Sunday, April 27, 2008

No Ground Gained - and I think we should trade Melkey.

Yankees continue to spin their wheels sitting at .500 yet again. As mediocre as this month has been, they still are only two back of the (gulp) Rays and the Red Sox. It's April, it's early, but no one in the East is playing at an impressive level yet.

Perhaps we were a tad early in designating Chad Moeller for assignment? It looks like Jorge is headed to the DL with this shoulder thing. I'm not sure what the rules are in this instance, but is there any restriction as to the Yanks re-signing Moeller or do they have to wait and see if he clears waivers first?

I"m of the opinion that Joe Girardi is over managing the games right now. You have to go with a core lineup to build some trust and chemistry amongst your players and yet he continues to juggle the lineup day in and day out. And on a related topic, you don't sit a pro like Matsui (.324, 4HRs, .430 OBP) two days in a row just because a lefty is on the mound. Let these guys play and see where the chips fall.

I feel bad for Brian Bruney. The man was stepping it up big time before the injury to the foot. Best case scenario is that he rejoins the team mid September. Chris Britton comes up to take his place.

Melkey Cabrera may have had the game winning and only run on Sunday, but I think he's got to go. He has talent, but is inconsistent and doesn't bring it day in and day out - he's unprofessional in that regard. Saturday's game he put in probably the worst AB I have ever seen at the MLB level (2 lame bunt attempts, then a half swing at the third strike with a runner in scoring position). With as well as Damon, Matsui and Abreu have been playing, and with guys like Jackson, Tabata, and Gardener in the system, I would not be opposed to trading Cabrera for a quality lefty, a couple of prospects, or training equipment and eye black. Simply put, he has peaked, reminds me of Roberto Kelley - ship him out and get something before the rest of the league figures it out.

Kennedy finished strong on Saturday and has earned another shot to take the hill. If he fails to show improvement at his next go, he heads down, then one of the big three (Karstens, Rassner or Igawa) gets a shot. It'd be nice to be able to get a start out of the 5 spot that last longer than 4 innings every now and then.

Anyone surprised at this stat?: A-Rod is batting less than .150 with runners in scoring position. He's not alone, the Yanks are in the bottom 4 of the AL when it comes to batting average with runners in scoring position. - we do better there, and suddenly we'll be at .650 and in the division lead. Until then, I think .500 may be an all too familiar sight.

Hard to believe May is on our doorstep already.

Draft: The results are in, and USC is now the official minor league affiliate of the NFL (10 players drafted). Matt Ryan and the clown from Louisville is the next version of Joey Harrington no doubt about it. Colt Brennan (6th round) will emerge as the QB star of the draft inside of two seasons. Given Polian's track record I'm sure the Colts will have proven to have had the best draft (including selecting Division III's Pierre Garcon from Mount Union). The Giants first three picks are all raw talent (they picked the wrong Safety in Round 1 though) but are of questionable character. We'll see what develops as they are following a tough rookie class. And, I was glad to see no Shockey trade. With their pick of another WR, I think it is very likely that Sinorice Moss will be let go and classified as a bust. The Bills did well in their first two rounds. And finally, I don't know if this draft was crucial to the Pats '08 success, but clearly they are thinking ahead and planning for a world without Bruschi or Vrabel trading up for a couple of backers.


Worth watching: Alec Baldwin's best of SNL is airing Tuesday night on NBC.

That's it, have a great week.


The Scooter said...

If Posada has a tear, as reported in the NY Times (although the NY Times could tell me that the sky is blue and I wouldn't believe them), then the Yankees are in huge trouble. They won't lose anything defensively, behind the plate with Molina, but Jorge's offense will be sorely missed.

Mid, Moeller can't be re-signed until he clears waivers. I wouldn't be surprised if someone claims him.

The Yankees have no catcher in their minor league system who has ever played in a major league game, so I'm going to throw this out there......Mike Piazza. That is of course if they can't pry Saltamachia out of Texas (that was for you, Prof).

I'm also going to sell my soul to the Devil and state that if Posada is lost for the year, Cashman has to go out and sign....wait for it......Barry Bonds. I know, I know..but maybe not being able to get a job has humbled him a little and he will be OK in the clubhouse.

