Tuesday, November 09, 2010

AL Gold Glove Winners Announced

Here is your AL Gold Glove winners for the 2010 season:

Ichiro (10th)
Carl Crawford (1st)
Franklin Gutierrez (1st)
Evan Longoria (2nd)
Jeter (5th)
Cano (1st)
Teixeira (4th)
Joe Mauer (3rd)
Mark Buehrle (2nd)

Plenty of gold on the Yankee infield. Good to see Cano recognized for his improved defense over the last couple of years. And this doesn't exactly hurt Jeter in his negotiations with the Yankees. How can you argue that he needs to change positions when he just got another gold glove?


Crash said...

Keith Law's response to Jeter winning another gold glove:
"Coaches who vote on Gold Gloves have lost their credibility AND their eyesight."

And Old Prof, I would not put Posada in the same company as Dickey, Berra, Howard, and Munson.

Crash said...

Looks like Cashman broke the news to Jorge that heading into spring he's the primary DH and Montero will be given the opportunity to be the primary catcher.

While as a fan it's pretty easy for us to call out and blast a player when the can no longer do their job (Jeter's range, Jorge's inability to throw people out, etc.) But I do not envy the manager or general manager when they have to have that meeting with a franchise guy like Bernie, Jeter, or Jorge and probably in the next couple of years with Mo. That has to be tough.

Crash said...

Brian Cashman is flying to Arkansas to meet personally with Cliff Lee today.

In a little bit of a surprise move, the Yankees have also reached out to Carl Crawford.

old professor said...

Crash, first Keith Law is right. The possibility exists that Jeter got the gold glove based on his lack of committing errors. He didn't commit as many errors because he got to fewer balls than your average shortstop.

As for Posada, yes I would put him in the same company as Dickey, Berra, Howard and Munson. His longevity with the team and to the position extends beyond any of those individuals. His power numbers exceed all of them except Berra and I believe his batting average exceeds each of them except Berra. (Munson might have a higher batting average, but obviously his longevity was cut short).

In addition, he gave the Yankees an option from both sides of the plate which none of the others could. Will he be considered to be HOF - NO. But don't be surprised to see the Yankees retire his number or for him to end up on the Yankee coaching staff.

Mid said...

Jeter definately had a better year in the field than he did at the plate.

Gold Glove or not, I can't see going past 3 years at $8mm per. Relative to the field at that position, he just doesn't have the #s to back it up (intangibles aside)

Mid said...

Completely Off Topic:

What are we - 8 weeks into the NFL season?

And, if you're looking at the top teams in the NFC, I'd say there is an above avg. probability that Cowboys fans may have to watch either the Eagles or the G-Man play in their house for the Super Bowl!!!

. .. There's justice in this world!

Crash said...

Looks like the Yankees and Jeter have kissed and made up. Meeting was held, no hard feelings. I'm guessing 3 years totaling $54MM. Maybe a little bonus for hit# 3,000. Bonuses for additional Gold Gloves. Which at this point there is such an outcry that Jeter didn't deserve it this year, his defense would need to be off the charts good to get another one.

Not that I'm looking forward to this happening but when Jeter, Mo, Pettitte, and Jorge all finally hang it up and retire, the Yankees will have somewhere around $60MM off the books. I wouldn't mind seeing Pettitte, Mo, and Jeter go out together. Posada needs to leave now though...

Cliff Lee's agent is not taking offers yet, but when he does I'm guessing the Yankees don't waste anytime and will offer 5 years/$115MM ($23M per) and would be prepared to go to $25M per if the Rangers want to push the issue. I don't see him getting more than 5 years from anyone. Even that is too long in my opinion.

Crash said...

Here's a where are they now story...Former NY Giant Dave Meggett...sentenced to 30 years in prison for criminal sexual conduct and burglary. His public defender (I guess using a public defender would indicate another pro athlete who blew threw millions???) said they plan to appeal...what a loser. This is apparently his 3rd run-in with sexual assaults...he allegedly beat up an escort back in '99, sexually assaulted his girlfriend back in '07, and this one was an incident involving a college girl. I have a feeling they will teach him about sexual assault in prison.

Mid said...

how quickly and how far they can fall

old professor said...

