Tuesday, October 10, 2006

So Now What?

ll right, so, we're not getting rid of the guy responsible for the lineup and game decisions even though that's what cost us the last several post seasons - fine!

Ok, we're over that.

So, now that we know for sure, what's not happening let's start discussing the top 5 things that should happen, and some things that have no shot in hell happening.
  1. No contract extensions for Mussina, Sheffield, or Bernie Williams.
  2. No dealing for Zito and Schmidt. They are not made for the pressures of the East Coast.
  3. One offer will be made to a veteran pitcher and we know he is made for the Big Apple, and that's Big Andy Pettitte. If he doesn't sign, that's OK, we don't need to do a deal for pitching - because the pitching situation for the Yankees hasn't been this bright in nearly 30 years - (more on that in future blogs!!)
  4. New long-term contracts for Canoe, Cabrera, and Wang - the next generation of champions.
  5. No dealing away A-Rod. He's going to step up and show the world that he is the man that can deliver the ring, even if Jeter is a self-interested, spoiled brat.
On a completely unrelated note, the ALCS is happening, and no one cares. The NLCS is going to be happening, and I'm rooting in game 1 for the Cardinals in support of former Yankee Jeff Weaver!



The Mets said...

What a bunch of bull shit...

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