So, summarizing....I have the Yankees signing Mike Piazza and Barry Bonds....I really have to lay off the bourbon.

Crash said...

Scooter you and I are on the same page. I was also thinking of Piazza as a possible fill in. However the Yankees are putting Posada on the DL bcz he can't throw. I dare say Posada can still throw better than Piazza even with a torn shoulder.

I knew A-Rod wasn't hitting in the clutch, but then again no one on the team really has hit in the clutch. It's a sad state when Melky is leading the team in HRs???

Anonymous said...

Do you have the link for the Jeff Clement to the Yankees rumor?

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old professor said...

Mid, cut Melky some slack. He is still very young and learning. He is the best defensive outfielder on the club and has a cannon for an arm. I don't want to pontificate to much, but regarding the Posada episode, I TOLD YOU SO!!! It was approximately three weeks ago I indicated it looked as if the injury was more than a dead arm and he would be headed to the DL and there was a possiblility of surgery.

Of greater concern regarding the backup position is that none of the catchers in the farm system are on the forty man roster. To add a catcher (even if Moeller clears waivers) would mean someone on the forty man has to be released or someone has to be moved from the forty man roster to the sixty day DL (possibly Bruney considering after foot surgery, the earliest he will be back is September).

Don't be surprised to see Moeller back. We made it clear he liked the organization and wanted to stay with them even if it meant being in the minors. If claimed by another team, they still would have to work out contract.

Scooter, Salty was called up by the Rangers and their backup was released - apparently the Yankees may be interested in the released backup. As for Piazza - out of playing shape, never was a good defensive catcher and is I believe 39 years old (also did not like playing in NY - okay so it was with the Muts).

Mid said...

Um, the Rays have won 6 in a row and are tied for first in the divison. . . is it the end of the world as we know it?

Mid said...

Claudia - can you get me tickets to the Pirates series for less than $30 per?

57 said...

I have to throw this out there... but HOW BAD IS BARRY ZITO and what happened to him????? 0-6 are you kidding me. THANK GOD Omar did not get him (and I have to admit I wanted him on the Mets and Scooter changed my mind)

Prof, the Mets is spelled with an 'e' and not a 'u'.. I thought you were in the field of higher learning.

Piazza would be good for the Yankees and needed boost and, if anything, he arm is rested right now and hit bat will be a welcome addition to the hitter friendly bronx.

Give props to Billy Wagner who has allowed ONE base hit in 10 innings pitched. ENTER SANDMAN!!!

The Jets draft sucked.... again... for the 58th straight year.

The Giants got a STEAL with Mario Manningham.. mark my words. Character issues, yes, BUT Coughlin will whip him into shape.

The Bills were silent but deadly. This was a draft, for the Bills, that did not have to be monumental because they did not need much. The Bills will be a DANGEROUS team in 2008. Mark it down.

The Jets are on the clock....

57 said...

PS.. Nice job Rangers... DRURY, JAGR, GOMEZ... 0-2

57 said...

Scooter, let me had your Dolphins hat on yesterday.

Crash said...

Somehow I didn't even realize the G'Men took Manningham. I think that will be the steal of the draft, if "the past is the past".

I didn't hear the Jeff Clement rumor. But if the Yankees could pull that off that would be impressive. He's a top prospect in the league and the Mariners #1 prospect. He's starting the season at AAA where he's only hitting .384!!! He's from USC and a former teammate of Ian Kennedy's. Maybe that will help get him back on track.

old professor said...

Baltimore and the Rays atop the East, the universe is out of wack. The only positive spin for the Yankees can be: (1) they are only 1 1/2 back in the east and
(2) they have four more wins this month than last April.

57 my spelling regarding the team that resides in Queens is correct because they play and resemble a a dog of unsure breeding not a pure bred champion as the team that resides in the Bronx.

I was impressed with the Giants draft. Manningham was at one point a can't miss #1 pick at WR. Two negative drug tests changed all of that and being drafted were the Giants picked him up will greatly reduce the $$ they will have to pay him. Long term he will replace Toomer. Short-term, Moss may have seen his Giant's career come to a quick and uneventful end.

