Wednesday, December 24, 2008

3 for 3!


Just a quick note on the obvious:

Cashman and the Steinbrenners have put the league on notice:

the Hot Stove is in their kitchen.



Crash said...

Just a couple of quick comments about the Red Sox perspective of the deal. I've been hearing and reading all the Boston fans who are crying this morning. How baseball is a disgrace, the Yankees shouldn't be able to sign Teixeira, they're out of control.

First, Teixeira was getting paid no matter where he went. Does it matter that the logo on the check is "NY"?

Next, essentially their owner let Teixeira go for $1.25MM. That's the annual average difference between the Yankees offer of 8 years $180 and the Red Sox offer 8 year $170. If he was the one player they really coveted and needed, you let $1.25MM stand in the way???

It's funny how fast things 2:30 yesterday every Boston fan was saying can't wait to sign Teixeira, then we can trade Lowell for a catcher, maybe Joe Maure, Youkilis can play 3B, our offense will be great. At 2:31 it's now suddenly we didn't need Teixeira, he would have been nice to have, but not an essential need, and why get rid of Lowell he's a WS MVP, and we can always bring Tek back.

Lastly you didn't hear the Boston fans complaining when they essentially bought an NBA title last year.

The Scooter said...

Living in the heart of Red Sox Nation, yesterday was a complete Christmas Miracle for me. It was wonderful to see the utter gloom that has befallen the Red Sox fans. They can try to spin it, but you can see the despair in the eyes.

Hey Theo, Pat Burrel is still out there.

Well done, Hank and Hal....and I suppose we have to begrudgingly give some credit to Cashman.

I'll be gone for a few days, but MID, CRASH, PROF, 57...I wish you guys a spectacular Christmas and a Safe and Happy New Year.

Pitchers and Catchers is just around the corner.

Crash said...

Thanks Scooter. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year this holiday season as well.

57 if you're out there Merry Christmas.

Crash said...

Just a couple of quick notes on some baseball transactions. I saw Willy Taveras signed with the Reds, we batted around the "what ifs" with him in pinstripes for a little while.

Boston signed pitcher Brad Penny and Catcher Josh Lard. If Penny pitches like his 2 all-star seasons (16 wins, finished 3rd in NL CY Young) it's a great deal for the Sox, if he still has shoulder problems like last year not so much.

Does the signing of Lard mean Tek will not return to Boston?

Randy Johnson is now a SF Giant. I think Johnson fits nicely into the 3 spot for them, with Lincecum, Cain, Sanchez and Zito and possibly Lowry coming back it's a nice mix of young studs and veteran presence. The Giants have already made some moves by adding some quality arms to the bullpen. I like what they have done. If they can add another bat or 2 they have put themselves in a position to compete in the mediocre NL West.

*** NFL Playoff Picture ***
The Cowboys suck. News Flash T.O. is a cancer. No one in the NFC wants to face the Eagles. No one in the AFC wants to face the Chargers or Colts, which makes next week's Indy vs. SD match-up a great game. Bucs don't make it because they lose at home to Oakland??? No Pats at 11-5, how does that happen? No Jets. Is Mangini done? Well at least one of Scooter's teams made it in.

old professor said...

Crash, it was gratifying to watch the Cowboys getting humiliated by the Eagles.

T.O. is a cancer in the clubhouse and for those of you who hype Manny for the Yanks, Manny is the T.O. of baseball.

Penny's deal calls for a base of $5 million and incentives of up to three million. I am still surprised no one has signed Jon Garland. He is young and an innings eater. (Would be a much better option than Pettitte.

57 said...

Well, Merry Christmas to everyone. Went on a brief sabbatacle.

ARE YOU KIDDING ME THAT THE JETS FIRED MANGINI???? Favre was his problem... the Jets would have been to the playoffs with Pennington. WRONG MOVE!

Parcells will be on the market soon and if the Bills pick him up, I will move back to Buffalo!

The Scooter said...

Crash....TWO of my teams made the playoffs:

My Giants and My Parcells run Dolphins.

57 apparently was let out early for good behavior. Welcome back

57 said...

Hey....I have one thing to say... K-ROD!!!

Texiera wont be worth squat when K-ROD strikes him out in the WS.

If the Mets pick up Abreau I might renounce my Mets Fan Card.

How about THIS lineup:



Can you say NLCS Champs!!!

You can have Manny!

Crash said...

57 with the addition of K-Rod and Putz to the bullpen there would seem to be no reason the Mets shouldn't win the NL East this year. After all the only thing that stopped them last year was their bullpen.

Old Prof the Dodgers are talking to Jon Garland.

The Red Sox had prelim talks with the Marlins about reacquiring Hanley Ramirez. Bucholz and Ellsbury were the starting point. I would guess the Marlins would want a lot more since Ramirez is signed through 2014. I would give just about anything to get Ramirez. Adding him to the Red Sox line up would huge.

