Friday, October 27, 2006

Weaver - Will He Pitch Like A Champ For Game 5?

I don't know why, but as soon as Jeff Weaver arrived in Bronx a few years ago I was always partial to him. - Not in a gay, say Scooter for Jeter way (Not that there's anything wrong with that). Just pulling for a younger pitcher to do well in Pinstripes.

It always seemed like he would pitch 7 innings per outing, 6 he would be the man, 1 of those would be bad, very, very bad and then that would be it. Sad to see him go, because he did show the flashes of brilliance - and really, all we got in return was an aging bad back.

This post season it appears he has his head right, and has a chance to win it for the third most storied franchise (Yanks, Dodgers, then Cards) against a team that gave up on him - poetic of sorts isn't it?

During the week that the Tigers had off, and during a couple of rain delays, it sunk into the Detroit players and they remembered - that they were the Detroit Tigers and that it is time to lose. So, I'm glad to see them go down. If it can't be the Yankees winning the ring, then it shouldn't be an AL team, it goes to the National League.

So go Jeff, win a ring, and show the 15 thousand or so that will watch the game tonight what a Yankee does - win championships.


The Scooter said...

Come on Middle know ya love me. Without me, this blog would be even more irrelevant than it already is.....and besides, you need someone to act as your "fact checker", since you obviously don't have the time or access to the internet when you are delivering packages for UPS.

Somehow it doesn't surprise me that you are a big Jeff Weaver guy. Another loser who couldn't hack it in New York....just like your boy Gay-Rod. You have a shrine to Ed Whitson in your trailer home?

57 said...

I'd bet my house that Weaver leaves by the 4th inning tonight down 4 runs.

Middle Relief said...

Well, we're two innings in, and that means you're halfway home to changing the name of your basement to 92nd street.

57 said...

Weaver does coke.

Anonymous said...

Gentlemen ( a term that may be used very loosely in this instance), let's look at facts. Weaver was re-invented by Dave Duncan - in reality go back and do what you did when you were successful. Guess what? He was successful. Jose Contreras apparently could not deal with New York Pressure. Seems he did okay when he went to Chicago - Didn't they win the World Series a two years ago? Maybe the Yankees should stop trying to reinvent pitchers and let them concentrate on what got them to the big leagues.

Hey Scooter, Ed Whitson was successful before he got to NY and he was successful after he left NY. The history of baseball is littered with pithcers the Yankees traded away because they were only prospects or individuals who couldn't make it in NY.

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