One last thing - what is the rumor regarding Jeff Clement??

The Scooter said...

57, I already bought my Jake Long jersey.

Hiring Parcells ensures one thing....the Bills will never ever win the AFC East, since now they not only have to climb over My Pats and My they have to climb over My Fish too.

If the Bills go 8-8 it will be a miracle (no, not a "Motor City Miracle, just a regular miracle).

I think the Jets draft was fine. After the top five were off the board, they either had to trade down or take Gholston. If Mangini can get him to not take any plays off then they might have a John Abraham type. And watch out for the tight end they traded up for. This kid is really more of a slot receiver, and he has the goods.

Can someone give me more info on this Clement dude? What position does he play? and what is the rumored trade?

57 said...

The Motor City comment was a low blow... its part of Buffalo hell along with:

1) Wide Right (led to 3 other losses in SBs)
2) 'No Goal'

thanks for resurrecting the demons.

Crash said...

Clement is a hot hitting prospect catcher in the Mariners organization.

I checked a couple of sources and did not see any mention of this rumor, the Yankees interest in him or the Mariners looking to trade him. As of now I would say this is an "anonymous" unsubstantiated and unfounded rumor. If anyone can site a source or lend some credibility to this "rumor" it would be great.

The only legit catcher "rumor" is the Rangers have recalled Salty and he's likely to see time at 1B bcz he is lacking defensively behind the plate. The Rangers are the only team right now that seems willing to trade catching...and of course it will cost you pitching to get it.

The Scooter said...

Crash, do you think they would take Karstens?

Mid, please don't ban me from this blog for saying that.

Mid said...

Wow, will they take Karstens???

What the !@#%#$

What's next, will the Jews accept Jesus??

Crash said...

Scooter you crack me up. I know that was just to make Mid's head spin off...but just to humor the rhetorical question...if this hypothetical deal with Karstens and Clement was proposed last year before he broke his leg and prior to posting an ERA larger than the spread in most Patriots game last year, I would have said maybe. But now Clement is rated too highly and we all are to familiar with Karstens, for this deal to happen straight up.

Best case scenario is when Karstens comes off the DL, which actually could be in a week or so, he comes up gets in a relief appearance, then maybe gives a rotation pass to Hughes or Kennedy. If he pitches well that may increase his trade value.

Mid you need to face facts, essentially anytime Karstens takes the mound for the Yankees this year, is just an audition for another team. Karstens is really just a throw-in on any deal the Yankees could make in the future for any player.

On a side note, it's nice to see the Yankee bats are alive and well this hits through 5...

Crash said...

Good to see some 2 out RBIs in this one from the Yanks, and hats off to the bullpen. 4IP, 1H, 1BB, 4K, 0ER.

Did A-Rod re-injure his quad?

old professor said...

Yankees win with three infield hits in one inning, the baseball gods are on their side. Good news from the game - Mussina looked good again (dare I say it Mid, that is three games in a row), and Farnsworth has decided to go back to a cutter to compliment his fastball, even he looked sharp. Bad news from the game - A-Rod is out for a few games after his quad tightened up again. Don't surprised to see him out for at least 5 to 6 games. Yankees also called up one of their Triple A catchers. He is hitting .300 at SW has some major league experience and a major league batting average of .200 (easy Mid, he is only 26 years old and has to be considered the last resort backup - he could be around for only a short time because if Moeller clears waivers he will be re-signed by the Yankees).

When are the Yankees going to finally admit that Giambi is a liability at first base - first Molina's snap throw to first has the runner picked off and Giambi can't react quick enough, then to make matters worse he fields a bunt and has a shot at the runner at third but doesn't trust his arm and goes to first. He will eventually become an anchor around this teams neck. Batting .185 and a defensive liability will hurt the team. There is only so much of hearing - "he is swinging a good bad and it is only a matter of time before he will start getting the hits." Ya and Jeter will become the second coming of Ozzie Smith defensively!!!!

old professor said...

The latest on the new Clemens revelations - Country singer admits the stories are true and cannot deny any of what has been printed. Clemens denies any sexual affair.

