Thursday, October 07, 2010

Doc is no Don

Doc Halladay's no hitter game was great - but NOT perfect. There's a reason why there's a distinction made between the two. One is much harder than the other, and it bothers me to hear Doc's game has been put in the same league as Don Larson's by the networks.

Quick, name the game's best pitchers. With the exception of King Felix, you had a chance to likely see all of the ones you named yesterday: Cliff Lee, David Price, CC, and Mo. Not a bad day if you're more of pitching fan than the long ball type.

In 2010, I never quite thought the Yanks had that Championship feel to their team - with the exception of one quality - come from behind victories. They don't fold when down - the mark of champion.

Looking forward to game 2.


old professor said...

Mid, give Doc due credit. The guy walked one batter and that was the only Red to reach base. He threw 104 pitches only 29 of which were balls. Four balls were hit out of the infield. Not it is not a perfect game, but the guy pitched great and now owns only the second no hitter in post season history.

The come from behind statistic is somewhat of a myth. If the Yankees play at home at give up a run in the first and eventually win the game, it goes down as a come from behind win.

It would be interesting to see how many of the come from behind wins, were associated with late game rallies. In addition if the Yankees fall behind in the first and score two in the bottom of the firt and win 10-1, it still goes as a come from behind victory. Don't read too much into that stat.

Big game tonight for Pettitte. If the team wins, they go back home for the sweep and Hughes can pitch with very little pressure (other that int will be his first post season start).

Crash said...

I think the bigger stat that matters from a Yankee perspective is that the Yankees scored more late inning runs (6th inning or later) and that is exactly what happened last night. That shows me the Yankees can work the starting pitcher, even if they're not scoring off him, get him tired and/or get him out of the game to feast on lesser quality bullpen guys.

Yankees have won 7 consecutive postseason games against the Twins. In 6 of them the Twins have had the lead. I think the same thing happens tonight and the Yankees sweep the Twins.

Tampa will be swept as well. Quite possible the Reds too. Think I heard Oswalt is 27-4 against the Reds in his career. Not the guy you want to be facing after being no-hit.

As a Yankee fan 3 things bug me about that no hitter. 1. Don Larson no longer stands alone. 2. The Phillies are the team to beat and I don't think the Yankees (or anyone else) have enough to beat them. 3. Doc should already be in pinstripes and if Halladay beats the Yankees twice in the World Series, Cashman should be fired for not closing that deal.

old professor said...

Crash, chll out just a little. Don Larsen does stand alone - he is the only one to EVER pitch a perfect game in the post season. As for the Phillies winning the world championship they have to make it through the playoffs. Oswalt may be very good against the Reds, but when it comes to the world series, national league pitchers are not used to playing against a stacked lineup. In the national league, the number 9 spot has the pitcher and the number 8 spot is usually defined as the weakest hitter. Not the same against the AL. That is one of the reasons that pitchers moving from the National League to the American League as free agents get lit up.

I would expect the Phillies to win the NL, but not easily. As for Tampa Bay - you are predicting they will be swept yet they had the second best record in the American League and a potential Cy Young winner on their staff. With Price losing, the Rays will have trouble recovering.

old professor said...

Looks like the questions about Andy Pettitte's health have been answered. What I found interesting is there was a point early in the game when he and Dave Eiland went in to view some video in order to make mechanical adjustments and whatever they say apparently was changed. I cannot remember hearing about or seeiing something about a pitcher viewing video during a game.

old professor said...

While most of the playoff games have been really great to watch (Doc's no hitter, SF two hit shutout, and two come from behind victories for the Yanks - that's for you Mid), there is a problem that MLB needs to correct.

Umpiring has gotten progressively worse over the last two years. Whether it is during the season or playoffs, the umpires are missing too many calls.

I do not want to get into the issue of reviewing balls and strikes, but field calls by umpires in the field are becoming an on-going joke. Last year, the umpire blew a call against the Twins when a clear double was called foul - did it impact the game yes!

Opening game Yankees/Twins and the umpire blows a call in the ninth inning calling a catch a trapped ball. Did it have an impact on the game no because Mo was on the mound. In the Giants/Braves game, another blown call at second base did it impact the game? who knows.

MLB has the technology to have an umpire in the both watching close calls on replay and the ability to call down to the crew chief and say - hey you missed the call, reverse the decision. Time lost to the game - three or four seconds. But at least the call would be correct.

Apparently, MLB does not want to admit the umpires are human and can make mistakes. Watching the floating strike zone from night to night as the umpire behind the plate is different from the night before is also laughable, but umpires that don't seem to know the strike zone can't be disciplined. As Lance Berkman indicated on the disputed no strike call from Pavano - Umpire was giving pitchers the outside strike by a couple of inches, but not calling the inside strike. The ball was a strike but called a ball and the next pitch was off the wall for a double. While the inconsistent strike zone issue needs to be addressed in some manner, I do not favor instant replay on balls and strikes. I favor competent umpires.

Quesstec was supposed to address the issue of inconsistent strike zones - that fell flat.

Crash said...

Old Prof you kill're yelling at baseball about using new technology and you don't even own an ATM card!!!

On the replay debate you get some people who say use it, others say only use it for a little bit, others feel it has already ruined the game. I'm on the extreme side, I say use it for everything, including balls and strikes. You get on TV in real time, sometimes before the ump can call it. That would eliminate changing strike zones and hitters can no longer complain. I want it used for every questioned call. I just want it consistently right every time end of story.

As for Pettitte, he stepped up and showed he can still be the man. AWESOME game from him last night. Hughes will end this thing tomorrow night. Granderson is having a good series. Berkman can hold his head high after a big night too. I think the offense is going to blow up big time at the stadium. I look for A-Rod, Tex, and Cano to have monster games.

SWEEP 'Em!!!

Oh yeah, Tampa is done, Texas is sweeping them. Can't wait for a Lincecum v. Halladay game 1 NLCS...

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