Tuesday, March 29, 2011

2011 Preview and Predictions

I had the opportunity to watch MLB's 30 in 30 - Yankees version, as well as Yes' Pride Power and Pinstripes. I have to say I thought both were weak productions - and I hope it is not an oman for 2011.

Yankees: Love the infield, including the catcher Martin. And I'm OK with Posada as DH. I look at where the team is weak in my opinion - the outfield, and back end rotation, and I still think back to dumb moves made by Brian Cashman. Wish the Bombers still had Ian Kennedy, Austin Jackson, and Jose Tabata. I know, I need to get over it, but, tell me the team wouldn't be looking good with those cats in the lineup instead of Brett Gardner and Granderson.

Individual Stuff: I think A-Rod might have the best year of his career, and still may come up short in the MVP voting to . . . wait for it . . .wait for it . . Derek Jeter.

The key in my opinion that will dictate whether the Yanks have a good season or a championship season is how some of the veteren invites contribute when called upon: Eric Chavez, Mark Prior and Kevin Millwood. (I don't expect anything from Colon)

Question: What will we see of Brackman or or Manny Banuelos?

Prediction: I will always pick the Yankees to win it. Period end of story. They win #28.

Other MLB non-Yankee:

Who could surprise in the AL: Baltimore Orioles

Who could surprise in the NL: The Washington Nationals (forget Wang and the injured Strasburg - Zimmerman is the man)

Who will disappoint: Phillies

Who won't repeat in their division: Cincinatti

Triple Crown: yes, will happen, Albert Pujols.

Hard to believe we are on the eve of baseball, and its 25 degrees outside.


Crash said...

I actually have very little concerns with this team...accept catcher. Yes I would like Jackson instead of Granderson. But I like the rest. I think AJ bounces way back (15-18 wins). Hughes is around the win total with an ERA under 4. Nova will be a double digit winner with an ERA in the 4's and they will piece together #5 and end up with close to 20 wins out of that spot between Garcia, Colon, and anyone else. A-Rod will have a monster year. CC finally wins the CY Young in pinstripes, he wins 23, ERA will be in the 2's, and then he opts out.

Biggest disappointment is a TIE: Phillies and Red Sox. Phillies have too many holes in the lineup without Werth and Utley (out at least June/July, maybe longer). Red Sox pitching isn't good and their offense isn't really that much improved over last year.

Yankees win the AL East. Chicago wins AL Central, Oakland wins AL West (best pitching in the AL). WildCard goes to the Twins. I think the Central will have the best race with Chicago , Twins, and Detroit all within a game of each other the last day.

Atlanta wins the NL East, Milwaukee wins the Central, and SF wins NL West, Colorado gets the WildCard.

Yankees vs. Atlanta part III in the World Series, Yankees win #28.

old professor said...

I have to disagree with the concern over catching. Martin is healthy for the first time in two years and is definately an upgrade defensively behind the plate over Posada. The backup situation will be solved within three weeks when Cervelli comes back. Neither Montero or Romine showed they were ready to be promoted.

Granderson and Jackson at this point are a wash. Granderson showed significant improvement offensively at the end of last year and carried it over to this spring. Jackson fell off at the end of last year as the league caught up with him and he has not adjusted this spring - he hit .225.

Pitching wise, I think the Yankees top three are solid. The #4 and #5 may end up surprising everybody. If the team can get ten wins from both they will be okay.

I do not agree with Mids final assessment on end of year results. I believe Boston will take the east, the Yankees will be the wild card but will not win the World Series. But this is why the season is played. Either team is one or two injuries away from a mediocre season. Gonzo and/or Crawford go down and the Sox look ordinary. CC, Tex or A-Rod go down and the Yankees finish fourth.

Crash said...

Gardner will bat lead-off tomorrow and against all righties.

Louis Castillo had a rough 10 days...first he's released by the Mets, then he can't make a 20 minute drive in 3 days so he was late to the Phillies, now he has been released by the Phillies.

We're suppose to get a big rain/snow storm tomorrow sometime. I think it's supposed to be all rain and high wind toward the city, hopefully they can get the game in tomorrow afternoon.

Mid said...

Another fine job of MLB scheduling opening days

We say it every year: why are teams in the snow belt playing each other outdoors the first week of April????!!!

Play teams in the south or indoors.

Looks like a potential snow out for opening day.

old professor said...

Snow and or rain is not expected in the city until 9pm. Hopefully they get the game in. I believe Friday is an off-day which gives them one day to get the field cleared and ready for Saturday.

Yankees make final moves putting three players on the 60 day DL. Sanchez apparently does not want to go to Japan so has been designated for assignment. Luis Ayla makes the team as a reliever replacing Feliciano. Hopefully they don't have to get to him in any game.

Crash said...

Opening Day is here! Took off from work to watch the game. Coverage starts at noon on YES, game starts at 1:05.

CC actually has really bad stats on opening day, something like an ERA above 10!

old professor said...

A lot of positives to take out of yesterday's game. Granderson looked good offensively and defensively; Martin handled the pitchers well and produced at the plate as well as stealing a base.

Posada did not have a good day going 0-4, but he will hit as he always does. Cano looked lazy on the ball he dropped for an error.

Bullpen looked sharp. AJ needs to follow up with a strong outting.

Crash said...

Yankees take 2 of 3 to start the season. The ball was really jumping out of the park this afternoon. Hughes velocity was way down not sure why.

Teixeira and A-Rod are starting out hot. Jeter not so much.

A series against the Twins at the Stadium then Red Sox at Fenway.

old professor said...

The Yankees are concerned over the loss in velocity and even Hughes admits it is starting to get to him. He clearly is an individual who needs to be aggressive - because of the lack of velocity, he cannot put people away.

Colon was not effective either. As for Jeter, it is time to face the facts that he is getting older - his range is continuing to diminish as is his offensive capability. On sunday he and Gardner were 0-12.

Crash said...

0-12, not quite...0-9. Still sucks. Hughes wasn't hurt by a lack of velocity, though that is what everyone wants to hang their hat on. It was in ability to locate his pitches. He was missing spots by feet. The first HR to Cabrera was off by 2 feet. Jamie Garcia for the Cardinals threw a complete game shutout yesterday on a 107 pitches. He doesn't throw 95-100. He lives in the low 90's/upper 80's. He did just fine because he made quality pitches. Hughes has to learn to pitch when he doesn't have his good stuff. Hughes is still a thrower not a pitcher. I guess watching Andy Pettitte all those years didn't rub off.

old professor said...

Hughes admitted he can't pitch to spots that he needs to pitch in the 92-93 mph range. Jamie Garcia may be a finess pitcher - not necessarily in the mold of Jamie Moyer but the same concept. Hughes indicated that Moyer was able to hit spots with his less than average stuff and "I can't do that, I need to be aggressive in the strike zone".

Odd statistic that the number 1 and 2 hitters in the lineup don't get on and yet the team scores 7 runs. If Colon has another outting like yesterday, the Yankees may hve to admit putting him in the pen versus the rotation was a mistake.

Cashman now comes out and says the Mets overused Feliciano. Odd wouldn't have known that before they signed him? And would not the minor damage to the shoulder have been seen during the normal required physical before the signing became official?

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