Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Jonny Gomes is a BIG Vagina - and other thoughtful insights . . .

I was a little surprised the Yanks opted to retaliate against the Rays in a Spring Training game. The starting pitcher was tossed for throwing chin music to the first batter. Then Duncan gets ejected for sliding spikes up (he was out by at least a third of the distance to the bag).

I hate baseball fights in general. Everyone rushes on a field, maybe some shoving, but rarely does anyone really fight. I think that is why I view Jonny Gomes as pretty much a big wuss. Charges Duncan from behind, and when he realizes no one is stopping him finishes it with a little shove looking for someone to hold him back so he can then act like the drama queen he is. What a wimp. If you're charging all that way, then make worth your while and deliver a shot.

Regardless of today's events, it underscores in my mind growing evidence of the stepped level of intensity that Joe G. brings vs. Joe T.


Another sign we are old? - - March marks the 25th anniversary of Thriller. Wow.


I saw a bumper sticker and a license plate on my way home from work yesterday each referring to the Red Sox. The plate read 1918NoMo - which is clever I guess. The sticker read - No Curse, They just sucked for 86 years. That got a laugh and a honk from the car.


Spitzer's resignation speech contained a lot of "me's" and "I's" in it and very little about the constitutes he failed. Perhaps a confirming indicator of what many of already said about this guy's personality.


19 Days and counting until Opening Day.


Middle Relief said...

Photos of Spitzer's girl were released today - not bad, but definitely not worth the gamble.

57 said...

I lost a little respect for CNN last night. They first, on LK live, had a former hooker as a guest who was hot but an absolute moron , and Anderson Cooper had a former Pimp as a guest that ran a high end call girl ring in NYC. The screen in the backdrop of this interview read 'king of pimps'.... I mean really??? I blogged AC and said if I felt like watching trash being glorified I would have turned on Fox.

The hooker was pretty nice, but I agree, not worth it. Better have been the best hour of his life. Mrs. Spitzer looks like she was run over by a semi.


Why did the Yankees let Billy Crystal play yesterday? Dont know if I agree w that. What's next? 'now pitching for the Mets, Jerry ...ry...ry. Seinfeld...feld..feld

Crash said...

Mid: Spitzer used a lot of "me" and "I" in his resignation in an effort to show that he is taking responsibility for his actions. Last time I checked he wasn't resigning because his constitutes were busted with a call girl.

57 don't blow the Crystal thing out of proportion. This kind of thing happens all the time, with a lot of different teams.

I think Duncan was out of line sliding with spikes up. Drilling the Rays prized prospect was good enough, or if they wanted to crash the catcher at some point fine. Sliding with spikes up is a bush league play. Duncan should have been cut right after the game...I don't mean sent down to AAA, I mean gone from the team. You play the game hard but right. That play wasn't either. It was cheap and dirty.

I do agree with your point about fighting. Baseball players are idiots when it comes to fighting. The dumbest players have to be the guys in the bullpen...they rush all the way in from the OF, then by the time they get there everything is either broken up or they just stand around and do nothing anyway.

The 2 best baseball fights...Boston and NY in 1976(?) where Bill Lee gets crushed and destroys his shoulder.

Baltimore and NY in 1998. Bernie hits a HR off Benitez, Benitez drills Tino, and the brawl begins. This is the exception to the rule about bullpen guys, as I can clearly remember Graham Lloyd racing down to throw a huge punch at Benitez. I can also remember Strawberry throwing punches at him all the way into the visitor dugout.

Baseball could stop fights real quick by imposing a rule like in basketball. You leave the bench you're automatically suspended. That would stop batters from charging the mound.

The Scooter said...

LOL @ cutting Duncan. Finally somebody shows some aggressiveness and puts other teams on notice that the Yankees aren't going to take any bullshit any longer, and you want to cut him?????

I loved the fact that he said he was going to do something and he did it. Good for him. So if he had to go a touch overboard to send a message to the rest of the be it.

The Yankees are patsies no more.

57 said...

Ray Knight vs. Eric Davis in cincy in '86 was a pretty damn good fight. Youtube it.

The Scooter said...

Yea 57...If I remember correctly, Knight was a golden gloves champ in his younger days. I didn't remember that it was Eric Davis, but I do remember that he dropped whoever it was like a bad habit.

But Knight was probably just pissed off that he had to go home to Nancy Lopez.....Anna Benson she was NOT!

old professor said...

Mid, no comment on Mussina going perfect for five innings? Your boy Karstens choked the chicken and gave up three big runs to cost Yanks the game. Karstens is probably destined to go back to Triple A.

The Scooter said...

Prof, let's see if Mussina has the smarts and the ability to turn himself into the next Jamie Moyer. If he isn't going to be able to hit 89 on the gun, then he needs to do what he has been doing this spring....throw three speeds....Slow, Slower; and Slowest.

57, are the Mets trading Angel Pagan for Coco Crisp? What are your sources telling you?

Mid said...

I only can comment so much Prof and so some things will slip by me. I've been busy assisting NY Citizens in bringing action against your former Governor.

Too bad about Karstens - trade bait?

Crash said...

They wouldn't be able to trade Karstens for a sack of BP balls right now. They missed their window of opportunity with him. They needed to trade him at the beginning of last season. Now he'll waste away in AAA or in the bull pen as a long man. Same thing will happen with Melky. He's at his peak value now. As soon as everyone else realizes just how mediocre he really is, the demand will diminish.

Word is the Yanks have had scouts in AZ looking at the set-up guy/former closer for Colorado Brian Fuentes. Colorado GM says no way, they couldn't offer enough for him. If I was the GM in Colorado the only way I let him go is to get starting pitching in return. Otherwise I wouldn't touch that team. They are set to compete this year.

Mid said...

With the rising prices of raw materials, that bag BP balls may be a good value when it is all said and done.

57 said...

Scoot, that trade WILL NOT happen. My Queen's sources are iron clad! Take it to the bank. Willie does not want an under achiever.

The Scooter said...

I guess that's true, 57. He already has Reyes to underachieve.

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