Oh where to start - Mid, you need to be involved in this blog more - to say that you believe the team will offer Jeter $8million per year is not even close. The Yankees have already indicated they will overpay in money and years. Best guess three years at 15-20 million per year.

Posada will do well at DH. I would not be surprised to see him catch two or three days per week as the season gets going just to allow others who are beginning to show their age the opportunity to DH. Catching competition will be interesting to watch this season. Montero has to have the edge due to offense, but is defensively challenged; Romaine is more skilled defensively, but is probably two years away from being ready and Cervelli - well he showed why he was a backup this year. I would not have thought he would have had trouble throwing out runners. As a backup he hit .258 which is acceptable, but not with the defensive lack of holdiing runners and zero homeruns.

This off-season will be a challenge at filling holes that definately need to be filled. The team has to begin the transition period of finding someone to eventually be the starting shortstop. They also need to start looking at someone beginning to transition to third. A-Rod may be the starter this year, but look at him to move more to DH when Posada finally has his contract expire.

By the way I finally found someone who agrees with me about Jeter - Joel Sherman.

And finally, Mid, don't put the Giants in the Super Bowl just yet. They have not played the eagles or redskins yet. If they can beat those two teams okay we can start dreaming.

Crash said...

Giants are off to a real good start, but recently it seems they have always slumped the second half. They should mop up the Cowboys this week. The Eagles will give them trouble because they will have a hard time containing Vick. They'll sweep the season vs. the 'Skins.

Old Prof as for the next shortstop, that's Nunez. The problem is Jeter's upcoming contract Nunez is probably still a year away. The only way he gets playing time is if Jeter pulls a hammy on his Jeterian Jump Throw from The Hole.

Brandon Laird is their 3B prospect. He's at least 2 years away. Same with Slade Heathcott their top OF prospect.

We've all heard Montero and Romine as the top Catching prospects but the Yankee have yet another young catcher who has actually jumped Romine in the prospect listing and is currently listed as the organizations #2 overall prospect behind Montero...Gary Sanchez. He's only 17 and batted .353 in the NYP league this year. He should be at AA Trenton this season. If the Yankees can get 2 or 3 years out of Montero and then bring up Sanchez, that's pretty good and that also makes Romine expandable to possibly get a top rotation guy.

Crash said...

I hope the reports of Yanks interested in De La Rosa are just due diligence and not what they are really after if the Cliff Lee talks go south. De La Rosa is the left handed version of AJ Burnett plain and simple. Electric stuff, mid-90's fastball, a lot of strike outs, a ton of walks, he's only going to 5 innings, has a .500 record and an ERA of 5. And he's an injury risk.

He has "stuff" and "potential" that's it.

I would rather take a proven inning eater, who will get you more wins even if they aren't flashy...like a Jon Garland type. I would also rather take a risk on Brandon Webb, Chris Young, or Justin Duchscherer before going after De La Rosa.

old professor said...

Crash, DelaRosa would be a fifth starter with this team if Pettitte does not come back. He is younger than Burnett and is left handed. Yankees need to move on several fronts because they cannot guarantee a Lee signing.

A lot of the individuals that you mention as being a year or two away are still very young prospects who may never pan out. Heathcock did not have a real solid year for being a number one. Sanchez hitting at NYP does not translate into any kind of success at higher levels. I was impressed with Nunez in his limited time in NY. I believe he gives the team better options than Pena.

old professor said...

Hey Mid, a strange thing happened on the Giants march to the super bowl. They got beat by the Cowboys and looked really mediocre at best.

GM meetings may actually increase the information to write about. Currently we are going through the same dance of waiting for Andy Pettitte to make a decision. Can't blame the guy for wanting to stay home and watch his kids go through high school. However, stop the Favre immitation and make a decision.

Crash said...

The NY Football Giants played terribly yesterday. And the sad thing is the lost as a result of 1 play made by their best receiver. On the pick-6 that went for 101 yds, that was the difference in the game. Nicks continues the slant and at worst it's an incomplete pass. He stopped the slant and wanted to go back to the outside but the ball was already in the air. He needs to continue that rout. The D was flat too, they weren't putting pressure on Kitna and he was carving up the Giants big time. Dez Bryant is going to be real good for the Cowboys. Hopefully the Giants can snap out of it this week when the play the Eagles. Tough second half for the Giants. 2 vs. Eagles, 2 vs. Redskins, Vikings, Packers, and Jags. 10 wins would be impressive with that remaining schedule.

