Thursday, October 26, 2006

Yanks Exercise Option, Sheff's Not Happy, and Jeter Still Sucks

Remember the good ol' days when $13 mill was enough to be happy?

Apparently Gary Sheffield does not. The Yankees have exercised their option in their strategic shopping to ensure where he does not land (Boston).

Translation to Gary - You're making $13 million Homes, now know your role and keep quiet. Does he listen though? No. He says it's not going to work, and if they trade me to another team without a new deal there's going to be problems.

Mr. Teammate leading by example, quality guy - clearly he has been hanging with DJ.


57 said...

If Sheff joins the Mets, I will blow my head off.

The Scooter said...

Middle Relief,

You CONTINUE to lose any ounce of credibility that you may have once had....the option was for $13 Mil....let me spell it out THIRTEEN not $19. Can you please at least TRY for some accuracy in your blog? And if you say interest, taxes and inflation I'm gonna puke.

How can anyone take you seriously with your Jeter silliness if you can't even do the most basic research on contract figures?

The only people I have ever met that are this dumb are Red Sox fans...Sure you're not a Red Sox fan in disguise?

Anonymous said...

Sheffield has never been a good teammate. He has only thought of himself. Trace it back the Yankee season hit the skids with Sheff's return.

As for Jeter - most overrated ballplayer in the game.

7Bronx said...

I find it appalling that a Yankee sight cannot even congratulate Don Mattingly for his new role in the organization. Next stop, head coach.

The Scooter said...

Middle Relief,

I can't believe you have stooped to commenting on your own blog as "anonymous".

Middle Relief said...

Scooter - Unlike you, I do not have the luxury of working in the electronics dept. at Wal-Mart so my access to PCs and blogging is limited during the day.

The Scooter said...

And I'm glad you edited the post to say $13 Mil. Don't worry, I'll take it upon myself to keep your blog accurate.

Anonymous said...

Ok, technically speaking they have yet to exercise the option, they have announced the intention to, they have until November to actually do it.

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