Monday, May 16, 2011

Yanks Are In Trouble

The Yanks are sinking, and sinking fast.

In April they were able to take advantage of teams still shaking off the cob webs but with the rest of the league ready to play now the Bombers find themselves losing early and often.

Hitting has gone ice cold - when Brett Gardner is one of your "hottest" hitters. . . . there's a problem. A-Rod has had 1 HR for the month and his batting avg. has dropped by 90 points since May began.

Pitching, relief pitching is not too bad (Pendelton real deal?) - I can't tell if the starting pitching has been disappointing or they're just not getting the run support . . maybe both.

Posada - Girardi and the Yanks should let him rot away on the bench. When you're hitting on the Interstate you thank the manger for putting you in the lineup, you don't complain about your spot.

One derivative of the Posada situation is another example of Jeter's leadership - or lack there of. Just how I thought Jeter's leadership was in question around the 04-07 seasons, I feel he has let the team down yet again this year. As captain he should have stood up said Posada we go way back, but F-You. Instead, he seems burdened to be asked the question about it. The team needs him to show some emotion and get fired up.

How many more losses before we reach the tipping the point of either calling the season or making dramatic changes to salvage it?


Switching Sports: I"m not much of an NBA fan these days, but I do find my self pulling for a team over the other. Or rather teams. I want the winner of the West conference to go all the way, and not the Heat or the Bulls. Here's why: Jason Kidd has been a long time player, may not have a chance again, I'd like to see him win one. Why Oklahoma? - Kevin Durant. When James went to the Heat he called him and Wade out saying be good enough to build your own championship. I like the attitude. So go Thunder, go Mavs.


old professor said...

Mid, I can't disagree with much of what you said. The Yankees are a team in trouble. Swisher is hitting .220, Posada .165, Martin has dropped to .255, and A-Rod is completely off, Even Texiera seems to be struggling. As for Gardner, he has been hot and has been hitting over .400 the last couple of weeks. What makes me want to throw up is his persistence at faking or trying to bunt on the first pitch he sees. Last night he tried to bunt and popped up to the first baseman (two days before Jeter did the same thing) - Phil Rizzuto has to be rolling over in his grave.

Pitching has not been good. The rotation has reached the point where they know the offense is not going to pick them up so they try to be too fine and get hit.

CC has given up a lot of runs his last three starts; Garcia has finally come to earth and someone needs to realize his 82 mph fastball is not going to get people out - this becomes more obvious when it appears hitters can recognize his curve very early and are lying off.

The pen may be the strong point though Logan is not good against lefthanded hitters and Soriano apparently is experiencing elbow issues and I wouldn't be surprised to see him go to the DL sometime this week. Joba gives up a long homerun on a 98 mph fastball (apparently his fastball is very very straigt).

This team as constructed will not make the playoffs and will finish a distant third in the division.

Crash said...

I can't believe Posada pulled that. After his post-game interview, John Flaherty had the audacity to tweet "Posada is a man!!" Are you kidding me??? Why is he a man because he had to stand there and LIE to the media to cover his ass? It's one thing to stand there in front of the media (Soriano needs to learn this), but its another thing to stand there and lie and hide behind "back stiffness" that didn't exist and nobody knew about until sometime during the game. Bottom line he's not performing, he threw a tantrum as a result of Girardi trying to put the team first, and Posada quit on his team. He should be benched if not cut all together.

Starting pitching has been struggling a lately, couple that with no timely hitting and sloppy fielding and you get a nice long losing streak. I believe the Yankees are now 3-12 over their last 15.The team looks to AJ to stop the bleeding, but he's going up against Price (also I think the games start early the next couple of nights, 6:30???).

Soriano is being rested. I know the MRI showed now elbow damage, but the should have looked for his heart and testicles because it's clear he is missing both. Cashman has to be smiling on the inside that this deal isn't working out. And think it's only 6 weeks into a 3 year deal. I hope to God he opts out.

old professor said...

Could not have agreed more with your assessment of Posada. If he believes he can still catch, he needs only to look at last year's statistical data to show that at best he may be a backup (that would be the third emergency catcher). I don't want to hear the excuse that he needs to begin to cope with the fact that he is nearing the end. Nothing lasts for ever and every athlete knows when it is time to walk away. Maybe he should take a page from the book of the Royals pitcher who retired during the winter walking away from the final year of a contract that would have paid about 12 million. As he said the team had treated him well and he knew it was time to leave because he couldn't play anymore - "he did not want to show up and just collect a check".

The Yankees have to stop playing the PR game and look at roster changes to bring some life into this team before it is too late.

The team has a lot of aging stars that need to look themselves in the mirror and realize they are no longer 21 or 22. Jeter is 36, Posada 39 (will be 40 in August) and A-Rod is 35. Time waits for no one.

As for Soriano, he has had a history of elbow issues. He is another that puts himself first and doesn't care about TEAM.

old professor said...

Mid, I don't think your boy Brackman is ready for the show. He just gave up seven runs on eight hits and five walks. Not what you really want to see from someone who is playing for promotion to the show.

Recent reports indicated the Yankees were on the verge of releasing Posada after he removed himself from the lineup. In addition, the team is not happy with Jeter who seemed to support Posada. Maybe there are still hard feelings over his contract negotiations. (Bet the Yankees are having second thoughts there too).

Crash said...

Jeter stood by his friend when he should have stood by the team. Another great example of how Jeter doesn't put the team first. Jeter should have blasted Jorge for what he did.

old professor said...

