Thursday, October 18, 2007


Buster Olney Reports:

Ron Guidry will not be back as pitching coach.

The Yanks will not pursue A-Rod if he opts out.

Personally, I think A-Rod has already decided to go - you don't spend that much time with an agent if you're not bottom lining your new deal.


old professor said...

Too bad about Guidry. Wonder if not coming back was his decision or the organizations. Either way, the handwriting was on the wall when the team elevated Dave Eiland from Columbus.

Regarding the A-Rod situation, Cashman has said all along that if he opts out, the Yankees would not pusue him on the open market. Rumor seems to be they will be offering an extension to him in the next week or so along with offers to Posada and Rivera.

Reports are also beginning to circulate that there is now a 50-50 chance of Torre returning.

Mid said...

The Colorado Rockie shortstop is a total rip off of Jeter.

I think they are going to try and work a trade involving Mussina.

Anonymous said...

Report out of Tampa says George Steinbrenner gets his information from Pinstripe Postings.

Mike said...

Joe Torre signs a 1 year deal - you heard it here first.

Crash said...

THANK GOD!!! Torre DOES NOT accept, he says NO, turns down a one year deal with option on 2nd year if he won the WS. The one year deal would have paid $8 million if he won in the post-season.

I personally think that offer was more than generous. Hopefully this isn't a negotiation ploy by Torre.If he doesn't want to come back, that's his choice. I won't shed a tear.

The Scooter said...

Sounds like a fair offer, but we'll have to wait to hear from Joe. I'm sure the Yankees have spun the offer in the most positive light.

Who knows what went down behind closed doors?

I wish you well, Joe. Thanks for the four rings and 12 Octobers.

Looks like the Mattingly era is about to begin.

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