In baseball, ROY for both leagues announced today. Then the GM and Owners meetings. I don't think too much will actually happen here. It usually lays the ground work for the winter meetings a couple weeks later.

Pettitte will be back. Nothing new on the Lee front for any team. I personally think Darek Braunecker is doing this wrong by slow playing everything. Teams that may be interested in Lee but don't have a realistic shot at signing him, will move on to the secondary market. Thus decreasing the demand for Lee. And also by drying up the secondary market the remaining teams may not wait because soon their plan B will be signing somewhere else. If they have to rush out to sign plan B before Lee makes a decision, that means less money for Lee.

old professor said...

Crash, at best the Giants split with the Eagles, sweep the Redskins, beat the Vikings (their season is over) and get thumped by the Packers.

Why should Lee be in a hurry?? He knows what he wants, his agent knows his value let it playout. The Yankees have their budget and they know how much they are going to spend on Jeter, Mo and if he gets off his ass Pettitte. They will overpay for Lee and look to secondary free agents to bloster the roster. Don't think they will be in play for Crawford - but if they really wanted to get a solid DH, Prince Fielder is available. Think of this guy hitting with the short right field porch.

Crash said...

Fielder would require a huge trade and I believe he's a Boras client. So he's not signing an extension, he will hit the open market. Yankees don't need another DH. They already have Posada, and after this year you're probably looking at A-Rod and Jeter splitting time there. And not long after that Montero will be too big to play anywhere else.

Crash said...

So it's Posey and Feliz as NL and AL ROY.

No arguments here. Some stat heads are up in arms that 3 NL voters had someone other than Posey or Heyward as their top guy. I think an argument could have been made for Gabby Sanchez in Florida. But overall not shocked here. Both guys got 20 first place votes.

In the AL I'm sure Austin Jackson and Brennan Boesch got consideration too (Jackson probably finished second).

old professor said...

Crash, regarding Fielder - you don't make the trade without an extension being signed. As for the Yankees already having a DH - Fielder is signficantly younger, not prone to injury and would give you signficantly more homeruns and RBIs than Posada. As for the 2012 Season, he would be your primary DH - A-rod and Jeter could take some turns there and Fielder might be able to take a turn at First Base giving Tex a breather.

Cannot argue with the Posey selection the selection of Feliz could be questioned. While he did a good job closing, he did not have the impact that an everyday player like Posey had on the outcome of the game.

Crash said...

Yankees raise ticket prices, but keep the budget the same??? That doesn't make sense. Lonn Trost said something along the lines of the increase is on "premium" seats and the increase was as a result of research done on season ticket holders reselling tickets on StubHub. Really??? Trost is a jackass.

Crash said...

D'backs are shopping Justin Upton. He may strikeout a lot, but his power, speed, defense and arm make him a great player. Oh yeah he's young too, only 23 and he's the good Upton. Not all the issues the Rays have with his brother.

I would offer Swish or Granderson plus a prospect or 2. Upton is hugely affordable and under control until 2015. The Yankee could pick up half of Granderson's or Swisher's contract and it would still be financially viable to them. If I'm the Yankees I would at least call on him.

old professor said...

Crash, outfield is not a big concern for the Yankees. Remember, this team led the majors in runs last year - pitching wins ball games. They will do what they have to in order to bolster the rotation and pen.

By the way did you see the Marlins traded Dan Uggla for two non-essential parts: Omar Infante and Mike Dunn. Dunn was part of the deal for Vasquez and appeared in 25 games for the braves. His ERA was about 1.25 - so much for the Yankee view that he was not major league ready. (Someone should realize when the Braves start talkiing about a pitcher or pitchers hold onto them).

Crash said...

I think the Uggla deal is a win for both teams.

