Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Burnett Gets Yanks Back On Winning Track

I think in Burnett you have a guy that has always taken a back seat to someone else in the rotation and is tired of it. In Florida it was Beckett, Toronto it was Doc Halladay, and now in the Bronx it is CC, if not Wang and Joba for that matter. He may be on a mission to let everyone know that he's the ace of the staff.

Girardi sits Ransom and brings in Pena - who promptly goes 0 for 3.

Is there anything Swisher can't do?


This time of year I always like looking at the projected numbers on ESPN stats.

At the current pace, here's where Swisher's stats would end up for the season:

BA: .458 HR: 81 RBIs: 223


In other news: Beckett out for 6 games, Giambi batting .333. Down in SWB: Hughes is 1-0, Ian Kennedy no decision after 6 innings, 1.50 ERA.


57 said...

Scooter jinxed Burnett last night

Crash said...

Is it too early to predict Swisher will win the triple crown this year...

This is why the Yankees are automatically better this year than last year. Even if they have a tough loss like Sunday or get blown out like Monday night, they have the pitching staff where someone will step up and stop the loosing streak. I can't see the Yankees loosing 4 in a row this season.

The Scooter said...

I DID jinx Burnett by texting 57 after the sixth. Thanks for selling me out.

The difference between the Mets and the Yankees is that the Yankees STILL won the game. The Mets would have blown the lead and Wright would have popped up to short or Beltran would have taken a called third strike to end it.

Some NON Yankee thoughts:

Ortiz looks DONE...the Red Sox may have to go out and find a bat. I think they might have a fit with Detroit....I can see Buckholz and Jed Lowrie (or maybe another young arm like Masterson) for Magglio Ordonez and...wait for it....Dontrelle Willis.

The Mets better hope that the Blue Jays start losing....and quick. They NEED Doc Holiday in the worst way. After Santana, their starting pitching is dreadful and threatens to sabotage what should really be a pretty good team.

How about Pelfrey and Beltran for Vernon Wells and Holliday?

Crash said...

I know this will change in a couple days...but the Yankees are the only team in baseball not to have played a home game yet. It just seems odd to start the season with a 9 game road trip. It's their 2nd longest road trip of the season (they have 3 9 game trips, and 1 10 game trip). Hopefully Pettitte can keep the momentum going today and CC can follow it up with a big game performance tomorrow.

Crash said...

Nady on the DL. Some elbow problems in his throwing arm. Could be pretty serious. I guess that makes finding Swisher a spot on the field for regular playing time pretty easy now.

I wonder who they will call up to fill the roster spot? I don't think it will be Jackson just because he would be sitting around a lot. I would think they would want to keep giving him regular ABs at SWB.

The Scooter said...

Entertaining game this afternoon. Pettitte pitched well, Cano stays RED HOT and The Captain proves once again why he is a first ballot Hall of Famer, Prof.

A couple big hits by some struggling Yankees (Damon and Ransom)and a 1-2-3 ninth from Mo, and all things are good.

All in all, I think you have to give them a B+ for the roadtrip.

Major concerns would be:

1. Nady. Looks like he's pretty much done for the year, although of all the regulars, he seems to be the easiest to replace. Obviously this hurts the depth though.

2. Wang. Girardi and Cashman seem genuinely concerned about him. I for one, refuse to believe that a quality young pitcher like him just all of a sudden "loses it". I say he bounces back with 7 strong during his next start.

3. Teixiera. Is it the wrist? Is it his usual slow start? Much too early to really start worrying about, but something to keep our eyes on.

I wonder if they will call up another pitcher to replace Nady on the roster.

57 said...

Scooter, Peavy might also be available and he would be the first one I would go after... No CHANCE would I give up Beltran right now... Pelfrey, maybe.. Pereze and/or Maine.. DEFINITELY!! Get rid of Castillo, put Murphy at second and put Sheff in right. Minaya would be stupid to not float Castillo out there. Im watching Perez right now and it is 2-1 in the 6th, but i cringe during EVERY pitch... he needs to go.

Dont know if anyone knows that David Wright and Derek Jeter have a little 'contest' going on. No, its not a contest on who gets the most skirt, because Wright would win 3:1 and it would not be fair. So they settled on who would have the highest batting average at year end. The winner has $100,000 sent to their favorite charity and the runner-up, Jeter, will have $50,000 sent. All funded by Delta Airlines.

How can you NOT say that Gary, Ron and Keith are the best broadcast team in baseball... I am going to say the best team in any sport.

The Scooter said...


(the ones on Broadway, not the ones in Arlington)

Crash said...

I think I said that the Yankees could have the best, most underrated bullpen this year. Is it too early to rescind that statement?

Veras, Coke, and Albaladejo have not performed well this year so far, and Marte got hammered yesterday. Days like yesterday have me wishing for Kyle Farnsworth (who's 0-2 so far this year).

Crash said...

It seems that every hit and HR Jeter has this year has come in clutch situations where the game is on the line.

Anyone else notice this? I'm sure Old Prof. will find some reason to fault this observation...

The Scooter said...

That's why he's "Captain Clutch"

old professor said...

Captain clutch or captain crunch??

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