Wednesday, July 09, 2008

A word from Scooter:

I think Scooter and I must be drinking from the same bowl of Kool-Aid. I agree 100% with his post game comment supplemented by my two cents in ( ):

Blogger The Scooter said...

Thoughts on the game:

First, the bad...

Melky is an absolutely horrible hitter. His defense does impress me, but his stock is dropping faster than the housing market in Vegas. (he sucks)

After watching Gardner for a few games, he looks totally over-matched at the plate. Let's hope all he needs is an adjustment period because I really like his speed and his arm. (I like the effort and attitude he shows as well)

Now the good.....

Ponson. What can you say...six strong innings today. That makes 2 out of 3 quality starts. I'll take that from my #5. Cashman gets props for taking the risk. (I think we are getting the performance that many GMs have always believed this guy could produce )

The Bullpen. Shaping up to be one of the best in the league. Yea I said it...a bullpen with Kyle Farnsworth in it among the best in the league...Pigs are flying. (no doubt, how else can you be 7 games over .500 averaging 2 runs a game?)

Abreu. Professional hitter. (the guy reminds me of Bernie, not the best, but above average in almost all facets of his game)

The CAPTAIN. Won last night's game by himself (ok, he got a little help from his buddy Andy), and scored BOTH runs in today's game. So to review, he is the biggest reason for the Yankees two most important wins of the year. The guy is MONEY! (well, I mean, OK)



The Scooter said...

I am honored to be featured on the front page of this blog. I don't think Prof has ever had his entire post quoted on the front page, has he?

old professor said...

Mid, I have to take your constant criticism of Melky with a grain of salt. In April you were screaming about Mussina and felt he should never have come out of camp with the team. Strange he now leads the team in wins. You wanted to ship Farnsworth to Japan or Mexico for a bag of balls. He now anchors the eighth inning and has proven himself to be a valuable commodity. We all were critical of Giambi for the first month and a half of the season (you may have been the most vocal) and now he leads the team in home runs. You did not want to see Abreu back with the team. Yet he probably is the most consistent in working the count and making the pitcher work. And won yesterday's game with a clutch double in the gap.

As for Melky not coming through in the 9th inning - correct me if I am wrong, but the team had scored only one run up to that point and had only five hits (and that run came in the first inning). It would appear there were more problems offensively with the team yesterday than just Melky.

All said and done, they still one and they are 6.5 back. Closer in the wildcard, they still need to make a serious run - all star break may be coming on at the wrong time if the team gets hot.

57 said...

I am DISGUSTED that Scooter winds up on the front page...


For the record, I have voted for Giambi for the ASG even though he sports a porn mustache... I hope you ALL have returned the favor and voted for the best third baseman in NY.


How did Scooter get featured?


The Mets are up to 5 in a row. This is great!


I found gas the other day for $ was Christmas in July.


How did Scooter get featured?


Prof, you make a good point about the All-Star break and streaks. It seems both the Yanks and Mets are starting to find themselves and I am worried about the break. I, truthfully, am wishing David Wright does not get in so EVERYONE can have a break and get ready for the most important 2nd half of their lives.


How much did Scooter pay mid for a feature column?? Who's next? Mike Vaccaro?

The Scooter said...

"How did Scooter get featured?"

It's called contributing something intelligent and entertaining, should try it.

57 said...

I just heard something that could possibly put me into a coma.... Barry Bonds a possible Met? WHAT??? If this happens, I might become unglued and wind up in a mental institution.


Shea Stadium is Garbage... Barry Bonds is Garbage... this is NOT what I envisoned as a send-off. He could possibly get assasinated if he attempts to step on the Shea grass.

I might just have to take the day off.

Mid said...

Old Prof. - you need to see a Doctor about all these conversations you are having in your head and trying to attribute to me.

1st - the bag of balls to Mexico was Melkey not Farnsworth. I actually said Farny had a shot under a Girardi administration.

2nd - the only thing you have right is my call on Moose. The guy has turned it around.

3rd - The exact number of times I have been critical on Giambi would be zero - I was the one calling to give him a chance at 1st vs. DH only.

4th - And finally, the most wrong comment, I absolutely said exercise the option on Abreu, and get rid of Melkey at the end of last season.

I think the crack and caffeine are really starting to impair your memory.

old professor said...