Word is Yankees are holding fast to a 3 Year deal paying as much as $21MM per. Jeter wants at least a 4 year deal but really is looking for 5 or 6 years. Let me just say HOLY $H1T!!! I can't believe they are willing to overpay by that much. And I can't believe Jeter actually thinks he can get 4,5, or 6 years. I still say 3 @ $15mm is very generous. I hope the Yankees play hardball and stand firm even if it means letting him go.

Also Jayson Stark is saying D'backs want a 4 or 5 fir 1 deal for Upton. I think 3 for 1 is very doable, 5 would empty the farm. Too expensive.

old professor said...

While the Yankees are fritzing around trying to figure out how much to pay Jeter, other teams are moving to sign free agents or trade to bolster their team.

The Yankees had been rumored to be looking at Buck as an option for catching just in case Montero flamed out in the Spring - they can't anymore because he is signing with the Marlins.

The Yankees indicated they wanted to bolster the bullpen - Benoit from Tampa would have been a good move - nope he just signed with the Tigers.

Rajai Davis hit 285 for the A's last year and is considered one of the fastest men in baseball. Just traded to the Blue Jays for two (that would be 2) minor league players.

And Crash as for the Jeter contract - the initial offer is rumored to be coming this week and will be for approximately $57 million for three years. With the potential of a club option 4th. The team however is expecting to be willing to go up to $21 million.

And as usual the team is sitting back waiting for Andy Pettitte to make a decision about coming back or retiring.

And finally, I would not trade for Upton - may be a great athlete and has athletism, but the strikeouts and lack of plate discipline concerns me.

Crash said...

Hearing that the Yankees did more than due diligence on Upton. An offer was made that "fell well short". Not sure what they offered, but I can say Towers is asking for way too much, 4 or 5 players 3 of which are MLB ready. And he knows the Yankee system having just been here. So he knows what players he wants. I like Upton, I think he is a younger, more powerful version of Carl Crawford. His strikeout rate is high, and has increased every year, but I think some of that is on Arizona's hitting coach. I think you see those #'s go down if he's in NY. Look at Swisher's numbers since he started with Kevin Long.

Saw on RAB that Gavin Floyd may be a trade possibility for the Yankees if they fail on signing Lee. I think I read Lee's agent was expecting contract offers around the winter meetings (Dec 6-9). That's kind of quick for playing it slow.

Jeter should go out and test the market. He would get hit with some cold hard reality pretty quickly.

old professor said...

Gavin Floyd would be a nice number four or five starter. He had a decent season (not great)for Chicago. He was 10-13 with an ERA of 4.08; he pitched 187 innings - recorded 151 strikeouts with 85 walks but also gave up 199 hits that does equate to a lot of baserunners.

There is something in the back of my mind that indicates he has had trouble at Yankee Stadium.

I also do not anticipate Chicago trading him as long as there is a question as to when Peavy can come back.

Crash said...

Yankees are signing a Domincan pitcher Rafael DePaula. He went through some age and identity questions and was subsequently suspended by MLB for 2009. He will start in the minors but speculation is they will fast-track him through the minors.

Latest rumors on Upton...Red Sox are interested. Wow what an OF if they can sign Crawford and keep Ellsbury and trade for Upton. I would think Ellsbury would be part of that deal though and that would leave Drew in RF. Ellsbury has fallen out of favor in Boston. Which is ridiculous.

Mariners and Orioles also players for Upton. Mariners would have Upton, Gutierrez and Ichiro. While Baltimore would have Markakis, Jones, and Upton. Sick stuff all the way around.

I personally would like to see Gardner, Upton, & Crawford. Trade Swisher and Granderson for some pitching. If I'm the Yankees I would be paying attention to anyone interested in Upton and then contact them about a deal for Granderson.

old professor said...

Crash, what is your problem with Granderson and Swisher. After working with Long, Granderson came around with the bat, he played great defense and stole some bases. Swisher is the only outfielder they have with homerun power. They are beginning to sense the mistake of tradiing Tabata and Jackson.

Regarding the pitcher they signed, how do they know he is the real DePaula. Didn't they Yankees have a pitcher named either Jesus DePaula or Jose DePaula at one time? Wonder if its the same kid just a different first name.

Crash said...

My opinion on Swisher is simple...buy low sell high. I don't think he'll be a .300/30 hr again. And I think NY is just too big for Granderson. While he did make strides in the second half, his average still stunk and his power stunk for 5 months of the year. He put up half his power in the last 2 months of the season. Not good.

