Saturday, March 08, 2008

Rock's Ranking

Interesting debate – and OK fine, it may look more like the Top 15 than the Top 5, but there’s a reason. There are different definitions of Rock. There is what I view as Rock: Often referred to as Hard Rock, Metal, Pure Rock, or just plain Rock n' Roll. Whatever it is called, it is the way rock was initially intended to be played in my view. But, then there is that other kind of rock. Not too heavy, and has a little bit of Pop infused into it. It still has some edge to it, not enough to be carried in the same grouping as Led, and carriers chops that are slightly above that of WHAM's - and I guess at the end of the day should be recognized as well. Finally, just out of a feeling of giving some their due, I decided to include a list that includes solo artists.

Top 5 Solo Artists:

  1. Elvis
  2. Frank Sinatra
  3. Billy Joel
  4. Michael Jackson
  5. Prince (strong showing at Super Bowl pushed him ahead of Elton John)

Top 5 Pop Rock:

  1. The Beatles
  2. Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band
  3. U2
  4. The Rolling Stones (hate them)
  5. The Police

Top 5 - Rock

  1. Black Sabbath
  2. Led Zeppelin (hate them)
  3. Kiss
  4. Aerosmith
  5. The Who
Honorable mention: The Eagles, Lynyrd Skynyrd, FireWater, Bon Jovi (points for longevity, minus for straying into several categories that now include country), Metallica (hate them), Van Halen (1984 and 5150, big minus for their current state, and the Gary Cherone experiment), Gn'R (could have been the best), Elton John and Madonna.

Dishonorable mention: The Scooter for his suggestion of Nirvana in the Top 5. The movement should be able to last longer than 24 months for it to have any meaning. Suspension from site and fines are being considered for that level of blasphemy.

That's it - that is the list.


The Scooter said...

Oh I'll go to the mat on Nirvana. The best broadcasted jam session of all time was their MTV Unplugged gig.

And 24 months or not...their music defined a generation (we may not like the definition, but that is irrelevant) unlike any other band or artist, short of the Beatles and Elvis.

I can't argue with your top 5 solo artists. I would love to be able to put Sinatra ahead of Elvis, but I just don't think you can do it. Sting might get my last slot over the Artist Formerly Known....

I don't think you can put the likes of Sabbath in the same category as Led Zep and the Stones. Maybe you need a Heavy Metal category.

Top 5 Heavy Metal Bands

1.Black Sabbath (the Ozzie and Randy Rhodes days)

2. AC/DC...quite simply some of the best party heavy metal songs of all time (Shook Me All Night Long, anybody?)

3. Kiss...for the pure spectacle that was Gene, Paul, Ace and Peter

4. Metallica....we need to give props for sustained excellence

5. Iron Maiden....just listen to "Run to the Hills" and then try to argue with me on this one

Honorable mention to:

Judas Priest
Quiet Riot

and I agree, If Axel didn't implode, G&R would be at the top of any list.

57 said...

I push Sinatra over the top because of his heritage, birthplace and the fact that he was involved with one of the sexiest Hollywood actresses of all time in Ava Gardner! Oh yeah, and the reason why JFK got elected.

Also, The Police is a good choice, but I dont see Bon Jovi out of the top five.

VERY intersted to see the prof's choices. I'm sure they had rock and roll back then.

Crash said...

I'm guessing that Old Prof. has the Moody Blues, Deep Purple, The Grass Roots, and maybe ELO on his list.

The Scooter said...

Dollars to Donuts Prof's list includes Benny Goodman

Mid said...

Old Prof's list:

Moody Blues
Righteous Brothers (spelling)
Frankie Vale and the 4 Seasons!

57 said...

prof, we are all painfully awaiting your list. This Is more exciting than the Mitchell report.

Crash said...

Mid good call with CCR...

I just want to know one thing...when mentioning solo artists how could OZZY not even get a mention here. And as I look back I know Black Sabbath was mentioned a couple times (Scooter even made the incorrect reference to "the Ozzy and Randy Rhodes days"...Randy was never Sabbath). I personally think Ozzy eclipsed whatever he was in Sabbath. He is so much better on his own. And has been doing it for nearly 30 years.

The Scooter said...

Crash...I stand corrected....It looks like I got my Rhoadse's and my Iommi's all mixed up.

Rhoads was actually in Quiet Riot during that time.

Anyway, your point on solo Ozzy is well taken...Blizzard of Oz and Diary or a Madman are classics (incidentally, both did have Randy on guitar).

57 said...

I think the top 5 solo artists appeal to ALL types. Ozzy was stuck with one crowd... the half baked crowd. I don't see Sinatra biting off the head of a bat during the refrain of My Way.

Scooter, I take Quiet Riot or Poison over Iron Maiden.

57 said...

I have to, painfully, give props to Nirvana, by the way. I just searched through ITunes and on the best of 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994...there is a Nirvana song on each albumn. Props to the guy who blew his head off. RIP.

Mid said...

I ruled Ozzie out because I was viewing him and BS as one in the same.

57 said...

I find it interesting that not ONE person even mentioned The Greatful Dead.

old professor said...

Here's the list: Vogues, Righteous Brothers, Moody Blues, Four Seasons, and ELO though the Grass Roots are probably tied with ELO. (There was a time where I would have included the Temptations and Smokey Robinson & The Miracles - but those two groups were from my mellow years). Scooter, Benny Goodman was a little bit before my time. (Now if you want to know, Glenn Miller and his band were better than Benny Goodman).

old professor said...

Hughes and Igwa continue to impress during Spring Training as well as Alan Horne. Mid, no comment on the outting by Mussina?

Mark this weekend on the calendar. During the regular season, some one from Tampa will pay for the slide that broke the hand of the yankee catcher. Slide this early in Spring Training is uncalled for. Rays have had two overly aggressive slides in two games. If I were Carl Crawford, I would wear armor to the plate once the season begins.

57 said...

Ok, now that we have that out of our system.. back to baseball.

Bonds in Shea??? I sure as hell hope not. Rumors flew around this weekend to replace Moises Alou... Alou is such a good player, but is so injury prone. What a waste of money.

Mid said...

Wow - Spitzer caugh buns up and dealing. Resigns from office and gets indicted.

Get ready for Schumer, Suiozzi, or Rudy G. to run for the next Governor.

The Lt. Governor is legally blind.

Typical carpet bagging behavior by the left.

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