Thursday, January 17, 2008

NFL Conference Championship Weekend

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What is the NFL's dream? Favre vs. Brady. Green Bay vs. New England = big time bucks.

What is the NFL's worst nightmare? Chargers vs. Giants.

What could go wrong? Everything.

Patriots/Chargers: The Chargers are playing with house money right now. . . or are they? They had their hearts ripped out at home last year by the Pats and they've been waiting all season for the opportunity to return the favor. Now they have it.

Packers/Giants: This is not the first time the G-Men have had to go on the road to face a HOF QB in the NFC Championship. The result was Joe Montana getting hit so hard he sat out all of the following season, and the Giants took a trip to Tampa to win their 2nd ring in 5 years. The nation's bleeding heart wants to see old man Favre get one more shot at the big dance before riding off into the sunset. The Giants relish the role of the bad guy spoiler.

The end Result: The NFC game will be close, a great game, rivaling the 1990 NFC Championship. Chalk another one up for the bad guys as the Giants rip out hearts everywhere and put a premature end to Favre's dream season. The AFC game will be blow out city as the Chargers are two injured to avenge last season's debacle.

Super Bowl Match up: Giants vs. Patriots


The Scooter said...

Chargers don't have a chance...the Giants do.

It's that simple!

old professor said...

A matchup between the Chargers and Giants would be interesting because it would have two quarterbacks facing each other who were traded for the other.

Scooter, I have to agree with you on the Chargers not having a chance. HBO Inside the NFL said it all - The Chargers don't show the maturity as a team or at quarterback to come out on top in this one. Rivers appears more interested in baiting fans and players from the other team.

Mid said...

It almost seems like Rivers wants to become the next Ryan Leaf.

Is Rivers even playing this weekend?

Mid said...

How about Alec Baldwin narating the game hightlights?

Crash said...

I am the only person in America that will be picking the Chargers to win this weekend. I think the SD defense will step up and pop Brady in the mouth a couple times and force him into a couple of mistakes. Look what they did to Peyton Manning this year; 2 games 8 INTs. Much like the Giants, the Chargers are not the same team that got rolled in week 2. With Rivers and possibly LT out (though LT did practice yesterday, Rivers did not) and with a gimpy gates, I think the NE defense will be overconfident and underestimate the SD offense. If San Diego does not turn the ball over they will win the game. Look for Billy Volek to lead the way, HUGE upset in NE.

I think we all know where I stand on the NFC game. The Giants avenge another regular season blow out by sending Favre back to Louisiana for an early offseason. I like the Packer D, but I like the Giants D more, even with their banged up secondary. Pressure Favre and watch him turn the ball over.

57 said...

This video is great. Coughlin needs to show this in the team meeting on Saturday night.

The Scooter said...

I just saw the video.....SUPERB!!!

You have any from MY Patriots dynasty?

Crash has already wrapped up the "funniest line of the year award"......."Look for Billy Volek to lead the way, HUGE upset in NE. "

Crash said...

I thought you would enjoy that one Scooter.

57 said...

Why would ESPN glorify the death of Bobby Fischer yesterday? A notable US hater and one that applauded the attack of 9/11 on that very same day??? Im glad he's dead... I hope he died in A LOT of pain. ESPN should have paid him no minds. Maybe someone should have shoved a 'bishop' up his ass too.

Crash said...

Looks like Cano and Wang are looking for big pay days in arbitration. Last year they were making $400,000, this year they want more than $4M. I wish I got raises like that...forget 2, 3, 5, or even 10% raises, how about 10 times your salary. And Wang wants it after choking not once but twice in October. Give me break.

The Scooter said...

They should sign Cano and Wang to long terms deals ASAP. I know it is not the Yankee Modus Operandi, but it makes sense...just dont give out blanket no trade clauses.

57, props to you for calling out ESPN for glorifying the life of the Anti-US; Anti-Semite Bobby Fischer. He was a paranoid and quite possibly psychotic individual who couldn't hold Anatoly Karpov's jock when it came to chess...which is the reason he disappeared from public life to begin with.

57 said...

I'm almost thinking the Giants might win by 10 or more points!! The d-line is just too good! Justin Tuck will have the game of his life

57 said...

Props to Jose Reyes for being on the cover for MLBs 2K8 video game!

I dont see a Yankee being named!!!


Crash said...

57 I think the Mets should worry about playing baseball not video games.

The Yankees have announced their non-roster spring training invites. Mid will be happy as Rasner gets an invite. A number of the next wave of prospects will be there as well. Guys like Horne, Tabata, Curtis, Jackson, and Duncan. Also interesting to see Nick Green get another shot, he was with the team a couple years ago and I think wound up with Seattle last year. Jason Lane also gets look.

The Scooter said...

What about Karstens????

See Mid, I got your back.

The Scooter said...


Giants going to the Show.

I guess it's almost time for me to pick a team.

