Tuesday, July 15, 2008

All Star Game

The pre-game was pretty good - I was glad to see the Boss again at the stadium.

I'm now into the 6th inning and having problems trying to stay awake with the NL leading 2-0.

I wish MLB would take a cue from the NFL by starting the ASG or the Fall Classic an hour earlier.

How do you not get Ronan Tynan to sing either the Anthem or God Bless America?? I mean Crow and Groban - WTF is up with that?

Joe Buck gets on my nerves. John Miller and Joe Morgan should be calling this game.

Injury update from Yankees.com: Matsui may be out for the rest of the season with his bum knee.

Minors Update: Ian Kennedy has giving up 6 earned runs in 9 innings of rehab work down in SWB. Jeff Karstens put in a quality start going 7 innings and 0 earned in his last outing. Chase Wright now 7-2 with a 3.0 EAR at Trenton, who knows, maybe the kid will be ready at some point. I'll be very interested to see if the Eric Milton signing pays off.


old professor said...

It does look like Matsui will be headed for surgery. I would hope the Yankees don't sign Bonds. He is the poster child for Steroid abuse and would be a major distraction for the team at a time when they have to pull together. In addition it would add another left handed bat to the line-up. If you are looking for a person to sit in as DH - Try Richie Sexton. He is righthanded has done well against lefthanded pitchers (something the Yankee lineup has not done). Yes he strikes out a lot. But he is cheaper and less of a distraction. In addition, Sexton can play some first base. It is questionable how much time Bonds can give you in the field. Let him go to the Mets.

Mid, it is good to see you are back on the Karstens bandwagon. I would give Wright another shot before I bring up Karstens. Kennedy may need a lot more work before he returns. One interesting signing the Yankees have made was to bring back Eric Milton. He is one year removed from surgery and may be able to be serviceable for the Yankees.

Mid said...

After watching the highlights, it is plain as day the difference betweeen Rivera and all the other wanna be Riveras.

Players like K-Rod, Billy Wagner, and Pappelbon are nothing more than stat collectors. You put them in a meaningful situation - and they choke.

Rivera comes in and shuts it down like nobody's business.

(on a side note, if I'm the Baltimore Orioles I'm filing a grievance against the Sox for pitching their closer for almost 3 full innings.)

The Scooter said...

I'm usually not an All-Star Game guy, but last night's game was fantastic. And yes, I stayed up until the final pitch.

There were some spectacular place in extra innings....runners thrown out at home, great outfield play, Tejada looking like he was 22 years old at short.

And of course...you had Billy Wagner blowing a save. I almost hope the Mets make it to the World Series this year, just so Wagner's incompetence hurts only them and not some other poor NL team.

Looks like the last game at Yankee Stadium will be game seven of the 2008 WS.

SIGN BONDS!!!! Prof, he hits left handers as well as right handers...he hits EVERYBODY. Yea he's a dick and would be a huge distraction, but this isn't little league....if he can help you win (and I think he can) sign him.

old professor said...

Scooter, the question that needs to be asked regarding Bonds is how well will he perform without Performance enhancing substances. His agent has indicated he does not believe that Bonds will play this year. While the rightfield porch may be a benefit for him, I don't think he would be the piece that would bring the Yankees to the playoffs. Instead of Bonds, why not Sammy Sosa (who by the way has been exonerated regarding steroids)? He may still be able to play the field on occassion and is younger than Bonds. It is a mystery why noone has taken a chance and signed him.

Tim Wakefield said...

Why not Aaron Boone?

crash said...

Bonds does not play again...ever...for anyone.

If the Yankees sign Bonds I'm turning in my pinstripes card.

crash said...

Sexson is a Yankee. This is a no brainer. Essentially the Yankees pay him $190k for the rest of the year and hope to catch a little lightning in the bottle. Decent glove and against lefties he's hitting .344. I think this adds a nice balance to the line-up.

57 said...


Mid said...

Melky for ichiro

crash said...

This is from Jon Heyman from SI.com

Given Richie Sexson's expected part-time role, the Yankees are in the market for an everyday outfielder to replace Hideki Matsui's bat. Barry Bonds is not under consideration. Matt Holliday, Xavier Nady, Jason Bay, and Adam Dunn are possibilities, while noting that the price on most is too high (the Pirates deny this).

Heyman also mentions the Yankees are looking for middle of the rotation guy (#3-4). A laundry list of names could be available including Justin Duchscherer, Derek Lowe, Randy Wolfe, Maddux, Millwood, Brett Meyers, Arroyo, Livan Hernandez,etc.

If I'm the Yankees I trade anyone for Matt Holiday. If I can make Kennedy and Melky part of that package even better.

Middle Relief said...

I heard last night that the Yanks are trying to do a deal for Ichiro.

Crash said...

I don't think the Mariners would deal Ichiro. I think they are owned by a Japanese company and they get a ton of $$ from that market as a result of having Ichiro.

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