Saturday, October 14, 2006

Mets Choked Out In Queens

In game 2, the Mets had the Cardinsals right where they wanted them to go up 2 - 0 and retain their home field advantage by turning over the lead to their star closer, Billy Wagner.

The end result? Wagner less than an inning pitched, 3 earned runs, and now the series is knotted at 1, heading back to St. Louis.

The point? Wagner is no Rivera so perhaps the result shouldn't be all that surprising to true baseball critics.

Pinstripe Postings still affirms the initial prediction of the likely result for this year's NLCS - Cardinals in 5.

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Anonymous said...

The series is NOT over. What is over is the round of golf Mussina, A-Rod, Jeter and Torre just played.

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