Juan Miranda has been traded for a young minor league pitcher, Scott Allen. He has good K rate and low walk rate. Always a good sign, but the kid is only 20. So I would guess he's at least a year or 2 away.

CC gets shafted and the CY Young goes to King Felix. This is a case where stat guys forget the most important stat there is, W's.

Crash said...

Yankees make offer to Jeter at 3 years $45MM.

I think this is very generous. He's not getting that anywhere else. I hope this is a take it or leave it offer.

old professor said...

Too bad about Miranda. He had a lot of potential but no position with the Yankees. The trade will give him the opportunity to make a major league roster.

If Jeter turns the three year $45 million down. Let him walk. He is an aging defensively challenged shortstop with declining offensive numbers. Let him test the market and see who will be willing to give him the years and dollars.

Yankees should concentrate on Mo. He has told friends he wants a two year deal. Give him two years and $17 million per year. He deserves a raise with what he has done. And he had a greater impact on Yankee wins than Jeter.

Giants lose again!!!!!!!!!!!!

Crash said...

Just read "bidding under way" for Lee. Yankees will open with 5 years $120MM.

Mo can name his price, Jetwr can't plan and simple. When closets like Codero is set to make $15MM next year Mo at $17 is a no brainer.

old professor said...

Yankees are beginning to re-shape their roster. Not only have they traded Miranda (which opens a spot on the 40 man roster), but they have also released Albaldejo so he can sign with a Japanese team - He showed some flashes of a good arm, but was just too inconsistent. It also looks as if it will come down to the Marlins and Nats for Vasquez.

Yankees have added Laird and Bentenc to the major league roster. This leaves seven spots open (currently with both of those individuals Yankees have 33 on the 40 man). Lee would fill one of those spots as will Jeter and Mo. So there are four more spots that can be filled via free agency or trades.

old professor said...

So Jeter's agent feels the Yankees position is baffling. What is baffling about a three year $45 million offer to an aging ballplayer whose agent believes in overblowing his future value to the team. No one can argue what Jeter has done for the team in the PAST, but baseball is not a game played on past performance.

The Yankees have historically brought in aging stars who have long passed their prime. They may have finally learned that lesson. Jeter may be the consumate professional and have five rings. But his range is down, his offense is down and he led the team in hitting into double plays. Time to face reality - the career is winding down and the Yankees learned from the Posada contract that four years for someone in their late 30's is a waste of valuable resources.

Let him test the open market and see what he will get.

Crash said...

I don't mind that Hamilton won the MVP...even though it is evidence that the BBWOA disregard their own rules (# of games played is actually part of the written criteria), but to have Cano finish a very distant 3rd shows just how prevalent the anti-Yankee bias is out there.

Now rumor has it the Yankees offered 6 years $140MM to Lee. The rumor is unconfirmed at this point. That may be what they're willing to go to but I can't see the Yankees starting at that offer.

If Jeter can't get an agreement on his terms with the Yakees, does he retire or would he take the $45MM?

Crash said...

Love the stance the Yankees are taking with Jeter. Cashman has now publicly stating they have made multiple offers, and if he thinks they are not fair go test the iopen market. Cashman is also saying Jeter doesn't want to be a Yankee. Here is a quote from ESPN NY:

"He should be nothing but a New York Yankee," Cashman said. "He chooses not to be."

WOW! They are painting Jeter very negatively, must be an attempt to sway public sentiment to the Yankees side.

Good news, Pettitte is leaning toward coming back.

old professor said...

Interesting the Yankees decline arbitration on all of their free agents except Vasquez - safe act though because no one out there believes he wants to ever return to NY. He apparently told the team he would not accept arbitration before they offered it. They now get a sandwich pick in the supplemental round when Vasquez signes elsewhere.

I understand the Yankees position with Jeter - 3 years and $45 million, take it or test the waters. But not to offer Mo two years, which is something he is looking for is odd. Mo proved last year he still has something left and had what most closers would consider an outstanding season. This guy could probably pitch into his fifties (if he does I am coming out of retirement).