Apparently the only thing Clemens doesn't understand is the truth. Too bad the statute of limitations won't allow for him to be prosecuted for having sex with a minor.

The Scooter said...

You guys know that I have always been a big Clemens supporter...I could really care less if he juiced and certainly don't care that he might have been banging women besides his wife...that being said, if the allegations that he started this relationship when the girl was 15 are true, I would spit in his face if I ever ran into him. We are witnessing what may be one of the largest falls from grace for an athlete since the OJ Simpson fiasco.

They will need Giambi to hit more than ever now with A-Rod going on the shelf for a while and Posada in Alabama with Dr. Andrews. The good news is that he looks like Keith Hernandez at first base compared to Carlos Deldado.

The more I see Molina behind the plate, the more I like him. If he can hit .260 they might even be able to survive a prolonged Posada absence.

Jonathon Jessica Albalodeo looked pretty good last night out of the pen....If this guy can give you a quality sixth or seventh inning every couple days then we may be have the best bullpen in baseball.

With Bruney gone, I think that means that Joba will stay in the pen all year long. Although I still think his value to the Yankees will eventually be as a starter, it's kind of fun watching him and Mo make Major League hitters look silly.

Before the start of this season, I had Robinson Cano in Cooperstown, but his bat has looked so slow that the only other team he would start for is the Mets...I think he would actually raise their team batting average.

in closing:


Crash said...

Yeah lucky for Clemens the SOL just coincidently expired. In Texas he could have been charged with sexual assault, the limitation is 10-12 years after the minor reaches the age of 18 (time limit will vary depending on certain circumstances). So it expired possibly as soon as last November.

Mid said...

Mindy McCreedy confirms affair.

Maybe she is misremembering as well.

57 said...

OJ did not do it, Scooter. It was a conspiracy and the killer lives in the turbulent world of Faye Resnick. RIP Johnnie 'this is an outrage' Cochrane.

I'd take Castillo over Cano all day long.

Santana goes 4-2 tonight. I hope the next time they see Nady after tonight is in a Mets uni.

Crash said...

57 I thought I saw something about Nady coming back to the Mets as the replacement for Alou and Delgado. Is this where you finally get rid of Heilman? The Mets were stupid to trade Nady the first time.

I think Santana goes 7IP gets 12K gives up 1ER but gets saddled with the L.

I hope Debbie Clemens gets so pissed off over this affair with a 15 year old that she turns on Roger and outs him for the liar and cheat he is. She doesn't have to worry about money as she now has a legit reason for the divorce and would be entitled to half of all his assets.

old professor said...

Crash, Debbie Clemens stuck with Roger when he threw her under the bus regarding her use of HGH, do you really think she didn't know he was having and affair for fifteen years (maybe she and Mrs. Spitzer have a lot more in common than people think).

Here it is the end of April and Pittsburgh is already starting a fire sale. They are putting Nady on the trading block. The guy does have power and is hitting over .300, however, he is experiencing hamstring problems. When the Pirates begin putting the pitchers on the block the Yankees could move to get a young and proven arm.

57, the Bills have a lot of demons making it to the Bowl five times and losing everyone- or as Dickie V would say "history baby, history". The Bills will continue to linger in mediocrity as long as they play in Orchard Park. Their first championship will come when they are sold and play in the dome in Toronto.

57 said...

Crash, Heilman is as good as gone and he'd be in the rotation ( which is what he wants) with the Bucs. I'd do a heilman, hernandez deal for Nady.

57 said...

crash, I also agree about the Mets' history with Nady, but I can't be too against them since we did get Perez out of the deal. If Duaner Sanchez never had is cab accident, Nady would never have been traded. If we can get Nady back, wed be up 1.

57 said...

crash, you have rekindled sour memories of the NLCS in 06. If we had Nady we win that series against the cards and win the WS. Perez was valient in game 7, but we did not hit the ball.


I, apparently, have not gotten over that.

Wide right
No goal
Music City Miracle
Caught Looking

The Scooter said...

57, in your list of nightmares, you almost forgot:

"Marv 2"

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