Saturday, October 28, 2006

Cards win their 10th: Weaver and Eckstein lead the way

St. Louis ended their own draught - 24 years between championships last night. David Eckstein - a shortstop who IS a team player was that Mr. Intangible that every championship team needs and Jeff Weaver pitched this postseason like all the scouts thought he could pitch all the while. Weaver - showing the arm of a champion going 8 innings strong - he'll probably have a home forever in St. Louis.

Other than Eck and Weaver's triumph, I would have to say this may have been one of the more boring World Series in recent memory - glad it's over.

I wish the Yanks had a team player like Eckstein playing shortstop instead of the Diva they have now - maybe Cashman could work a trade - Jeter and Sheffield for Eckstein, Weaver, and a minor league catcher - I'd say that's fair and would solidfy a championship line up.

And, I won't say I told you so BUT - when other "newspapers" were saying Tigers in 3, this blog had it right in the 10/17 post stating that the winner of the NLCS would win the WS. Now was I right, or was I right, or was I right, or was I right.

With this series over, we can now focus all of our attention where it needs to be - cooking on the hot stove and the quest for #27.


7Bronx said...

If the Tiger pitchers knew how to field, then we'd have a game tonight.

It was a boring series, I agree.

CrashDavis said...

Why are you a Jeter basher? He is THE team player of this decade. When MLB managers were asked pick one guy to be on your team, Jeter was selected by more than any other player. Not A-Rod, not Weaver, and not Eck.

On to better things, Mattingly the new bench coach...that means he's the next manager. Doesn't matter if Torree is fired next year or he waits until 2008. The Hit Man cometh...

The Scooter said...


don't mind Middle Relief's silly Jeter's all staged and designed to draw some "buzz" to his blog.

No one could be stupid enough to NOT know that Jeter is one of the premier athletes and premier team players of his generation. Plus this blog's author's lack of even the most basic understanding of the Yankees and of Baseball just HAS to be a "put on".

The only other explanation I can think of is that Middle Relief really IS a Red Sox plant, posing as a Yankee fan.

Middle Relief said...

Don't you worry about Jeter, he'll be the feature in the coming days laying out the evidence.

Seriously for a minute - how good did Jeff Weaver pitch in this year's post season. The five games he pitched (two losses happened when he got zero run support) were better than anything we ever got from Kevin Brown's tenure combined.

The Scooter said...

Yea you can't argue with Weaver's performance. I think he could have easily been the MVP. To tell you the truth, I was STUNNED to see him pitch so well under the pressure of the Post Season. Hey maybe the Cards pitching coach (is it Dave Duncan?) got thought to him where Mel Stotts and Bud Black couldn't.

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