Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Mid Week from Mid Relief

I'm not a lawyer, but if I had to guess, it is not a good thing when Congress asks the Dept. of Justice to investigate you. This just in, the war is over, and Clemens has lost.

Tampa's star Scott Kazmir has an elbow strain and is out for a few weeks. Every preseason I always think Tampa is going to surprise and breakthrough - and every season they don't. Looking at their lineup, I find myself wondering that yet again. Hopefully Kazmir will rehab, and this franchise can get going. It'd be nice to see a different team challenging and mixing it up for a role in the October tourney.

What would a preseason post be without me mentioning our favored son, Jeff Karstens who retired the big guns (Damon, A-Rod, Abreu, and Giambi) in order for his '08 debut today. Is to soon to predict his front runner status as the Cy Young favorite?

Non-Baseball Note: Traditional minded citizens of the world lost a great one today - William F. Buckley passed away. Outside of the boys that put together the Federalist Papers, no one could match this guy's intellect when putting forth ideas.



mid said...

Based on feedback from all of you, there seems to be a lot of pent up demand for more coverage on emerging Yankee star Jeff Karstens. It is understandable, and if we could all just calm down for a bit, you'd be happy to know I am in the process of arranging an exclusive interview with him for this blog. . . . Details to follow.

Crash said...

Tampa is one of those teams that should do well, but always find a way not to. If they were playing in a different division or in the NL, they would be competitive. Their offense is decent with a lot of speed. They have 4 young pitchers that if healthy can be really good. Kazmir, Sheilds, Sonnanstine, and now Garza (former Twin and Rochester Red Wing) could be the next fab four. Their bullpen is not so good, and that may be too kind. This year they will not finish last in the division (Baltimore will easily claim that spot), they could battle Toronto for 3rd in the AL East. Don't be surprised if they finish with a winning record and maybe approach 85 wins.

Crash said...

Last year of the Stadium, I was thinking about taking a bus trip for a Stadium Tour. You get to go to the press box, clubhouse, dugout, and Monument Park. Trip includes lunch at Mickey Mantel's restaurant. Mid, Old Prof any interest? The have dates available in April, July, and August. Tickets are $100, that includes the bus ride, the tour, and lunch. We would leave Albany/Latham at 6:15am, bus returns 5:30pm.

Mid said...

interesting question raised - McCain's birthplace was in the Panama Canal and not inside the borders of the US.

Does that DQ him from being the President??

Crash said...

I usually abstain from talking political nonsense, but wasn't it a US military base? If so isn't that considered a US territory and in essence US soil. Plus his parents were US citizens. It's not as if Arnold wanted to run for president.

Mitt Romney said...

I think he should be banished from the election and sent to Cuba.

57 said...

As much as I don't like McCain, this is the kind of CRAP that the media will dig up for months ahead... the media will destroy this country (mark my words).

Hillary did a pretty good job in the debate this week, and the post-game pundits were slurping Obama. I am not sure why the media is against Hillary.. I really dont.

I am moving to Canada.

old professor said...

Crash, Yes I would be interested in the tour. However avoid the April 12-18, apparently Mrs. Prof is planning on a trip to LA to visit brother and nieces - there is every indication I will be travelling with her. Oh an avoid July 12th (Ricci's wedding).

Regarding McCain's being born in the Canal Zone - Crash is right, it was US territory, therefore he is a citizen and eligible to run for president.

Regarding Kazmir, he is already on the shelf for 3-5 weeks. And I again find myself agreeing with Crash - Tampa's bullpen was the chief reason for a losing record last year and they have not had much of an upgrade in the offseason.

old professor said...

Mid, too bad about Buckley. He was an eloquent speaker and a better author. Created the National Review and always had great points of view in the articles. (Pick yourself up off the floor, yes I read the National Review).

Your support of Karstens sounds like a broken record from last year. With the depth in the pitching the Yankees have, Karstens and Rasner will find themselves back at Triple A or released. Neither of those two will supplant any of the projected starters. And as for the bullpen, don't be surprised to see: Ramierez, Veras, Bruney, Olendorpf, Farnsworth and Hawkins in the pen with Rivera. (Farnsworth and Hawkins are a lock for the pen).

Crash said...

Farnsworth and Hawkins a lock for the way to go out on a limb Prof.

We thought the Yankees had a deep rotation last year and guess what, they needed every bit of that depth to make it through the season. Point is injuries happen and there will be plenty of opportunity for Karstens and Rasner in the rotation this year.

old professor said...

From the NFL: The Giants lose a linebacker (Mitchell) to the Bills and it appears Gabril Wilson will be going to the Raiders. So much for keeping the defense together.

Crash, the more you respond sometimes, the more you continue to remind me of your mother - My reference to Hawkins and Farnsworth was an attempt to not leave them out of what will be a somewhat crowded picture when it comes to the bullpen. IN OTHER words, Rivera, Hawkins and Farnsworth are the only sure thing and that leaves four spots in the bullpen (predicated on the Yankees caring 12 pitchers). Let me do the math for you: five starters, three sure bullpen spots that equals eight roster spots. If the Yankees go with 12 pitchers that means four openings. If they go with only eleven pitchers (which they could do at the beginning of the season), that would leave only three spots available. And don't count on the Yankees having the types of injuries to the staff they had last year - there is a very real difference in camp this year as conditioning is at the top of the to do list (fundementals is next in line).

And 57, if you move to Canada, you would be hard pressed to find Mets games on TV (hmm you can be hard pressed to find Mets games on American television).

Speaking of politics, Mid, your guy Michael Savage seemed to go off the deepend the other night on the radio - ranting and raving about tilting at windmills. Had to change the station or face severe bodily harm from Mrs. Prof who thought he was boring and off the wall.

57 said...

has there been a scooter sighting anywhere???

The Scooter said...

I'm here, I'm here, for god sake...Damn, it's nice to be missed.

36 on Monday; 36 on Tuesday; 18 on Wednesday: and 18 on Thursday. Just got back from Amelia Island...I recommend the "Ocean Course", but play it from the back tees...the back nine is spectacular.

I was thinking about boycotting the blog until the Mets link was taken down, but you know me...I get excited when Mid starts talking about Karstens.

Prof, Is A-Rod a "lock" for third base?

old professor said...

Scooter, glad you piled on the bandwagon being built by Mid and Crash. I would assume A-Rod would be the starting third baseman unless he is traded to the Mets for Santana and David Wright.

The exhibition game against Philly was a showcase for Shelly Duncan - one homerun and a double and five RBIs (Yankees scored six). Both hits were off of righthanded pitchers. Could be making a case. Yes I know it is only spring training, but you got to root for the guy.

old professor said...

57, news from the Mets camp sounds like a hospital ward: Delgado - hip problem, Beltran, Castillo, Chavez, Easley, and Valentin all still recovering from injury or surgery and now Hernandez is out with a bunion on his right foot.

Maybe Santana can pull a Satchel Paige and pitch with his outfielders sitting down or on the bench. (Yes Scooter, I can remember Paige pitching - specifically with Oakland when he was estimated to be in his late
60s or early 70s and surprisingly he was still effective at that age. (Charlie Finley let him pitch long enough to qualify for his major league service benefits).

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