Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Midway Point in the Season

So the Yankees are half way through the season and it looks like they have one foot in the grave, though they still have a pulse and things may be looking up. They are currently in 4th place in the AL East, only 3.5 games back but looking up at Tampa, Baltimore, and 1st place Red Sox. Oh and Toronto is playing ungodly right now, they have climbed to .500 after being 10 games under and are only 5.5 out of 1st. Yankees were in a 5 game slide, but a big win last night thanks largely to Cano, who was in a bad slump himself, think his average sunk to .275 at one point.

The starting pitching has looked terrible and that was supposed to be the strong point. CC, Kuroda, and Pettitte are given leads and gives them right back. Hughes and Phelps just flat out suck right now. Nova dominates at AAA SWB, but looks like crap in the bigs. Pineda while looking decent in rehab games probably is still a ways off from the Pineda that the Yankees traded for and will most likely be sent to SWB when his rehab assignment has been completed.

While the rotation hasn't been great the offense has been even worse. The replacements have been playing like replacements for the better part of 2 months now. Overbay, Haffner, Wells, Adams, and Nix have all shown they are just fill-ins to spell an everyday player and their everyday playing ability has left them long ago.

That being said, Nunez is in rehab games, A-Rod starts his rehab assignment, Cervelli should begin rehab soon, Jeter and Granderson are doing baseball activities but have yet to begin rehab.

Bottom line is Yankees are 4 games over .500, if given truth serum back in late March, knowing the injuries the Yankees had, any fan would be thrilled with 4 games over at the midway point. They certainly are not dead yet given the number of head to head meetings with all of the teams above them. But is is still an uphill climb.

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