Monday, November 13, 2006

Giambi Is In Play

Jason Giambi may be on the block. Rumor has it, that a handful of teams eager for a draw (Col. Rockies and the D-Backs for example) are floating offers to acquire his services of the long ball in exchange for more young pitching.

I am a HUGE Giambi fan and would be sad to see him go - hopefully the rumors are untrue.


The Scooter said...

Haven't heard these "rumors"....but then again Mid, I'm not as tied into the GM community as much as you are (sarcasm). If true, the lineup would seem a bit "punchless"...unless they have thoughts of making a play for Soriano to play left field and making Matsui a full time DH.

Anonymous said...

It is obvious someone is reading the Star Magazine. Giambi is too expensive for either the D-Backs or the Rockies. However, putting Giambi in the thin air the Rockies plan in would guarantee a lot of home runs.

The other thing to consider is Giambi's on base percentage, which is among the best in the league. So when he is not hitting home runs, he is reaching base. Soriano would not provide that cushion.

The Scooter said...


True about the OBP...also, you love to have that left handed bat at the Stadium with the short porch and all. The lineup becomes too right handed if you take Giambi out of it.

The other side of the coin is that Sori is much younger and he doesn't break down like the Giambino does.

ShagNasty said...

The ShagNasty has spoken...

Let the guy go, the Yankees need to look at the youth movement. They could get Todd Helton in return, and have a guy who can actually field his position. They make about the same money, just one isn't all juiced up.

The Yankees need to get pitching, pitching and more pitching. Pitching wins games.

Are the Yankees going after Pettite? They should get him, and then add Clemens for one more championship run.

Chuck Knob. said...

Maybe you want to pick up a newspaper every now and then - The Yanks have been getting pitching in the offseason.

Its fairweather fans like you, who watch baseball from Sept to October and then think they know what you're talking about.

You should find your way to a Royals web stie.

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