Sunday, October 08, 2006

Tough Decisions.

Everyone has them. Any organiziation, be it a corporation, or perhaps in this case, the MLB franchise - is faced with tough decisions. Almost always, the tough decision turns out, or would have turned out to have been the right decision. The right decision, ironically enough is usually the most painful one to make at the time it needs to be made. If it is not, made, the immediate pain avoided will re-appear later by a fact of 10.

Simply put, the Yankees were faced with some tough late season decisions and they failed to make them. Thus, another year passes without a championship, and we have to endure lesser franchises playing for ultimate prize.

The Yankees of August and September had everything going for it - seasoned leadership, mixed in with some youth, provided the right mix of vigor, and talent needed to close out the show. And they did just that making the Red Sox all but a distant memory in the division. The Yankees were at their best with the likes of Cabrera and Phillips in the field, and Giambi and Williams sharing the role of DH.

So, what was the tough decision? Asking Matsui or Sheffield to accept a lesser role such as DH or willing to be a bench player for key pinch-hit situations. Would their egos have been bruised? - Probably. Would the Yankees still be playing right now - YES!

Tough conversations to have for sure. The end result would have been an established lineup heading into the playoffs with two monsters in reserve should the situation call for it.

That responsibility falls on the Manager and the GM - and they failed us. They should go.

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