I haven't heard anything on Derek Lowe recently, other than his market price is dropping faster than the economy. If I had to guess I would say the Mets end up with him.

57 said...

And it looks like we might get Andruw Jones for Castillo..which is FINE by me. Put him BACK in the NL east. Which will allow us to get Hudson at 2nd base AND a trip to the 2009 WS.

The Scooter said...

the Andrew Jones deal is dead. Seems as if the Mets couldn't even trade Castillo for a fat lazy .160 hitter.

from the news wire:

As you probably know, Bernie Williams joined a winter ball team in Puerto Rico with the idea of playing himself into shape to compete in the World Baseball Classic. After a 1-for-7 start, I've been told Bernie suffered a serious quad injury. No word on whether his comeback his finished. But at the age of 40, those sort of injuries are tough to rehab. -- Journal News

Crash said...

I am in disbelief that the Broncos fired Mike Shannahan. He's probably already packing his bags for NY.

Crash said...

Looks like the rumors of the Dodgers having interest in Adam Dunn and Bobby Abreu have hit a nerve with Scott Boras. Boras has reportedly contacted the Dodgers about Manny.

Cubs are about to sign Milton Bradley. That's a good signing if he can keep his head on straight.

Mets make an offer of 3 years/$36MM to Lowe. At the beginning of the free agent season he was looking for 5 years and $90MM. That's a huge market adjustment...and he probably won't do much better than that.

The Scooter said...

Lowe probably SHOULDN'T do any better than that, Crash. I know the Yankees were interested at one point, but let's face it...he's not young and he's a #3 starter at best. If the Mets think they are getting an pseudo ace to slot in behind Santana, then Omar is smoking something. I think he's a downgrade from Oliver Perez.

The Mets team is shaping up to be another disaster. I like the Putz trade, but K-Rod has already lost about 4-5 mph on his fastball and with his delivery, if he makes it through the year without a major arm injury it will be a miracle.

They have done absolutely NOTHING to address a very pedestrian lineup that after Wright and Reyes, is very easy to pitch to.

Looks like another looong year in Queens.

57 said...

GOOD RIDDANCE TO 2008! Happy New Year to pinstripe postings! Here's to the Mets WS in 2009!!! Deal with it!

Crash said...

Just a follow up to a previous post I put out there. Scott Proctor was non-tendered by the Dodgers and was on the free agent market. He has come to terms with Marlins on a 1 year deal.

There is a lot of press about the Washington Nationals trying to make some acquisitions. They made a legitimate offer to Teixeira, there is now talk that are exploring trade possibilities for Prince Fielder, they are interested in signing Orlando Hudson, they have been mentioned as a possible landing spot for Manny. Not sure how it will pan out, but it's good to see one of these "small market" teams making some effort in building their team.

old professor said...

It is somewhat refreshing to hear the youthful irrational pontifications from the only Muts fan to visit this site. 57 - for Putz and K-Rod to close games, the Muts need starters to get them to the end. At last glance, they only have Santana. If he pitches every third day they will still need three other starters.

This quick note to Mid - your two next to favorite players: Justin Christian and Chris Briton were non-tendered by the Yankees making them free agents.

Crash you and Mid may enjoy the fact that the owner of Maxwells is not a real happy Red Sox fan. On the bright side, he did not offer to seat me for New Years Dinner in the back of his pickup truck.

Red Sox really seem to have an issue with the catching position. Hopefully the Yankees don't have the same type of issue with the return of Posada.

Crash said...

The Red Sox will sign Veritek almost as sure as the Yankees will sign Pettitte. Which I read somewhere that the deal could be done next week. The Yankees leaked the "no room for Pettitte" story to scare him.

The Mets have Santana, Maine, Pelfry and Niese. If they get Lowe the rotation is pretty deep 1-4 and should be able to compete with anyone. And by the way CitiField looks pretty darn nice. I may have to force myself to watch a Mets game this year at that place. Looks like the Mets finally did something with a little class.

57 said...

For all Time Warner customers, there is, finally, 24 hour MLB TV. I spent last night watching the actual Don Larson WS no-hitter complete with commericals. Shaving cream was only .79 cents. I think it is good and I finally dont have to sit and watch the YES network to get the Yankees shoved in my face. At least SNY (the Mets network) includes other teams instead of swinging on the Mets nuts all of the time.

Crash, the Mets are all about class.... Two words.. Anna Benson... Scooter, you CANNOT disagree with me there.

Crash said...

I'm not about to argue that Anna Benson is classy, I mean anyone who threatens to sleep with the entire team if her husband cheated on her gets my vote for one classy lady.

57 there is a big difference between SNY and YES. Last time I checked the Yankees own the Yankees Entertainment & Sports network, while Time Warner and Comcast still partially own SNY. So they may have an obligation to show other things. Seriously though how many Met highlights could there be...1969 and 1986? That would be a pretty quick programming line up.

57 said...

Crash, you'll have to deal with Scooter on this one for you have attacked his dream woman...

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