like Seattle, can't see him doing the job in NY. Crede is available from the Sox, but he is coming off back surgery. Not a good thing for a third baseman.

The new direction for the Yankees may mean they will pay more attendtion to their draft and stocking of the minor leagues.

57, too many teams to go back to two divisions in each league. Here is a twist to consider. Have the leaders from each division play each other (e.g. AL East winner versus NL East winner etc..) and have the wild cards playoff against each other. Brackets and the final two play each other. This could actually mean the two best teams in baseball play a seven game series to determine the champion.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Girardi.. enjoy the pressure.

... this is only the beginning. The rumors from credible sources are being leaked regarding some high profile players.

Keep in mind, all of these high priced players need to be dealt and signed before the Mitchell report comes out.

57 said...

Scooter, if "another part of the country" you mean 'Queens'.. then I agree with you.

Mid said...

I'd like to see Tony Pena named bench coach. I don't mind that Joe G. got the offer.

This would further imply to me that Posada's days are done as a Yankee, and the team will probably re-sign Molina.

old professor said...

57, If you really believe that A-Rod will bring the Mets a pennant, good luck. David Wright had an all star year at third. Do you want to move him to bring in A-Rod. Do you give up Jose Reyes? Don't think so. Apparently, Boras doesn't believe the Yankees really mean what they said about not negotiating with A-Rod if he opts out.

Crash as far as moving Cano to second, why play musical chairs? Who go to second?

As for the Mitchell Report, it will be interesting to see if the Commissioner can discipline players for using substances before there was coverage in the collective bargaining agreement. He may think so, but the courts may have a different opinion.

This looks like the end of the line for Mattingly as a coach for the Yankees.

The Scooter said...

57 your first post on this thread was and I quote "A-Rod has NO respect for the game of baseball..."

and now you are calling for him in Queens? Jeesh, at least wait 24 hours before you flip flop like a gold fish who just jumped out of his tank.

You want him, then I wish him on you.

The Scooter said...

Prof, this may be Yankee blasphemy, but It really doesn't bother me that Mattingly in leaving the organization...I mean who anointed him Mr. Friggin Yankee, anyway?

He was an above average player who's career got cut short because of injuries. No less. Great attitude, great teammate, but he is easily replaced on the bench. I think losing Bowa hurts more.

Mid said...

Mattingly and Torre are off to Dodger land to reunite with M. Duncan.

57 said...

Not saying I want him... just stating what might be.

Reyes to second?

Tim K. from ESPN thinks A-Rod will go to the Dodgers... A-Rod would rip apart NL pitching you have to admit that.

Remember the Seinfeld episode when Elaine screamed "ive become George" and George had all this good stuff happen to him when he started to do the opposite of everything he once did? Well, The Red Sox have become the Yankees of old...

Crash said...

Old Prof. If Cano moves from 2B, don't be surprised to see Alberto Gonzalez move from SS to 2B. If the kid can field as good as the Yanks seem to think he should be able to handle second...or third for that matter. This also could be the chance for Eric Duncan. I think he played most of his games at 1B last year, but they have him listed as 3B. He only hit .240 this year at AAA, but if he has a hot spring, look for him to make the club if they don't sign or trade for someone.

Mid said...

I like the idea of Alberto G. - I don't expect to see any major signings, it'll probably be decided in the spring.

in the event they look to spend some money, anyone know what the contract status of Eric Chavez or Chipper Jones is?

The Scooter said...

Here's the contract info for Chavez:

11M in 2008, 11M in 2009 and 12M in 2010 with a $12.5 club option ($3 Mil buyout) for 2011.

His production has decreased significantly every year since he signed the big extension and he has had multiple injuries over the last few years. He spent the last 2 months of the '07 season on the DL. He had shoulder surgery before the season, and I believe he just had back surgery earlier this month. He is expected to be ready for Spring Training.

By all accounts, the A's want out of the contract (I can see why), so he would probably be relatively easy to acquire. Big gamble though. I don't see it happening.

Would the O's ever deal Tejada to the Yankees?

57 said...

Chipper Jones is a male whore


Im actually glad to be home sick today because I got to see how ESPN completely disrespected Girardi and dedicating their breaking news show from 1:30-3:30 on A-Rod opting out having a cast of characters giving their opinion on A-Rod and where he was going to play. Awful coverage...A-Rod is getting what he wants and Buster Olney might wants to beat the crap out of A-Rod.


Jim Leyritz will be in Rochester at a car dealership on Saturday signing autographs. If this blog was worth its salt, the author shhould go and conduct an interview with him and get his opinion.

57 said...

Can't wait for Jeter's sound bite.

Crash said...

Jeter won't say anything that isn't "PC", if he even comments on it at all.

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