Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Hot Stove Update

1st and foremost, is Scott Boras the man, or is he the man - his boys get paid period.

The Boston Red Sox are spending some serious jack just for the rights for Asian sensation right handed pitcher Matsuzaka. $51 million just for the rights! - Add on a 3 year $10 to $15 million per year type deal, and the Sox are shelling out almost $100 million for a player that showed he can pitch effectively against MLB players in the pre-season - too big of a risk, glad it was them and not us, I predict it will prove to ruin their team in the coming years.

Tampa D-Rays got the steal in the Asian market paying (just!) $4mm for the rights to deal with Akinori Iwamura who hit .311 and 32 HRs. A solid and much overlooked move for the basement dwellers.

Much reported so not exactly breaking news - Mussina will be with us for another two years. Blows a lead at home during the playoffs and you get $22 million over the next 24 months - what a great country we live in.

Girardi wins NL Manager of the Year, and signs a deal with YES. - how fast one does fall.

Although it won't be announced until January - Barry Zito is a Met.

Cashman is said to be on the look out for a right handed 1st baseman not named Andy Philips - I think it would be cool as hell to get Nomar.

If rumor is true about us making a pitch for Gil Meche, then we'll have the likes of Meche, Mussina, Randy Johnson, Wang, Karstens, Rassner, and Pavano competing for the starting Ro spots - if healthy (big, big, big IF.) those are some able bodies to take to the mound. Further, when you throw in King Kong Bundy that we got from the Baltimore deal with Wright, and the three guys named Moe from the Sheffield trade, and I would have to say that Cashman has done a more than OK job at building up the pitching ranks thus far.

You smell that? Smells like number 27 is heading to the Bronx in 2007.


Anonymous said...

I am not sure where you get some of your information from, but you may wish to check the sources. Barry Zito will not, I repeat will not be a Met.

As for Boston's big move, it can only help the Yankees. The Red Sox shell out $51 million to talk contract with a Japanese pitcher and will probably pay another $9-10 million per year to sign him. That works out to approximately $60 million they can't spend on the other upgrades they will need to be competitive in the Division this coming season.

As for Andy Phillips, don't write him off just yet. Cashman has indicated they want a first baseman that can play defense and not have to worry about offensive production. Correct me if I am wrong, but that is Andy Phillips.

The Source said...

Your Wrong

Crash said...

Zito will be Met.

Boston can afford it as they will sell NESN broadcast rights to Japan and Taiwan to compete with Yes. If they sign Matsuzaka they will earn more in the first year from TV revenue than his entire contract plus the "talk money".Baseball is now global get with the program old man.

It looks like Nomar is staying in LA. Is a Manny for Texiera deal nearing? If so Cash better get on the horn and make an offer for Big Tex.That's a guy you want. Young, gold glove 1B and a switch hitting machine.

Anonymous said...

As far as getting on the horn to make a deal for Mark Tex - the only thing that comes from Texas are Steers and Qu... not that there's anything wrong with that... and he certainly does not look like a steer which must mean the latter - Having one (Jeter) is enough per roster I believe.

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