Here is something to consider - a couple of years ago the Yankees were trying to land Ian Snell or Zack Duke. Snell ended up with the Mariners and the Pirates refused to trade Duke. Pirates released Duke this week indicating his performance has been disappointing.

At 27 years old, Duke still could help any team out there. Let's be real, how much of his losing record correlates with having to pitch for the Pirates. Yankees may want to give the kid a close look and bring him in at a reasonable rate (he was scheduled to make about $6 million with the Pirates).

old professor said...

I cannot disagree with your assessment of the Yankees trying to win public opinion. If Jeter believes he will get a five or six year contract at more that what the Yankees are offering - so long it has been a nice run.

I believe there are other things at play here. During this past season, there were rumblings that Jeter should be dropped in the order, but management (Girardi??) decided against doing so because of Jeter's standing. In other words let's not do what is in the best interest of the team, but do what is best for the mental well being of the player.

What this does not say is that as Captain of the team, Jeter should have come forward with the proposal to go down in the order due to his lack of performance at the plate. Apparently he didn't and that brings into question leadership.

This may begin to playout like Farve and the Vikings (and earlier Farve and the Packers).

Nunez while not as seasoned is younger, more mobile and definately has a stronger arm. he also has the ability to hit - time for a change.

I will reiterate my earlier statement, bring Mo Back at two years like he wants. He has proven himself and when he was hurting he came forward for the good of the team and said - I need some time to heal. Maybe the Captain should take a lesson from the quiet professional in the pen.

Oh and there would be an open market for Rivera.

Crash said...

So Javier Vazquez made $11.5MM last season and was offered arbitration by the Yankees. Worst case scenario is he would have made $11.5 but more than likely would have received a raise to at least $12MM if he accepted. He then signs a 1 year deal worth $7.5MM with the Marlins. The MLBPA can't be too pleased with that. Marlins gave him a no trade clause so he would drop his asking price. I guess they could also argue no tax in Florida...

I have no new info on Jeter, Mo, Pettitte, or Lee. I'm guessing a deal for Lee happens next week during the Winter Meetings.

I think we all are aware that the catching spot is up for grabs come February. I think it was the general perception that it's Posada or Montero, and in reality that is probably it. But apparently the Yankees are open to Romine, Cervelli, or Montero. I think the last time they encouraged this "competition" between young players they ended up ruining Joba. In reality Romine isn't ready for the big leagues. He needs at least a full season at AAA SWB and Cervelli has shown he's a nice backup but nothing more.

old professor said...

Javy picked the right spot to go. No crowds in the stands and no big spotlight. No one cares whether the Marlins win or lose. If he has a good season, he can sign for more. It is really too bad he could not adjust to the spotlight in NY. Great stuff good arm and he could when right eat innings.

As for the catching spot. Cervelli was over exposed when he had to play as much as he did. He is what he is - a serviceable backup. Montero will be given every chance to win the spot. The question you have to ask is that while he is ready offensively is he ready defensively and if not, there is little difference between putting him back there and putting Posada back there other than to get the kid to the show.

The Yankees would be crazy to not give Mo two years and a raise to $17-18 million. He saved 33 games for them last year which is a greater impact on how they finished than anyother player on the team - INCLUDING Jeter.

Speaking of Jeter - damage control already starting - Tino comes out and defends Jeter as not being greedy and that this is all negotiations. RIGHT - the Yankee offer is a legitimate offer for an aging star. He needs to take it and eventually walk off into the sunset.

Crash said...

It is expected that the Yankees will increase their offer to Jeter this week in terms of money, but not years.

Reports have negotiations between Yankees and Mo going smoothly. The lone hurdle is a 1 year or 2 year deal. But "experts" are saying annual salary will be $16-17MM per year.

I didn't realize Hughes is arbitration eligible this year. Coming off an 18 win season I would expect he's about to get a nice raise from his middle class salary of $447,000. Wouldn't be surprised if he gets $5MM. Would the Yankees sign him long term yet, like they did with Cano? Not sure they would do it with a pitcher. Too much injury risk.

Crash said...

Should I be surprised the Rangers have contacted Andy Pettitte? That will only be leverage for Pettitte to use in Yankee negotiations, and Nolan Ryan has to know that.

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