Friday, November 10, 2006

Sheffield Kicked To The Curb!

Gary Sheffield was officially traded to the 2006 World Series Chokes - the Detroit Tigers today for three guys named Moe.

Sources say that the Tigers out dueled the Astros and the Cubs. The Tigers were willing to give the Yanks some bodies to re-stock the farm system and one of them (Humberto Sanchez) looks to have the stuff that pipe hitters are made of - time will tell.

Reflection - I'm glad this deal is done, and was done so quickly. Sheffield produced when he was with the Yankees no doubt about it. Any goodwill I had for him and his effort though immediately dissipated at the conclusion of the season when he started ranting and raving about how he's good, and he's getting screwed etc. - you know the things that all of us pulling down $13 million complain about. Sheffield showed his true colors at last just like all spoiled bitches do whenthey don't get their own way. I think the Yanks purposely sent him to Detroit where he will fade away with a team that truly was a fluke and will promptly re-visit the cellar of that division.

As far as what we got in return - OK, three young arms, they all have potential, and it'll take a couple of seasons to see what, if anything we got in return - fine. Being that they did do a deal with Detroit, and while I am satisfied and see the logic for these three youngsters - I would have liked this deal a little better if we could have gotten a Jeremy Bonderman or Justin Verlander - wishful thinking, but it would have nice.

So goes the Sheffield chapter in the book of the Yankees.


The Scooter said...

I just can't believe you got his contract figure right.

MF said...

What can I say, we've implemented some TQM measures and its paying off.

The Scooter said...

Well I'm a Six Sigma guy, myself....but hey, whatever works for ya.

The Scooter said...

Cashman just got reliever Chris Britton (22 year old right handed reliever) from the O's for Jaret Wright and $4 mil.

It looks as if the Yankees are stockpiling young, quality arms and why not....this was largely another "administrative" move for Cashman where he literally got something outta nothing. They were going to buy out Wright for $4 mils anyway, so why not take a flyer on this Briton dude.

Crash said...

Britton is one big dude. 6'3", 280lbs. For someone without college experience he dominated the lower minors. Was called up out of Double A and wasn't bad, ERA of 3.35, 41K's in 53.2 IP.
Young and help for the pen. Good move.

Middle Relief said...

He's 23 and fat.

But, the Yanks sign him up anyway.

Dealing Wright to me signifies confidence in Karstens and Rasner as MLB starting pitching.

Anonymous said...

The trading of Sheffield will only help the Yankees, both in the short term and down the road. By dumping him, they get rid of a cancer in the clubhouse. (No coincidence that the Yankees started to win when Sheffield went on the DL). In return, the Yankees get two of the Tigers top prospects.

By trading Wright, they get another young arm. All four pitchers acquired this past week will be with the Yankees in the future or can be used to trade for viable major league talent.

These trades prove Cashman is now making the personnel decisions for the Yankees versus the Tampa Brain-Trust(??).

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