Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Calling it Quits

I think the radio announcers for Minnesota said it well:

"It may be time for Joe Girardi to have a closed door heart to heart with this ball club. This is not a very good team right now. You have mental errors, guys standing around with their hands on their hips, and there just isn't any fire out there. "

Sounds like Hank is throwing in the towel as well.
Perhaps more than a big name free agent that can put up good numbers, I'd like to see management go out and find a clubhouse leader to add to this roster. Someone that can inject energy and keep the other "lead by example" type players on their game and emotionally into it. At the end of last season, I was thinking Duncan had a chance to be that guy. Clearly not. Anyone know who's out there that can fit that type of bill for next season?

Giving the effort on display I"m finding it difficult to stay interested. . . .


Mid said...

Hank blaming the performance on injuries. Fine, we've had a few, everyone has had a few.

We have lost temp or for the season - Posada, Matsui, Hughes, Kennedy, Bruney, Pavano, Duncan, Chamberlain - on and on.

Injuries though - does not prevent you from playing with a motivated sense of urgency.

old professor said...

You want someone to provide a little fire and lead by example?? Isn't that what a team Captain is supposed to do? Oh, I forgot,he is the silent emotional heart and soul of the team.

The team has too many overpaid aging vets and a couple of young players who may have peaked last year. I finally agree that it may be time to dump Cabrera - if not by trading him then send him down. Cano has been slow and lazy in the field. His latest excuse regarding his error in the dome - "the umpire said he beat the throw anyway". That attitude signifies what is wrong with this team. They are constantly being outplayed and out hustled by no name role players from teams that should not be even close to them in any game they play. Most of the players on Minnesota are greatful they are in the majors and play like their careers are on the line (which for many of them it is). For the Yankees, most of the players know there is not an alternative in the system yet to replace them so they go through the motions.

crash said...

I thought Girardi was to bring in that fire and spark. He should be embarrassed by the way this team has performed. Essentially the team had 1 good week post-ASG and has been a .500 team at best, the rest of the season.

On the bright side the NFL season is exactly 3 weeks away.

The Scooter said...

When a team is simply not hitting, it's easy to look at them and say that they aren't giving max effort. I tend to agree with Hank; these guys are trying, but the rash of injuries have just beat them down.

They have lost their #1 starter (Wang)

They have lost arguably their #2 starter (Joba)

They have lost their on-field leader and legitimate 2007 MVP candidate (Posada)

They played a good portion of their season without their leadoff hitter (Damon)

They lost A-Rod for three weeks

They lost a young pitcher who they expected a great deal from this year (Hughes)

They lost a BIG part of their bullpen for most of the year (Bruney)

Jeter has played hurt (hand) all year

Have I missed anyone?

If you look at these injuries, it's a miracle that they have been able to hang around this long. I would like to hold off judgment on Girardi during this atypical "year of the injuries".

old professor said...

Scooter, injuries are a part of any season. The Red Sox have had injuries as well - Wakefield is on the DL, Ortiz was on the DL for a prolonged period of time, Lowell is now on the DL, Timlin spent time on the DL, Schilling has been gone the entire season, their Japanese import (I won't even try to spell the name) was on the 15 day DL and Manny was mentally on the DL for several weeks before he was traded and yet they have maintained a consistent performance level. Even the Rays have had their injuries (Crawford is now gone for the season and Longoria is on the DL as was Baldelli).

Good teams overcome adversities because others pickup where necessary. No one on the Yankees has stepped up to lead.

Crash, Girardi has to play with the hand he has been dealt and he can't bluff his way through the season. This is one very flawed team. Second base has become a risk, centerfield (Melky) is not an asset, first base is unsettled at best (Giambi provides some offense, Sexton is good defensively and Bettemit can occupy a uniform). The starting rotation does not exist: Wang, Kennedy, Hughes and Joba all on the DL. You know there is a real problem when management starts talking about Pavano playing an important role. And they have no threat (except for Sexton)coming off of the bench.

crash said...

Old Prof said: The starting rotation does not exist: Wang, Kennedy, Hughes and Joba all on the DL.

Probably the most insightful statement you have had all year. When you actually spell it out like that, no team could survive having their ace, let alone, 4 of their 6 starters go down with significant injury. Amazing how the old guys Pettitte and Mussina have been solid from a health wise perspective. I'm now convinced that if Wang and Joba could have been healthy all year, combined with the freakishly good year Mussina has had and Pettitte on par with a Pettitte-like year, this team would at least be ahead of the Sox and breathing down the Rays neck.

crash said...

Scooter I don't know if you saw this one, but Freddy Garcia was signed to minor league deal by the Tigers on Tuesday.

Other notes Jarred Washburn and Raul Ibanez were both claimed on waivers. Rumor has it the Cardinals claimed Washburn. Not sure who claimed Ibanez, but a deal probably won't get done because he's affordable.

Toronto Blue Jays placed Vernon Wells on the Yankees want a highly overpaid (still owed $117M), under-producing, aging OF...oh wait, I think we got that one covered.

Mid said...

Wow - kind of shocked Wells went on Waivers. He's a good player.

Crash said...

I didn't see this posted here, and when I read it, it caught me by surprise. Dan Geise suffered a shoulder injury during his last outing (which I believe was in relief of Rasner the other night). Due to this injury, the Yankees are most likely going to recall Phil Hughes to make the start Tuesday in Toronto. The Yankees were hoping to give him one more start in the minors before the call up. But another injury to the rotation has forced their hand a bit.

Pavano apparently needs more time. He pitched Tuesday night for Trenton, and took the loss. Gave up 7 H, 2 HR, hit 2 batters, and gave up 5 runs over 4.3 IP. On the plus side he didn't walk anyone and threw 80 pitches without losing any limbs.

The Scooter said...

Is it time on this blog to at least mention the name Michael Phelps?

crash said...

Did the Yankees sign him to pitch?

I think it would be safe to discuss that individual after tomorrow night.

It's almost the same as discussing a no-hitter in the 8th inning.

crash said...

Richie Sexson has been waived. Melky Cabrera has been demoted to AAA.

Brett Gardner and Cody Ransom have been promoted.

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