Crash, the change in the earth's rotation must have effected you somewhat. You were Jeter's biggest fan not to long ago and know you are being critical. Oh, I agree with you on this. Jeter clearly is wrong when he doesn't stand up for the team versus an individual. Maybe as he is nearing the end of his career, he is starting to show his true colors and that the whole Mr. Baseball thing was nothing more than one big act.

Last night again demonstrates the issues with this team. They had a 5-1 lead and could not hold it. Once behind, the team folded. The character of this team needs to be seriously looked at.

You have a DH who pulls himself out of the line up; a relief pitcher who cannot settle into a setup role - that's when he believes he is healthy enough to pitch, a rightfielder not hitting his weight; and a team defense that is among the worst in the league. Could this team even beat the Pirates at this moment?? Questionable.

Time to make some changes: Cervelli goes, Montero comes up and moves into a role of DH and backup catcher, Posada gets released and Jeter gets moved down in the order with Nunez getting more field time.

Crash said...

I was a supporter of Jeter until this last contract. It really soured me. The fact is everyone saw the signs of his degradation (and Posada's for that matter) and yet the Yankees put themselves in this position by giving huge contracts to aged former superstars. The fact you have one old guy sticking up for another old guy doesn't surprise me, but I'm disappointed it was Jeter.

It has come out that Posada "in the heat of the moment" asked to be released from the Yankees when he found out he was batting 9th. I think I would have gave it to him on the spot.

Old Prof I like you suggested changes. I agree with them all. If there's a team looking for a closer I would also trade Soriano in a second. Even if it meant getting a PTBNL.

old professor said...

Let's see a DH hitting .165 pulls himself out of the lineup and then confronts the General Manager with the statement he wants out of the organization.

The team should have released him, however, if he really wants out ask the team to void the contract and then go to the open market and find out how many teams want a 39 year old catcher who was second in only to his backup last year in the league at not being able to throw out runners. In addition he is batting .000 against lefthanded pitchers and can't run. Yep there should really be a lot of people calling him on the phone to sign him.

Don't be surprised that if the Yankee slid hits 10-12 games straight, that Girardi gets canned. Tony Pena would probably become the interim. Girardi missed a golden opportunity on Saturday - he probably has been looking for a way to get Posada and his anemic bat out of the lineup - he could have acted like a manager and benched the bum.

Imagine if you would Posada pulling this game with Billy Martin, Bob Lemon or Lou Pinella or Yogi Berra for that matter - he would have been banished to the minor leagues (probably would not be able to hit there either).

Crash said...

Hall of Famer Harmon Killebrew has passed away. He played all but his final season with the Senators/Twins franchise. Led the AL in HR 6 times, finished at .256, 573 HR, 1584 RBI, 1283 Runs scored. 21 years in the big leagues. He is an icon in the Twins franchise.

old professor said...

It is a shame about Harmon Killebrew. He was a class act and the consumate professional. He had some classic confrontation with Yankee pitching that sent some very very long homeruns into the stands.

As you indicated, he played a good deal of his career for the Washington Senators, which probably reduced his visability from the average sports person - the fact of the matter being the Senators were the doormats of the American League for a long time.

He only announced a few days ago that he was entering Hospice.

old professor said...

Yankees finally get a W. The call up for Swisher has key hit and drives in a run. Maybe he can play a little bit more to see if he can do the job - he has more speed and plays sound defense.

Boston has to be a little bit worried Lackey and Dice-K both go on the DL with arm problems.

Crash said...

Dickerson impressed them in spring training, he gets the call up and does a good job. He ran a couple balls down last night that I think Swisher would have had trouble with.

I thought Nova was going to blow it. After the Yankees go up 2-1 he loads the bases, but Robertson comes in and gets BIG outs. Robertson may get roughed up every once in a while, but he has come through in some big pressure situations. More so than Joba. I would never give the ball to Joba with a 1 run lead and the bases loaded. I would with Robertson. He has done on multiple occasions. I don't think the bullpen will miss a beat with Soriano on the DL.

old professor said...

With teams looking for closers, I wonder what the Yankees could get in a trade for Soriano?

Crash said...

They will get nothing if he's not healthy.

Peter Gammons speculates that if Jorge doesn't start hitting the Yankees will release him, call up Montero, and Posada signs with Baltimore.

old professor said...

Long long game last night. Mo blows his third save of the season as Colon gets nothing for what has to be considered his best game since he won the Cy Young Award.

Hector Noesi was outstanding as well once the nerves calmed down. He was a starter at SWB. Garcia may want to keep a watch over his shoulder if he continues to struggle. The Yankee future looks really bright if you look at the young arms and catching core: Nova will only get better, Noesi has talent, then comes Banuleos, Betances and Brackman (though I am not convinced about Brackman). Catching Montero, will be up shortly.

Girardi has come out and said he is not committed to using Posada as DH - the handwriting is one the wall for Posada - he struggled at the plate, disrespected Yankee tradition by pulling himself out of the lineup. Management could send a huge message to the aging stars on this team by letting him go. Crash, why would Baltimore want him. They have a good young catcher who has thrown out runners and a serviceable backup. Hey maybe he goes to the Muts. Speaking of the Muts, 57 and Scooter have been silent this year.

Crash said...

Red Sox sign Kevin Millwood.

Crash said...

No surprise that another Yankee batter gets drilled last night on Showalter's orders. Not sure what is bothering him so much, other than his 0-5 record against the Yankees.

Bring on the Mets. I smell a winning streak coming. Yankees have now won 3 in a row

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