Thursday, December 13, 2007

No Joy in Mudville....The Mighty Casey Has Stuck Out...

Talk shows, opinions, arguments, pre-Mitchell report shows and a partridge in a pear tree. As I sit fifteen minutes away from a highly anticipated press conference featuring Senator George Mitchell, I will the happenings and opinions during what appears to be the culmination of three years of investigations by Senator Mitchell's team on the infestation of performance enhancing drugs in Major League Baseball. To me, this is the darkest day in the history of America's pastime. In no way is this window dressing or grandstanding. These are serious accusations that will result in the broken hearts of many children and the children within the adults that look up to or have looked up to many players that might be on this list that play the role(s) of their heroes. The only question that remains, is who will play the role of Casey at the bat

1:51: ESPN on the tube and Steve Phillips is a tool
1:56: Paul LoDuca, Denny Nagel, Tejada, Rondell White... copies of personal checks in the report.
1:57: Mitchell at podium(notice the last two numbers)
1:58: Thanking everyone at the podium ad nausium
2:00: Coming down on Major League Baseball.
2:04: Mitchell giving an editorial of sorts backed with some percentages..nothing exciting yet.
2:05: Biggest complaints among players was that there were guys taking steroids and "taking my spot"
2:05: Mets clubhouse Kurt Radomski is a major player in this (no surprise)
2:06: Each of the players were invited to meet with Mitchell, ALL current players declined invitation and refused to meet or talk with Sen. Mitchell.. (WOW)
2:07: 11 players admitted that Radomski supplied them with anabolic steroids just as Radomski 'testified' to. Witnesses involved as well....
2:08: Each of the 30 teams had a player or players taking illegal substances.
2:09:Players moved away from oil based steriods to water based steriods that clear the body faster
2:10: **** my feeling is that we are not going to hear names from Mitchell and it will be up to us to find the report or wait for the media to report them****
2:11: ****Im not getting what I want right now.. Tell me the names and why they are in the report and why it is warranted for them to be in there****
2:16: Union just got bitch slapped by Mitchell. Owners more concerned with economic futility of baseball and did not take drugs more serious than economics... (Donald Fehr just put his foot through the television)
2:17: Urges Selig to forgo imposing dicsipline for past usage.
2:18: More than 1/2 players identified are not playing or involved with MLB

This is awful. No more news right now... will get names and move forward later.



old professor said...

There should be no surprises regarding the names on the list when it finally comes out. The names leaked already include: Pettitte, Sosa, Clemens, Giambi, McGuire, Gibbons, Guillen. Surprisingly, no Met's names have been leaked.

By the way, the Yankees clear more roster space by not offering arbitration to: T.J. Beam, Darrell Rasner, and Matt DeSalvo. Already releasesed have been Sardinha and Phillips.

Mid said...

No surprises - this is playing out just how I thought -

Rampant use, most obvious names (except Pettitte) mentioned, tougher testing etc.

What a waste of money and paper.

The Scooter said...

Does anyone have a definitive list of all the names yet?

Not surprised by any of the names I have heard so far. Once Clemens was implicated, I knew Pettitte would be involved, they were workout partners and best friends....definitely not a surprise.

Mid, you have been wrong in the past, but you have taken being wrong to a new level here. Mitchell's report has put "documentation" to all the rumors and innuendo that have been circling the sport for the last 5 years. Finally, MLB can now go about fixing the problem. That is why this report is crucial and relevant. The owners, the players, the union, can no longer stick their head in the sand and do nothing. This is the most important document in MLB history.

57 said...

Todd Hundley
Matt Franco
David Justnce
Rondell White
Miguel Tejada
Mo Vaughn
Fernando Vina
Denny Nagel

just a few

The Scooter said...

No O'Neil; no Tino; no Bernie; no A-Rod

And most importantly of all: No Jeter and No Mariano.

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