Monday, October 09, 2006

The blame, the whole blame, and nothing but the blame....

There is a lot of it going around, but lets place the blame squarely where it justly belongs. The Captain, #2, Derek Jeter. What? I said, be a man and admit just who shoulders the blame for the Mets being the only NY team in the playoffs - Derek Jeter. Still don't believe your eyes, let me try it one more time, nice and slow:


The Evidence:
  • Often credited for professionalism and a calm demeanor, let's call it what it is - professional indifference that an annual 8-figure salary can bring on.
  • The indifferent captain couldn't be bothered with trying to get his team fired up, why bother? Would just tell reporters 'we just have to execute blah blah blah. Very inspiring indeed.
  • Stick up for your damn teammates! A real teammate defends A-Rod, not sits by silent letting him get beat up day in and day out.
  • Nice 5 for 5 game in a blow out win in game 1 - where were you in games 2 and 3?
  • on and on and on..
No one is Teflon in the 2006 meltdown. We can only hope that Cashman, or whomever will be the GM, that they recognize the need to bring in a real leader that cares about the end result and isn't afraid of letting the world know about it.

Where have you gone Paul O'Neill... a nation of Yankees fans turn their lonely eyes to you.

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