Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Andy to the Rescue??

4 time World Series champion Andy Pettite has filed for free agency.

Pettite is saying publicly that he is not sure what he wants to do and wants to spend time with his family. Some say that means he may retire.

Those with the MLB decoder ring (such as myself) really knows what that means: I want to play, but I'm catching heat from the spouse, so make sure my next pay day is big - as in Yankee BIG.

Look for the Yanks to sign AP to a big money deal, 1 year with a 1 year option. When its all said and done the starting Ro could look like: Wang, Pettite, Pavano, Karstens, and Hughes (you may recall that this site made the correct prediction that RJ was done - and, he is).

Other news items: Cool story in the latest Esquire magazine titled "The Death of Derek Jeter". How about Faith Hill showing some edge at the announcement of her defeat to a reality TV singer? Look for the NY Football Giants, without Strahan, to be-otch slap the Bears to their 2nd straight defeat. 20 - is the over/under for the number of days, sore losing politicians will cry that the election in their district is fixed and demand recount, voter fraud, the usual BS.


The Scooter said...


Just one question: does Karstens have pictures of you dressed as a woman?

I hate that we root for the same football team.....I absolutely hate it.

Anonymous said...

To Middle Relief: Randy Johnson is not done, just missing a small piece in his back. As for the 34 year old lefty from the Astros coming back to the Bronx - what have you been drinking? He would upgrade the pitching staff, but he admits to being burned out. Having one pitcher scheduled for the rotation that doesn't want to play anymore (Pavano) why add a second mental case??

Super Agent said...

Attention those of the Ham and Egg Penut gallery - you know nothing about the Yankees or baseball in general.

A-Rod for President!!!

The Scooter said...

Super Agent,

Thanks for the well thought out in-depth analysis. You reek of credibility.

Crash said...

It seems that Mid-Relief is suffering from Steinbrenner-itis. Its symptoms include falling in love with what a player use to be and significantly overpaying them. Usually this will occur about 3-5 years past their prime. In support of this please reference any Yankee free agent signing from 1982-1993.

Anyone else see Rasner tearing up the AFL. Also I see talk of the Mets trying to catch a D-Train into Queens. If that's true Cash better be on the horn to have that Train stop in the Bronx.

The Scooter said...

A must read: Klapisch's article on espn.com


Talks about the probability of the Yankees getting Matsuzaka and the improbability of Clemens or Pettitte making a return engagement to the Bronx.

He also says A-Rod stays....DRATS!

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