57 said...

Congrats to Tom Coughlin and the New York Giants. Tiki Barber, you can kiss Eli Manning's ass!!!

WOW! What an incredible football game. The refs did everything in their power to make it a Favre/Brady Super Bowl.

10 in a row! Here we go.....

The Scooter said...

Well we are quick to kill him, so let's now give him his due.......I guess all this talk about Eli Manning being an underachiever can stop now. He has lead his team (a team that NO ONE thought would win more than 7 or 8 games) to the Super Bowl in only his fourth year. He belongs!

On the flip side....I really think this game absolutely DEFINES Brett Favre's career. Yea he had his great great great moments, but in my eyes he was always prone to the mistake in the big spot. I always found him a tad overrated.

Mid said...

Someone at the NY Post needs to be fired!! Running color photos of the Pats instead of the Gman - What's up with that???

What a freakin game. Still can't believe how close this game was to the '90 championshp game


Crash said...

Favre did exactly what I thought he would do. Make the big mistake when it would hurt his team the most. Don't get me wrong, Favre is great and had a great season. But the Packers abandoned their rushing game and made it so Favre had to win it. He tries to do too much and forces the ball in where it shouldn't be. Bottom line is the Packers were lucky to be in this game at all, the Giants dominated the game, the refs did everything to give it to the Packers, and they still couldn't get the job done.

1 thing worries me about the Giants. The offensive play calling seems to get very conservative on scoring opportunities and as a result they were settling for field goals and not scoring TDs. You can't do that against the Patriots. Ask San Diego how that went for them.

The Giants secondary didn't play poorly, the one blown play for 90 yds, but other than that a solid game.

The Giants will need to play a close to perfect game to win. They can't give up the big play, can't give stupid penalties on 3rd down to keep drives going, and Eli has to continue the great play and not turn the ball over. If that happens then Giants win Super Bowl XLII.

Scooter no flip-flopin' on this. You need to stick with the Pats.

57 said...

The one ace that the Giants have in their deck is Peyton Manning.... that's right PEYTON Manning. His season is OVER.. he has no team to prepare for, and no film to watch. He will undoubtedly help his little brother help beat the evil empire. Crash, wouldn't you?? Peyton will help get Eli as prepared as possible to beat these guys... as he probably did for the season finale.

The defense will have their best game of the year. Osi concerned me a little last night... he was did not have a good stance which lead me to beleive he got tired... Justin Tuck had a GREAT game (as predicted). Jacobs ran a little tentative, except for making Woodson his bitch on the first play of the game which, for all intents and purposes, finished Woodson for the day.

Plaxico was large...

Peyton Manning will be the difference. Sometimes, Eli looks a little more calm in the pocket than his brother... Peyton's brains and Eli's presence will make the Gints the World Champs:

Giants: 35 Pats: 28

Crash said...

I thought about that too. Who better to help identify weaknesses in the Patriots defense than Peyton Manning. I think he already answered that publicly by telling Eli he's beyond receiving advice now. But I think that was just a PR move.

I would be watching film with him everyday for the next 2 weeks.

The Giants are early 14 point underdogs. Would this be the greatest upset in Super Bowl history if the Giants won??? What's bigger, Super Bowl III with the Namath guarantee? Maybe Super Bowl XXVI where the Patriots were 14 point dogs to the Rams? In my opinion those would pale in comparison. Yes the point spread may have been greater for the Jets, and the Rams had the "Greatest Show on Turf", but the Patriots are going for an undefeated 19-0 season. Their offense was breaking every record out there. They dominated the entire league from week 1. Even when they struggled in a game or 2 they found a way to win. For me, this would be the biggest upset in the history of the Super Bowl if/when the Giants win.

old professor said...

It is definately a slow off season when there has to be comments about chess.

The Giants game was outstanding and was almost a game where defeat was almost pulled from the jaws of victory. I very seldom complain about officiating, but it was clear there were some questionable calls at the end that hurt the giants.

The game should not have gone to overtime. Two field goal misses and a touchdown called back because of a very questionable hold. Giants defense with the exception of one play were huge.

The Scooter said...

ESPN reporting that Tom BRady was photographed in NY wearing a walking cast on his right foot.

Crash said...

Don't buy into that story, or think for a minute Brady will be playing at less than 100% for the SB.

I love that after a game in Foxboro, Brady comes to NY. He's even been seen around town wearing a Yankee hat and has been spotted more than once at a Yankees game (and no they weren't playing the Sox).

Here's a little case study for the law of supply & demand. Sunday evening I went on Ebay to look for a Manning jersey. Sunday night you could find an "authentic" on-field jersey for under $40. Monday morning those same jerseys were all going for $240...and people were buying them.

Crash said...

Phil Hughes has a new blog/site that just started this week.

Mid maybe you can link to it as Andy Pettitte's favorite non-HGH site.

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