Okay Mid let's look at some of your ranting that in all likelihood you will either deny saying or have some sort of memory lapse:
"so Mussina went less than 2 and gave up 4. I'm afraid that will be par for the course" (Spring training Posting)
"My boy Rasner- I'm voting for him to be the all-star starter"
"Russ Ohlendorf is the man what about a turn in the rotation" (4/30/08)
"When I saw Farny coming out for the second inning, I knew the game was over" (4/10/08)
"Grading Mussina and Farnsworth" - C (4/10/08)

Here are my two favorites regarding your prognostications: AL Playoff Teams - Seattle, Clevelan, Toronto, NY (3/24/08) and Humberto Sanchez is next once Mo hangs up the cleats (2/17/08)

Okay - wrong on Mussina, wrong on Farnsworth, wrong on Sanchez, wrong on Rasner,wrong on Olendorf, and wrong on playoff teams and you are concerned about my having too much coffee. Maybe Scooter should take over the posting.

And 57 speaking of which, stop the whinning, you were the featured writer in a December posting.

mid said...

See, you are applying your logic for politics (meaning a 1/2 or less of truth) to baseball, and like that, it just doesn't hold up to reality.

So let's try this one more time, and I'll further dumb down the language to k-5 to see if you can get it this time:

1 - already said I changed my mind on Moose.
2 - When Farn comes out for 2 innings I knew the game was over - his effectiveness drops when he pitches for more than 1 inning.
3 - Rasner was in jest, but that had nothing to do with the price of tea in china
4 - Ohlendorf is the man, was just over used.

You have no point, you're just bored with the summer here, go paint the deck.

Middle Relief said...

I think McCain is trying on purpose to lose the election. Phil Gramm delivers a spot on interview opening the door for Johnny Mac to embrace a message of toughness and differ from his opponent, and instead he opted to pander and throw Gramm under the bus. Missed opportunity, and a disappointing show of leadership on his part.

old professor said...

Mid, Graham may have been one of Reagan's boys on the economy, but to come out and say that we are not in a recession defies logic. (And don't give me the definition of we need to have a certain number of quarters with negative GNP before we are officially in a recession. that is a 1930's definition that no longer applies). The housing mess, jobless rate, the airline industry in the tank, and now Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are in deep financial problems. Yep the economy is in great shape. Regarding McCain, he was out talking about the need to grow the economy as a way to get people back to work that lost jobs that are not coming back - if he supports Graham's statement, then there is no need to grow the economy.

Graham spoke through his ass and should have kept his mouth shut.

57 said...


Mid said...

Deeply disappointing loss.

WTF is up with the offense - 2 runs per ain't going to cut it.

Mid said...

OP - even more disappointing is that you have gotten sucked in by the sound bite laiden world we live in - but not surprising.

The full context was, the media and its constant batter of negativity is impacting the minds and outlook of Americans more so than the factual, data on the economy would suggest.

What are you going to try and sell next - that it not true, that the NY Times, MSNBC, and CNN are beakons of hope????

Wake up. The constitution is We the People, not we the Gov't.

old professor said...

Mid, speaking of sound bites or only reading portions of something: We the people goes far beyond that it indicates forms a more perfect union - nothing perfect about the things were run or are running. And in case you forgot the founding fathers were really only talking about white males (woman and minorities were not considered worthy enough to own property, vote and in some instances only counted as 3/5ths of a person). You try to lecture me on history and politics trust me, you lose.

I do not like the way the news networks are covering the election as they try to protect the democratic candidate from attacks, but at the same time, McCain is not making a strong case for getting elected. From a historical standpoint, we are in a period where there are no true leaders either in the executive branch, legislature or judicial branches. Everything is colored by ideology.

crash said...

How can the Yanks split with the Sox then take 2 from the Rays and lose to the Pirates in that manner. Only 2 runs scored, but they came back late only to have Veras give it up immediately. That is a tough loss. You know I hate to say this but Mussina is 11-6 right now, he could easily be 14-4.

Hopefully they can go into the break with taking at least 2 of 3 from the Jays. Should be a good one tonight Joba vs Halladay.

mid said...

I think maybe they were just emotionally spent.

I mean, think back to the original time they were playing the Yanks were winning 4 - 0 I think after 3 innings.

crash said...

57 you can stop whining about David Wright not being at the All-Star game. He's in, replacing Soriano.

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