Saturday, February 18, 2012

Deal is Done (Finally)

The over commented on rumor of ditching Burnett is now a fact.

The Yanks I think are making more of a statement than a move considering you that got in return.

While A.J. couldn't handle the NY light - he may actually thrive in Pittsburgh as The Pirates have the inventory from a roster standpoint to make some noise . . . on a relative basis that is - noise for them would be a winning season, not a championship contender.

Now we can move our attention to Pitchers and Catchers reporting very soon.

2012 almost here!


old professor said...

You have to be kidding. The Yankees gave up AJ for two lower level minor leaguers that are not even in the top twenty prospects of the Pirates and it is time to celebrate?

As I mentioned in Crashes last post, the most really wanted to get rid of him. Too bad while he was inconsistent to say the least, he was an innings eater.

Speaking of eaters, Pineda shows up at 280 pounds. That is almost as heavy as CC and CC wore down late in the year. This spells trouble for that trade if this kid comes in out of shape - it could be a re do of Hughes from last year.

Crash said...

AJ deal is officially done. AJ has passed his physical and MLB has approved the deal. Probably announced tomorrow. Look for Yankees to "officially" engage Ibanez now.

old professor said...

This trade is a simple give away by the Yankees. They still pay 20 million and get two low level class A minor league players that have played at that level for several years. One of the players was signed when he was sixteen, he is now twenty and hit all of 215 in the NYP League not something to brag about.

Sad ending to what was at the time an exciting free agent signing. Neither side got what they expected when the Yankees signed AJ. AJ was hoping for success and the bright lights of broadway along with what was sure to be endorsements. The Yankees were looking for a solid number 2. Both eneded disappointed.

Crash said...

Yankees and Ibanez have agreed to terms...1 year deal, base salary of $1MM, with incentives.

Crash said...

Ibanez deal can max out at $4MM with the incentives.

Chavez may or may not get done. Yankees are in the driver's seat on this one. Take our MLB offer or sit home. No need to overpay. Yankees have about $3MM to offer Chavez...look for a deal similar to Ibanez's...$1MM base incentives up to $3MM.

Mid said...

I yawn at the Ibanez deal

I mean - they signed him for less than you can one of their guitars.

CAshman was on the air today - basically said CC was fat and not effective in 2nd half of year.

Crash said...

Way to bury the lead Mid...Rivera in camp on time and says it's his last year. With that being said the Yankees better be "All In" (stealing a Giants war cry) and send him out with one last ring.

Girardi has already said Robertson is in the 8th inning guy and Soriano will be the 7th inning. I would assume then if that pattern holds and Robertson continues to thrive he will be given every opportunity to close next year over Soriano. Or maybe Hughes gets the call.

Looking at next years FA class for closers and it stinks...guys like Broxton, Capps, Madson, Putz, K-Rod, and Valverde. The one interesting name is Soria, Royals hold a $8MM team option and will probably exercise it but maybe a mid-season trade...Soriano for Soria, if the Yankees pick up some salary???

Crash said...

YES Network celebrating 10 year anniversary. That time has flown by.

I also just read that 8 years ago last week the A-Rod trade was done. Hard to believe he has spent 8 years in pinstripes.

old professor said...

Rivera has hinted this is his last year. Long way to go to get to the end of the season before that decision becomes final.

CC was fat and out of shape by the time September rolled around too many boxes of Captain Crunch.

By the way, Weather in Mexico has been outstanding. And yes before you ask, I have maintained my tan lines.

Crash said...

Yankees agree to terms with Eric Chavez.

Crash said...

Well the Yankees seem to be set now that they have added Ibanez and Chavez. Old Prof you can kiss away any chance for Jorge Vazquez making the team now.

The only unsure thing is the #5 spot in the rotation...and I guess the actually order after CC. I would guess it's CC, Kuroda, Pineda, Nova, and Garcia/Hughes.

I wouldn't be surprised if they go with a modified 6 man rotation. They could keep CC on regular 4 day rest and then alternate and rotate in both Garcia and Hughes.

Crash said...

Can't find any real details on the Chavez deal. It looks to be $900K, plus incentives, but I can't find the max value.

Both Chavez and Ibanez are real great value deals for the Yankees that are low risk high return. I think both of these guys are going to have good years.

Everything tells me this is the year for #28...great rotation, great bullpen, like the bench. The only thing that can slow them down is the lineup and by that I really mean A-Rod. He needs to bounce back in a big way.

Crash said...

Yankees have signed David Ardsma to a 1 year deal, pending physical.

Crash said...

Aarsdma is coming off of TJ surgery. Should be ready after Joba returns,, but Yankees hold a club option for 2013.

old professor said...

Ardsma will be transferred to the 60 dl when Chavez's signing becomes official.

It looks like they are counting on him for 2013 - pending Ms's retirement.

Too many arms coming to camp and not enough time to give the young guys enough opportunities.

Crash said...

I don't think the young guys have a chance in hell at making the big club. I think that's pretty obvious. Next year is when they can realistically make the club. That's why Garcia and Kuroda are on 1 year deals. Next year if You can go CC, Pineda, Nova, Hughes and Banuelos with Betances in the pen, that's pretty impressive. Realistically Hughes could end up in the pen or traded if he stinks this year. Or how about this CC, Pineda, Cole Hamels, Nova, Banuelos? 3 lefties in the rotation??? Yes, I know...a little early to be dreaming about what ifs for next season.

You have to remember both Banuelos and Betances only pitched a couple innings at AAA last year. Have them start the year at AAA, then call them up as needed during the season, if they are performing and have shown improvement.

Crash said...

Breaking news: Ryan Braun wins appeal and will not be suspended 50 games for PED use.

Crash said...

Today is report day for Yankee position players. Tex, Swish, Granderson, A-Rod all in clubhouse this morning.

Crash said...

Yankees are trying to sign Russell Martin to a new 3 year deal. I would assume this either makes Austin Romine expendable and gives Sanchez the inside track as catcher of the future and probably serve as backup 2014 or they feel comfortable with Romine being the back up next season.

Crash said...

Hearing that Swisher and Martin showed up to camp in great shape. Both looking to have big years as they are in contract years. I would bet Swisher returns to his '10 form...puts up career year, gets multi-year offer from Yankees.

old professor said...

Interesting that the Yankees are looking to sign Martin to a long time deal. Originally last year he was signed to one year to give Montero a year to transition in. Now with a proposed three year deal I would have to agree that it would appear one of the Yankees catching prospects are no expendiable.

I would hope they give Romine time at backup and get rid of Cerveilli. I have not been impressed with Cervelli and don't necessarily believe his over enthusiasm is a good thing.

If the "kids" on the farm don;t believe there is a possibility of making the big club, it could kill their enthusiasm.

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