Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Midway Point in the Season

So the Yankees are half way through the season and it looks like they have one foot in the grave, though they still have a pulse and things may be looking up. They are currently in 4th place in the AL East, only 3.5 games back but looking up at Tampa, Baltimore, and 1st place Red Sox. Oh and Toronto is playing ungodly right now, they have climbed to .500 after being 10 games under and are only 5.5 out of 1st. Yankees were in a 5 game slide, but a big win last night thanks largely to Cano, who was in a bad slump himself, think his average sunk to .275 at one point.

The starting pitching has looked terrible and that was supposed to be the strong point. CC, Kuroda, and Pettitte are given leads and gives them right back. Hughes and Phelps just flat out suck right now. Nova dominates at AAA SWB, but looks like crap in the bigs. Pineda while looking decent in rehab games probably is still a ways off from the Pineda that the Yankees traded for and will most likely be sent to SWB when his rehab assignment has been completed.

While the rotation hasn't been great the offense has been even worse. The replacements have been playing like replacements for the better part of 2 months now. Overbay, Haffner, Wells, Adams, and Nix have all shown they are just fill-ins to spell an everyday player and their everyday playing ability has left them long ago.

That being said, Nunez is in rehab games, A-Rod starts his rehab assignment, Cervelli should begin rehab soon, Jeter and Granderson are doing baseball activities but have yet to begin rehab.

Bottom line is Yankees are 4 games over .500, if given truth serum back in late March, knowing the injuries the Yankees had, any fan would be thrilled with 4 games over at the midway point. They certainly are not dead yet given the number of head to head meetings with all of the teams above them. But is is still an uphill climb.


Crash said...

Down on the farm there are signs of hope too...Tyler Austin, Gary Sanchez, JR Murphy, Rafael De Paula (probably their #1 pitching prospect at this point), Corey Black, Mason Williams, and Cesar Cabral are doing well. Bichette, Culver, Heathcott and Flores have all struggled this year so far.

Betances has done well since moving to the bullpen. If the Yankees trade Joba, don't be surprised if Betances fills that role.

old professor said...

The team is currently in third a half game behind the oriole. More importantly they are now six games behind the Red Sox. If playoffs were held today, they would be home watching on television. Don't care what the prospects are doing. They are one or two years away from helping. Yankees show what they think about the prospects when they keep trolling the scrap heap for players no one wants. Such as Cruz (who is now hitting 145 and recently a lefthnded first basemean from the Orioles who happens to be hitting 100).

As for Joba he is now an afterthought on this team and will walk into free agency without an offer from the team.

old professor said...

Yankees continue to sink in the standings. the latest game against KC was pathetic. Finally get a good pitching effort and they score one run on a pitch hit homerun. In the last two innings they had eight men on base and score one run (via the homerun). Bases loaded in the bottom of the ninth no outs and cannot score. Really pathetic.

But the team and those in charge will continue to scrap the garbage heep to bring players in that will not help. Latest example is the lefthanded first baseman they pick up from the Orioles. Guy isw DFA by the birds because he was hitting .100.

Crash said...

All-Star Break...and the Yankees played like a team just hoping to cross the finish line in this Twins series. A team they usually dominate, even as recently as last week, took 2 of 3 at home. Embarrassing.

Some eye opening stats. Yankees rank 25th in AVG (.241), 24th in OBP (.303) and 24th in SLUG (.383). That is just disgusting. Not sure if they will wait for health or make deals. I'm thinking a couple of deals will need to be made. But to be honest not sure if anything will save this ship from sinking.

old professor said...

Nothing surprising about the stats that you list. The Yankees are currently a team in transition. They are an old slow team that seems to be waiting for the prospects to pay off. That process could take at least to years or longer considering none of the key prospects seem to be starting pitching.

old professor said...

Apparently there will not be any suspensions coming right way for Braun or A-Rod. A-Rod will be back with the team as of Monday. Both may be allowed to finish the year before any suspensions come down. Commissioners office probably does not want to impact the pennant races.

old professor said...

Anyone tired of the A-Rod saga. Really hope he fights any suspension and loses those being suspended for life. Yankees win baseball wins.

old professor said...

So the Yankees land Soriano for a young power pitcher. Come to find out Cashman didn't want to make the trade but Hal did. Guess who is running the show - someone who knows nothing about baseball.

Apparently The boys never learned during their father's reign - pitching wins games. Hitters will go into slumps and good pitching stops good hitters.

Never give up someone who can throw 97 mph.

Anonymous said...

Suspensions are now being reported. All have accepted their fifty game suspensions. A-Rod apparently is receiving a bigger suspension and will appeal. No surprise thee.

Karen Susan said...

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